Sisig on "No Reservations"

“Every chicken only has one ass”
My sister sent me a link of Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” episode of the Philippines. An ethnic Filipino American fan named Augusto Elefano “compelled” the world-reknowned American chef, writer and TV host to come to the Philippines and have a taste of what we have to offer.
The show is so timely for me. Yesterday in my Korean language class, we were talking about the different sections of department stores. At the “food court” one could find Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Western and even Vietnamese dishes. While our teacher and classmates were familiar with East Asian and Southeast Asian dishes, they didn’t know anything about Filipino dishes. My Filipina classmate asked why this is so and why it’s so difficult to find Filipino restaurants in Korea whereas there’s a great number of Indian, Thai, Vietnamese restaurants in Seoul.
One of the places that Anthony Bourdain visited is Angeles City – my hometown! I just longed for the “sisig” from Aling Lucing’s streetside store. I used to go there with my classmates in college. My sister’s sisig is delish and I truly miss it! When I went home last year, I gained 5 kilos in one month just eating sisig, sinigang, bulalo, alimango, pinakbet, kare-kare, sisig na puso ng saging and so on. (Appetite suppresants anyone?)
Anthony Bourdain raved about the sisig and the lechon Cebu calling it “the best pig ever!” He also had a taste of papaitan and he thought it was good. He didn’t dissed any of the food he had and I believe he truly liked the ones he had.
Going back to Augusto Elefano. I admire the guy that he was truly interested in discovering his parents’ culture. He may be ethnically Filipino but he was brought up as an American. That reminds me that it’s really important for Filipino parent/s to introduce their culture to their children even though they live in a different country.
You can watch The Philippines on No Reservations part 1 (of 5) on everybody’s favorite channel.
I think the producers did a great job showcasing Filipino food. I just wish that other Filipino viewers would appreciate it rather than count what the show missed.


  1. I saw it just this morning. I love Anthony. I agree with what he said in the end. One reason why Filipino cuisine isn’t getting recognized is because we are too damn nice.

  2. I could kill for a sisig or lechon right now! Except for the goat dish, everything looks too damn mouthwatering! I may have to go to Hyehwa on Sunday for some Pinoy food fix. ^^

  3. ms mkikita nio din po sa March ung kay Bobby Chan, Travel Asia, i think he’s gonna feature “suman” and ” balut” and street foods. Nung last season naman po ng Bizzare Foods by Andrew Zimmer, ung “balut” at ung exotic restaurant sa Paete Laguna where they featured ” bayawak”, ” frog” and kung ano ano pa. ^^
    rayannes last blog post..Tiny snowman

  4. hello betchay! after watching this, it made me crave for lechon! i haven’t had it for a while now. almost all filipino dishes taste good, but to others it’s an acquired taste.
    really? there are only few pinoy restaurants there? or is it juts hard to find?
    marians last blog post..These little things…

  5. yummy…very yummy! i saw this a few days ago,too..nice to see the philippines beings shown to the world in a positive (& mouth-watering) way..yup, andrew zimmern was there last year also..but he tried it in a bizarre(not really^^-the balut i mean)style…i guess it is hard to generalize filipino cuisine since it varies from one region to another…so foreigners need to visit not just one island but a whole lot out of the 7thou plus islands we have-be it high tide or low tide^^…
    i hope samantha brown comes next to show case some of our idyllic spots and browny-rich culture!
    is it bad to be nice??other foreigners find it hard to see us smiling all the time…

  6. i saw this show too, and BIG YES to sisig and lechon. i am getting hungry, and i need my filipino food fix this weekend…arghggh. anyone has a recipe for sisig? i would love to try and make it.

  7. ate, i had a barkada from lubao and i had the chance to really enjoy kapampangan dishes a lot. and when my sister was assigned for the opening of sm pampanga, she suddenly gained weight because she said she couldn’t refuse any kapampangan dish offered to her..
    oh, i miss my mom’s papaitan, sisig and everything sizzling…

  8. Hi. I really read your posts everyday. And I wait for your updates. Too sad you’re not replying to my emails. :((

  9. thanks so much for the link! i’ve been korean-obsessed (kpop, kkotboda, what nots) and this is an amazing refresher to feel pinoy pride again.

  10. ate betchay! kapampangan ka, ako rin taga Mexico ku… hehehe, manyaman talaga ing pamangan tamu neh…

  11. I loved that episode too. I was stationed at Clark AB from ’78-82 and my daughter was born there. While stationed there I ate sisig at that same roadside stand. Masarap! I started missing the Philippines while watching that episode. My exwife is from Angeles City so I have some great memories from there and around Luzon. I’m getting the travel bug again and want to go back.

  12. Ms. Betchay,
    Heard of any store in Seoul which sells lechon (even those oven type lang)?
    Or have you heard of anyone getting lechon from Cebu to Seoul via air?
    Hope you can help ^_^ Thanks!

    1. Hi Yuri! Yes, there is a store in Seoul (or is it Bucheon) that sells lechon. I got an email about that two weeks ago. I just might need to dig through my mail ;p

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