Cherry blossom to bloom early this year

For those planning to visit Korea this spring, you might be interested to know that the cherry blossoms will bloom earlier this year compared to the previous years. We do have cherry blossoms in Korea and they are called “ë²—ê³·” (peot kkot.)
There are several places in Korea to view these lovely blossoms. One is our neighboring apartment complex – Dongbu Centreville. 😀
Yeouido is a famous place to view cherry blossom especially in the evening. I’ve been there once and I never went back there. The crowd during the cherry blossom season is just too much for me. Kyunghee University in Dongdaemun-gu (Hoegi Station, line 1), the Children’s Grand Park and Namsan are a few other places in Seoul that you could visit during this season.
Here’s the schedule provided by the Korean weather agency (KMA) for the cherry blossom watchers:
Seoguipo (Jeju Island) – March 18
Busan – March 21
Yeosu – March 25
Tongyeong – March 22
Gwangju – March 26
Jeonju – March 30
Daegu – March 25
Pohang – March 26
Daejeon – March 31
Seoul – April 4
Incheon – April 6
Gangneung – March 31


  1. i will reach seoul on 18-april.
    question-am i still able to watch the awesome cherry blossom??
    please advice, thanks

  2. hi!my friends nad I are going to incheon next week and parang super adventure ito kasi wala pa kaming idea where to go, although nagbrowse nako sa internet. Saan ba maganda pumunta sa incheon and saan pwede magstay na di super mahal?thanks!

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