A Korean pimp and Foreign Prostitutes

It was reported on the news last night (MBC) that a Korean man (and his cohorts) were arrested for pimping foreign women. Here’s an excerpt of the article on Korea Times:

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said it rounded up a total of 24 people, including 15 foreign prostitutes, four customers and the hotel’s owner, identified as Song. Of them, the 49-year-old pimp, identified as Kim, was arrested. The prostitutes were mostly from China, Uzbekistan and Thailand.
During questioning, the prostitutes said they landed here on Kim’s promise of earning more than $6,000 monthly, but it was confirmed that Kim paid them nothing and even assaulted those who resisted.
Read the full article on Man Arrested for Pimping Foreign Prostitutes at Hotel

It was not confirmed if a Filipina was part of those arrested. I’m just posting this as a reminder for those who are being directly recruited for jobs in Korea. I’ve received emails before asking for advice on how to come here as an entertainer. I always tell them to ask the POEA for job offers. I’m not aware of the hiring process for entertainers, but I’ve heard of stories of women who’ve been promised work as entertainers at nightclubs or hotels who ended up being prostituted. If you don’t know anybody in Korea and you don’t speak the language, it might be difficult to protect yourself from the vultures like the men mentioned in the article.


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