Boys Over Flowers suicide

It was reported yesterday that a supporting cast member of the popular K-drama “Boys Over Flowers” committed suicide. Her name is Jang Ja Yeon and she’s one of the “three bad girls” in the drama. She was only 27. Was she being harrassed for her role in the show?
Reports said that her body was found by her sister on Saturday at their home in Bundang in Gyeonggi province. They have been living together after their parents died in a car accident a decade ago.
Jang Ja Yeon started her career as a fashion model. Aside from “Boys Over Flowers,” she is also in the movie “Elephant Penthouse.”
Here are pictures of the cast visiting her funeral.


  1. oh no~ this is bad! i hope nobody will follow her since most of the viewers of this drama are teenagers, i don’t want to see a series of suicide news again.
    chers last blog post..The Gullas Bill

  2. i was wondering why there were pictures of the cast of BBF in black, mourning (yahoo korea)… searched some korean entertainment sites and read about this suicide. very sad… like cher, it also struck me that this might affect the children following this drama.

  3. what happened???
    OMG. The drama series is experiencing a lot of struggles.
    The accidents of the Main characters..
    Now, the suicide of a supporting character..
    I hope this will not affect the show negatively.+
    May she rest in peace.

  4. ok. this is a sad news. Why is suicide common in korea? I think the more they project this news in society, the more people will actually commit suicide—-

  5. Frustrating to the point of sadness happens to me every time I encounter news of this sorts. What’s that famous bridge in Seoul where statistics proves 1.5 Koreans commit suicide and jump off that bridge every day? Locals there stopped looking over the bridge because of this fact, while tourists alike myself are curious every time my tour bus travels past there, maybe because of my superhero complex or maybe my pure heart sees things than an average joe/jane over there blindly accustom to.

  6. “My friend who introduced me to Boys Over Flowers showed me this article in the Guardian newspaper today. I found it SO sad. It’s tragic and wrong that such a young and promising actress should have felt like this, and I’m really sorry to hear it. I am a bit behind in the BOF series so if I see her in it again I’ll feel deep sadness. She was a very comical and convincing Sunny and I enjoyed her performance. Rest in Peace Jang

  7. hmmmm….how sad…that news…first time airing of the show in the philippines…and that was the news..hmmmm how sad….

  8. i’m sad for that girl…
    she commited a suicide ang the gosh reaction fully me…

  9. what!! i cant believe that this is happen to her!!!!! i felt so sad of what happen i hope no one will comment in suicide and this is a lesson of other people who want to comment in suicide!!!!!!

  10. that was so sad.. shocking.. BOF’s ratings here are very high in the PHILS. :(( sad.. may she rest in peace.. why did she commited suicide btw?

  11. Oh.. how sad!
    that’ such a bad news.!
    we want to know why she committed
    she’s too beautiful
    to think of that idea.,!!
    may she rest in peace..!

  12. .,jelouw I LOVE U HYUN JI HOO akin k lng forever. . . . . tska JOSE JAIME LUV U very much . . . .mwaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAah. . . . . . . . . . . . . . take care always mwaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAah………. LUV U ulet………

  13. hai… im stephany… iam a avid fan of boys over flower ….hope that there should be a part2 of that korean series….. i do hope…… wu ai neh 2 ol…

  14. please pakibalik or may repeat every weekend
    hi po isa din po ako sa mga milyon-miyong fans ng boys over flowers nanghihinayang po ako dahil di ko na po napapanood. Dahil isa po akong student late na po kasi minsan magpalabas yung school namin kaya di ko na po ito nasusubaybayan. Please po pakibalik na lang po sa dati niyang time slot or sana may replay din po ito every saturday or sunday evening or afternoon katulad po ng gusto ng nakararaming mga fans. Umaasa po ako na inyong bibigyang pahintulot ang aming mga hiling thank you and more power po!

  15. to cherie,gosh….please check ur grammar,i think its commit suicide…not COMMENT SUICIDE..i think u over reacteacted dats why u forgot to check ur grammar..
    hopefully,there still part/season 2 of BOF coz its lyk ders no definite ending of the story showing jan di and jun pyo got married..

  16. wat is happening? i don’t wanna listen to this kind of news it is too bad bof is a very popular drama it may be in danger i hope i won’t listen to this news

  17. i love this drama it is so gud for me its the best and i ‘m sorry i love youy was also very gud bt this drama is very interesting and i love yoon ji hoo he is so..innocent love you oppa sarange oppa i love you

  18. I always wonder how people get to commit suicide or take their lives. Aren’t they happy with their gift of life? Life is so amazing and should be live to the fullest. If there are problems along the way them face it and handle it then life will go on.

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