60% of Married Migrants couldn't acquire Korean nationality

On YTN News (channel 24) just a few minutes ago, it was reported that about 60% of married women migrants couldn’t acquire Korean nationality. The primary reason is the requirement that a Korean husband must be financially independent. A married Thai migrant said that she was denied of citizenship because they don’t have 30 million won.
The news report also said that starting this year, married migrants who are applying for Korean nationality must attend 400 hours of Korean classes. The law on acquiring citizenship changes almost every year but the basic requirements have been consistent. In the early 90s, being legally married is enough to be citizen. A few years ago, those who have kids need only wait 3 months to get approval. Still a few years ago, married migrants were required to take a nationality test. I wonder what would they think of for next year…
Is it necessary for a married migrant to change nationalities? Korea doesn’t allow dual citizenship and acquiring Korean nationality means renouncing your own citizenship (which doesn’t really equate to forgetting about your roots and abandoning adobo – or sisig!). Renouncing your own citizenship shouldn’t be based on what advantages you could get as a national of this country, as it entails responsibility.


  1. Personally, i dont think a Korean citizenship is worth renouncing someone’s own citizenship (Philippine, Thai, Viet, Uzbekistan etc). With benefits yes, but in its totality its not that great. Unless Korea becomes at par with Japan, Europe or USA (in terms of respect from the rest of the world), then maybe its worth considering. (But still i prefer to hold on to my own, so a dual citizenship is the best option).
    For citizens of Somalia, Sudan and Afghanistan however maybe its a good thing.
    I hope people are fully aware of the legal implications of renouncing or losing their Philippine citizenship.

  2. Yes, citizenship has its benefits and responsiblities. But one important right that citizenship grants is the right to vote. If a person intends to live in a certain country for the long haul, then changing one’s nationality is definitely worth considering. Any host country can change their requirements for residency on a whim.

  3. hello po ask ko lang po pano po ba kung magaaply ka ng korean citizen anu po ba mga kailangan at paano po ang proseso mawawala na po ab ang name natin sa pinas buburahin po ba un lng po salamat po…

    1. hi jasmine! meron akong post about “Acquisition of Korean Nationality”… pakihanap na lang… i think ni-post ko siya sometime in September (or October ata)…
      anyway, hindi buburahin ang pangalan mo sa Pilipinas… makakakuha ka pa rin ng birth certificate sa Pinas at pwede ka pa rin mag-own ng property sa Pinas… ang mangyayari ay pipirma ka ng Certificate of Renunciation bago mo finally makuha ang Korean citizenship…

  4. Hello. I want to get some advice to you regarding marriage. My fiancee is a Korean also and we are more than 2 years. Before we talked the wedding, he already explain to me what is my life after I marry him. So, after I read all your blogs about marriage, I understand more that I need to stay in Korea and to serve his family. But, my fiancee told me that I don’t need to stay in Korea because were going to stay in oversea with his family.
    But, regarding the wedding, he wants to do in Korea because his all family, relatives and friends is there. So, I wondering how I can go to Korea and to get a visa. So, I ask you if I go back to Philippines and I go to Korean Embassy to apply while I’m not staying in the Philippines? So, what requirements do I need to submit in the Korean Embassy (Philippines) if I apply?
    Thank you and hope you can reply me.

  5. hello ms betchay, im jessa and im residing here n cebu. my boyfrnd and i are planning to be married n korea ths coming june 20 and the main concern right now is about the travel of family going to korea so that they can join and witness our expecial day. we called the embassy reg ths and they said that we have to be married first n the law (huwis) so that we can have a paper states that we are married already n korea and its easier for us to nvite my drect fam. do u know something about this>? its a bit confucing cause we just called the korean embassy here n the phil and they said we have to be married here first.
    can u pls send me the requiremnts needed for our marriage there n korea? just f u have,, thnks and more power.
    i was n korea last dec. just a week vacation..=) it was cool and so clean.

  6. Hello Ms. Betchay. I want to get some advice to you regarding marriage. My fiancee is a Korean also and we are more than 6 years now. Last 2008 ,he invited me to go here in korea.And we’re living together for almost 2 years & half now here in korea.I entered here in korea as tourist.But sad to say my visa was expired now.And we’re planning to get married so that i can acquire korean citizenship & can live here in korea for good.We heard the news recently that was launched by korean government about voluntarily exit programs for illegal aliens.So my fiancee & i decided we will go back to Phils.this August & get married there.Is it possible that i can go back soon after our wedding this august?Or should i need to apply re-entry permit before i will leave korea so that there’s no problem for me to re-enter again in korea anytime?What’s the best thing we should do? What’s the requirements we need to acquire ?Or it is ok that we can get married here in korea & we dnt need to go back in Phils.?Forexample,after getting married in Phils., how long i will wait for my korean visa?it can take for one week to process my visa in Phils.?And it’s possible that i can go back again in Korea this August?Pls.give me some advice as soon as possible before 1st week of August..I’m looking forward hearing from you soon.I’m sure you can help me,because i can feel that you’re such a good person.Thank’s a lot.i will wait for your reply.Takecare Always & Godbless you & your family.

  7. Tanong ko lang.. Ang husband ko taga Uzbekistan and nag wo-work kami sa U.A.E. pwede ba syang maka-acquire ng Philippine Passport? Hindi pa kami na kakauwi kasi dito na kami lumaki sa U.A.E. pero may bahay na kami don sa Philippines. Also, yung marriage certificate namin is from Philippine Embassy.

  8. maam gusto ko mg pa advice, kc pu 3months n ko in korea, tas ung aswa ko wlang work, nd nya dn ako sinusuportahan then 1 time sinaktan nya ko, as in pisikal, nd ko lam ggwn ko, my pinapipirmahan sya skn papers n nd ko nmn alam kung opra saan nd ko pinirmahan tas piunalayas nya aq, tumutuloy ako ngaun sa pinay n tumulong skn,, merun n aqng alien card F-2 visa valid for 1 year,, maam need ko ung advice nio, salamat, God bless

  9. hlo po ask ko lng po kng paano magkaroon ng f-5 na visa maried me po sa korean more power to this site

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