My "new" silent PC

Last week, I ordered through the net a new Zalman CNPS7000C-Alcu heatsink and fan for 30,000 won. I have a three year old PC that I’m planning to send to my nephews this summer. I never had any problem with it (well aside from the loose SATA cable) except that the Intel stock fan that came with the CPU sounded like an airplane taking off. I got so used to the noise that it didn’t bother me anymore. However, my parents-in-law (who often visit us) and my husband would constantly complain about the noise.
I got excited when the Zalman HSF (heatsink/fan) was delivered but I thought it looked really big and that it won’t fit in our micro-ATX case. I decided to just go ahead and decide later on if it doesn’t fit so I unhooked all the cables and opened the case. It was really dusty inside I used to clean the insides of the computer every two months with compressed air but I guess the dust just kept on coming back.
Changing the PC’s heatsink and fan wasn’t difficult at all. There’s just a little more work compared to a memory upgrade. I had to remove the motherboard from the case to install the attachment kit for the Zalman HSF. I used the camera’s lens cleaner to wipe off the dried up thermal grease on the CPU. That took time as the applied grease was kinda thick! After applying the included Zalman thermal paste, I had to screw the fan support on the attachment. Everything in place, I was just happy that the Zalman HSF fit nicely.
It took me a little less than an hour to finish everything. I didn’t install the Fanmate that is used to control fan speed. The Zalman HSF is running at its top speed, 2,600 RPM according to Everest, CPU temperature is 50C while ambient temperature is 42C. As for the noise? The plane has landed and is now parked.


    1. I like tinkering with the computer and other electronic equipments. I just find unscrewing and screwing tedious!

  1. That is impressive Ms Betchay, most men do not know how to replace their CPU as I work with lot of computer myself.

  2. By the way Ms Betchay, Zalman was an excellent choice I would recommend to all of my customers myself.

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