The Forgotten War

“The Forgotten War” is an independent film produced by Smoke and Mirrors Entertainment about the Filipinos’ participation in the Korean War. It is directed by Carlo Cruz, the son of the Philippines’ Ambassador to Korea Luis Cruz.
The movie will have a premiere showing in Korea sponsored by the Philippine Embassy in support the 60th anniversary of Filipino-Korean relations. It will be held on April 12, Easter Sunday at the Tongsong Auditorium in Hyehwa-dong. There will be a mass at 11AM to be held before the showing. A special screening will also be held at the “Dal Orum” (Moon Hall) of the National Theatre of Korea at the foot of Mt. Nam (Namsan) on April 14 at 6PM.
The movie stars our “cabalen” Baron Geisler with support from Kyla Lapus, Lance Raymundo and Yul Servo. I’m hoping for a successful showing (and more information from the Philippine Embassy about the “One Philippines” event please!)
FAP interview of Line Producer Ianne Oandasan on The Forgotten War


  1. The “Forgotten War” is a poignant epic which shows how freedom-loving Filipinos are willing to sacrifice their lives in service for others (Koreans). It captured the true heroism of our Filipino soldiers. The memory of the war may be in vain but the spirit of patriotism lives on. Filipinos and Koreans shed blood to uphold a commmon ideal – Democracy! A price they paid to pay for our freedom today.

    1. hi harvey! i’ve no idea but a friend who’d seen it said she didn’t bother to finish the movie

  2. Betchay, that’s a shame, your friend should have seen the end! Ang ganda talaga ng ending! Hindi lang sya entertaining, pero informative din. Knowing what I know now after the movie, i’m even more happy to say “I am proud to be a Filipino”

  3. Hi ako i really like the movie specially the last part.ang galing nung Jang, Kyla Lapuz?the one who looks like Angel Locsin, Sobrang ganda!at acting talaga maski tingin pa lang nakakatunaw na and nakakaiyak talaga yung huli at nakakakilig.Bitin lang! dapat pahabaiin pa! dapat ipalabas dito yun ng 3 weeks,papanoorin ko paulit ulit.Pinoy ako! sarap marinig!

  4. Yes Kyla Lapus, that’s right. Funnily enough she is on “Only You” right now acting side by side WITH Angel Locsin! Please stay tuned. We may have another showing soon.
    – Carlo Cruz

  5. carlo san ko pwede panooding yun movie dito sa pinas.. pa email u namn or post it here..tnnx…,

  6. Hi Carlo,
    I also want to see the movie please tell me where can I get a copy, I already asked inquirer and film academy but they can’t answer me. I Hope to hear from you soon thanks, here is my email

  7. I was at the gala premiere of “The Forgotten War” at the CCP Little Theater last June 9th, and former president FVR (played in the film by Arnold Reyes) was there. Nice story, good camera work. Yul Servo’s acting is always good to watch. He’s a natural. The film will also be screened during Cinemalaya they said.
    Teshas last blog post..My David Cook experience

  8. i called ccp they say they dont know if the fogotten war will be included in cinemalaya… wer cud i get a copy i want to watch it so desperately..plz help me anyone..

  9. any tell whre can i watch the forgooten war… plz help me..tnx…carlo if ur reading dis pls magshow ka naman sa sinehan tnx

    For those in the Philippines, The Forgotten War will be showing at Cinemalaya on Saturday, June 25, 9pm at the Cultural Center of the Philippines Dream Theater.
    Tickets are approximately P100. Please come early to get a good seat. See you then! Please stay tuned regarding the DVD and commercial release in theaters.

  11. hehe. tnx carlo nakabili na ako ticket one night show lang pla yun movie maraming salamat yun mga wala at gusto manuood bili na kayo hangang bukas na lang july 25.

  12. CARLO.. LAST NIGHT 9PM JULY 25 we me aND my gf watch ur movie.. all i can say is it was a good story.. and its ice to see such king of movie is being done.. good work hopefully filipinos will remember that there was this great time in our history that fil soldier made gallant stand againts all odds.. very educating and inspiring.. i love the story hope u make another one like this… keep up the good works… congratz

  13. Thanks, when will we Filipinos from overseas get to see it? I hope someone can give us a link LOL.

  14. Hi everyone (and to the Director), I’d like to know where I can buy a DVD of the movie on-line.. I live outside the Philippines.. so I don’t have the luxury to buy it in person.. P.S. no torrents please.. I prefer “actual”/original copy not pirated.. thanks!

  15. is there any link for us to watch the movie? this must be shared to every filipino in order for the future generation to know the sacrifices of our fathers for the cause of freedom..

  16. Hi! Where I can avail this movie? The movie sounds interesting. Please give me a response on my e-mail. Thank you and Happy New Year!

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