Super Junior and girls in uniform

If I were in my teens and a fan of Super Junior, the Korean pop boy band, I’ll probably scream my heart out. I’m neither and it feels weird that I attended a fan signing with mostly girls in their uniform in attendance merely out of curiousity.
Super Junior Vol. 3 signed by HeeChul
@2:10 – I finished recording a radio interview. Straight to Nowon-gu!
@4:05 – I decided to fall in line. School girls came straight from school.
@4:16 – Got my ticket. Yellow. #10. Heechul.
@4:18 – Turned on EEEpc. Connected to government WIFI.
@4:22 – Called my son’s day care center. I’ll pick up Seonggyu later. Bad mom.
@4:51 – Black “star” van spotted. Several girls followed the van, screaming. False alarm.
@5:10 – Drank coffee. Prepared to get inside the auditorium.
@5:30 – Hesitated.
@5:45 – Guy with the SM STAFF ID said those with tickets should get inside. Lots of girls still hoping to get inside.
@5:48 – Inside now. Auditorium full of girls mostly in their uniforms. Don’t they have to attend cram schools?
@5:51 – Took a picture of the stage. Girl with a SM STAFF ID said told me to keep my camera. Picture taking is not allowed. Security very strict. Lots of people with STAFF ID around the area. Hmm… it isn’t the President of the USA we’re waiting for, right?
@6:12 – People with SM STAFF ID gathered together.
@6:18 – The 5 members of Super Junior arrived. I asked the girl sitting beside me which one is HeeChul. Don’t want to get lost. LOL
@6:20 – Signing starts.
@6:35 – Got my CD signed. HeeChul wearing a black polo shirt. Short haircut. All the members have one or two guards beside them. HeeChul said “Hi!” I said “Annyeong Haseyo”. I showed my two CDs. Guy with the SM STAFF ID said in English “Only one.” HeeChul looked at him. I shrugged and answered “Ok!”. Not really a big deal for me. HeeChul signed the CD. Handed it to me and said “Thank you.” I offered my hand, he shook it. I said “Thank you too.” Guy with the SM STAFF ID said “Fast. Fast.”
@6:41 – I’m out of the auditorium. I need to get to the day care by 7:30 PM.
@6:43 – Took picture of the girls in uniform still hoping to get in.
@6:44 – While waiting for the bus, I took a picture of the group’s van. Black.
Interested in the CD? Selling it on EBAY cheaply. Super Junior Vol. 3 signed by HeeChul


  1. wow my friend from SJU-PH is very much interested to buy the CD! thanks for this great info!

    1. you’re right… but i really prefer to give away things… so there might be a SuJu giveaway later 😉

  2. hahaha, my gosh that was fun! I’m not a fan of Super Junior but I must say, they’re all cutepie’s. pakurot

  3. Hello. 🙂 This is my first time to visit your site and I’m definitely lovin’ your posts! I wanna go to Korea badly because of these boy bands (TVXQ and Super Junior). But I miss the Philippines more!

  4. You’re selling it on e-Bay!!! has no money
    It was fun reading your whole account of the fansigning, and this comes from a Super Junior fan (me!). 😀
    Now I really wanna go to Korea and have my CDs signed too!
    …by the way, how did you get invited to the fansigning? I’m curious.
    Kats last blog post..Soulmate (소울메이트)

  5. Ate Betch, I know you’re not really into these boy groups but do you mind if I ask you a favor? Hehehe ‘Coz I’m hunting someone. Hahahaha A friend told me that 이특 and the group “2AM” will shoot a famous quiz show in a university this week. I just want to know which university that is. Hehe My friend wont tell me his univ so… y’know what I mean. Buahahahah
    Edens last blog post..Weird dream

  6. ZOMG! si heechul pa talaga nag sign nung cd!!!
    akin na lang! hahaha. magkano ba benta mo miss betchay?? hmmp, wala naman akong credit card. paano ko ba mabibili yun. huhuh

    1. hi annie! nabenta na… pinadala ko na yung CD nung monday morning at natanggap na daw ng tuesday afternoon… bilis ano?

  7. Waahh! I wish I had been there.
    For some reason, the image of the girls following the wrong van cracked me up.
    Sana makapunta rin ako sa Korea someday.

      1. Ahaha, gustong gusto ko nga po sana. 🙂
        I’m planning to study there for a year in 2012 or 2013 but it’s not really sure yet.
        I don’t know if my parents will let me, but hopefully I will get to experience living there, even just for one year.
        How is it like to live there? Mahirap po ba?

  8. waaahhh~~
    ur so LUCKY!!~
    ooohh..u already saw TVXQ??
    i really like ur site!!^^
    i want to go to korea too..
    i want it so badly~~~^.^

  9. this is the first time i’ve visited your website.. im just curious, anong itsura niya (heechul) sa personal? does he look the same as in tv? lol. i like him.he’s really

    1. i’m not really familiar with the group members so i’m not really sure but he sure was nice that time

  10. ate betchay in-email ko na po kayo..I’m the winner po nung sorry sorry CD..salamat po!:))godbless po!

  11. wewz…annyeong chingu’s..^^
    i ned to tell you this.there is a petition that if we want to go the in the Philippines..we need to igned the petition..(i only saw it on my FS)….
    if you want just type-it up!!(what a word)… then search…it u-know what is the band you will type it up..ehehehe…
    so that’s it hope you’ll sign the petitionn
    i want that CD much is that??hehe…how i wish..we have korean in our country..^_^ take care..

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