Lee Min Ho for Dunkin Donuts

Lee Min Ho must be one of the most in-demand endorsers these days with the success of his recently-concluded Korean drama “Boys Over Flowers.” He’s just everywhere!
One of Lee Min Ho’s endorsements is for Dunkin Donuts (which I still prefer over Krispy Kreme in Korea). I didn’t hesitate to take the pictures below while we were waiting to enter Deoksugung last March 31st.


    1. masarap krispy kreme sa unang tikim… tsaka ok yung pila ka lang may donut ka na
      pero masarap dunkin dito kumpara sa pinas…
      pero kung nasa pinas ako, mr. donut ako

  1. he’s hot =), but he won’t make me eat more donuts if that’s what they’re trying to do…lol. i need to diet =(. it’s so interesting that they’d use celebrities to endorse place like dunkin donuts.
    kaynis last blog post..Thank You, Ma and Dad

  2. Hi.. I do like Lee Min Ho He he is just simply best actor and really gorgeous, is there any chance that Lee min ho would visit philippines?

  3. I’d definitely buy a box if they’ll let me take home that huge poster board of him holding flowers, mind you im broke :p

  4. wowowowowowow!!! grabee tlga, super love ko xa.. i love BOF, sobrang nakakakilig πŸ™‚ if ever po pumunta ako jan sa korea? can you be my tour guide? πŸ™‚

  5. hi.i just wanna say good luck in your career.i am your fan..i cant say that i am your number one fan because i know that there are many people in this world who wants to be the number 1 fan..i want to meet you personally. even if you didn’t notice me,i will be happy if you are happy.good luck and take care!.keep up the good work.i will go there in korea.i will work hard…..

  6. love lee min hoo he is soooo gorgeous and cute.i believe he is the most handsome of all the F4.kakakilig sila ni jan di bagay talaga sila sana may part 2 ang BOF.love ko sila lahat but my fave is jan di and jun pyo nakakakilig talaga…

  7. Your one of the best f4..Please visit in our country the place where the people admire you most.

  8. Min Ho, yOu’re the best.. i will study hard to become a great lawyer..i will do my best to earn money and i will go in korea for a long time vacation.. thanks for being my inspiration….

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