N Seoul Tower's Love Message Tiles

I posted about the famous “Locks of Love” at N Seoul Tower. It’s been a week since I went there for the cherry blossoms. Sadly, “peot kkot” (Hangeul: 벚꽃) as the Koreans call it only last a few days. If you miss them, you’ll have to wait for next year.
Anyway, another attraction for lovers at N Seoul Tower are the “Love Message Tiles” which is located on the ground floor of the tower, beside the souvenir shop. It was my first time last week to see this so I’m not sure when it was first placed.
^^ Reminds me of a folder I made in high school. I wrote famous quotes all over it using different colored pens.
^^ Posted the day before I visited the place.
^^ Awww!
I thought this could be a good business idea. If I were in the Philippines, I’d probably open a coffee shop/restaurant and sell tiles that customers can post on a board. Of course, I would also add a “purikura” or photo sticker booth 🙂


  1. aww.. that’s soo sweet and cute! yay miss bechay, if you’ll open here, have a branch in cebu din. imma be the first customer. hahah

  2. i was always wondering for how long do they have them posted? i mean, it is obvious that they take them off from time to time.

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