Best of Asia 2009

I enjoyed reading Time Magazine’s Best of Asia 2009. Why? Because I live in Asia, I’m Asian and I could relate to things Asian 😀
According to Time Magazine, the “Best Night Out on a Budget” is Seoul. When I met Kaytee and Wendy last Saturday, we talked about how fun it is to watch baseball live at Jamsil Stadium. (We also met Jempres who brought her really pretty daughter and her husband who I thought looks like a better version of Ronnie Quizon) The truth is you wouldn’t even notice the game has ended because of the fun of cheering! LOL! I’ve been to three baseball games with my husband cheering for the Doosan Bears. Even when our favorite lost in all three games we attended, we didn’t go home sad since we really enjoyed banging our noisemakers shouting “Che-gang Doosan!”. I bet my husband also had fun watching those lanky cheerleaders strut their stuff on the ledge.
Time Magazine also declared “lechon Cebu” as the “Best Pig” (I bet not only in Asia but the whole world!) Now that should be enough reason for pork lovers to visit Cebu in the Philippines. Hmm, I need to schedule a trip there next year (if my doctor will allow me to indulge in something so rich!)
One place I’d also love to visit is the Best Place to Experiment with Chocolate. I love chocolates and the good thing is I have relatives and friends in Singapore.
Mmm… lechon!


  1. Hmm… i should really go and watch a baseball game one of these days! mukha nga fun mag cheer!

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