FAQ: Bank certificate for tourist visa to Korea

One of the documentary requirements when applying for a tourist visa to Korea is the bank certificate. Most are curious as to how much money they should have in their bank accounts.
The truth is I don’t know exactly how much but common sense should tell us that the more money one has in the bank, the better. However, based on actual experience the amount of money isn’t all that matters when applying for a tourist visa. Having a stable job also helps to prove that the applicant’s intention is really to tour the country and not to work illegally. Hope this helps!
How much pocket money will you need to enjoy your tour? Next!


  1. when i applied for a tourist visa to Korea i had around Php40,000 in my account. But a friend of mine who also applied for the visa said that Php35,000 is enough to have. That was 2 years ago (2007). But as you’ve mentioned there are other requirements needed, like ITR and employment certificate etc. And an invitation is a plus. when i got my visa they didn’t ask me to have an interview, so i was worried that they rejected my application, but when i opened my passport, there it was my tourist visa to Korea. Some might need to have an interview with the Consul from the Embassy, My friend had that interview she said that the consul just asked her appropriate questions regarding her trip.

  2. The more the better.
    You should have extra pocket money for indulging in all delicious “authentic” korean food.

  3. hi tessa,
    i’m currently applying for a tourist visa in korea. Because my fiance just wanted to invite me to be able to meet all his families and friends. I’m consulting for a travel agency to help me gather all the documents needed. My fiance completed all the documents required by their embassy. and my documents is complete already.
    What i’m worrying about is being rejected to have my tourist visa.Do you think i will be rejected or not? All the documents i gathered is complete. What made me confused is; why are some people are being rejected to get a visa for korea?
    My agency told me that i will have an interview. But, based on my sources why others have to be interviewed while the others are not?

  4. tessa~ hello~ ^^
    thanks for sharing your experience~^^
    I got a lot of ideas thru it~
    I’ve been dying to go to Korea but I’m pretty worried how much show money will do for me~
    thanks tessa~^^
    Tines last blog post..To the Numbest Person…

  5. I first applied for a tourist visa back in 2006, and I had around 100k in my account. Mine was quite small compared to the others I spoke with at the Embassy. On the day I was supposed to claim my passport, I was given an interview form instead. During the interview, the consul asked about my purpose of coming to Korea, the nature of my work, educational attainment, and family background. When the interview ended he asked whether 15 days is enough, I told him I need at least 30 days so he had to change what he initially wrote. From what I heard, it’s not about how much money you have in the bank, but rather it’s about your work and how much money you pay for taxes.

  6. hi Rose, you may have read Emma’s comment, the company that I was working for helped me a lot on providing the employment certificate and ITR. so your work matters. It will also help if the person who will invite you will state the reasons why you will visit in Korean. I arranged my visa by myself and didn’t go through an agency. It took only less than 3 weeks. I also had doubts that my visa will be rejected, and was more prepared to be rejected that to leave 2 weeks after getting it. Going through an interview is a good chance, be your best. Be positive about the result, if it didn’t go your way you can always try again. Good luck to you! i hope we can meet here soon:)

  7. thank you so much emma and tessa.
    honesty, what i worried the most is my agency will be providing my cert. of employmeent and ITR. because my job was a freelance teacher.
    So, i was wondering if the embassy will check it in or what…? And my another question is what is the minimun salary they are expecting from a tourist? Even if my fiance will provide everything and his financial statement is complete, do you think i will still be rejected?

  8. Miss emma, what do you mean the consultant asked you if it’s enough for you to stay in 15 days? what do you mean he changed what he wrote?
    Miss tessa, about you wrote that you prepared everything for two weeks. do you mean u waited for 2 weeks for the visa? and after the interview, will they give me the result if i will be able to get my visa or not?
    than you so much po… malaking tulong po talga binabahagi nyong experience sa mga baguhang tulad ko…

  9. @ Rose,
    “honesty, what i worried the most is my agency will be providing my cert. of employmeent and ITR. because my job was a freelance teacher.”
    I don’t recommend you to submit fake documents. It’ll only increase your chances of getting denied. It might also affect your future visa applications.
    “what do you mean the consultant asked you if it’s enough for you to stay in 15 days? what do you mean he changed what he wrote?”
    During the interview, the consul asked how long do I wish to stay in Korea so I said 30 days. But he already wrote down 15-days in my application form before asking me, so he had to change that to 30 days. After the interview, he gave the form to the Korean staff who later attached the visa to my passport. My case is rather rare, so we shouldn’t expect that the consul would always be this lenient. Goodluck!

  10. thanks again, miss emma.
    how i really wish i’ll be in korea. i really dreamed of it for such a long time. thank you po….
    i have some question;from the time you submitted your documents,how many days you waited for the interview?

  11. Miss tessa, about you wrote that you prepared everything for two weeks. do you mean u waited for 2 weeks for the visa?
    Actually it took 10 days to get my visa, that’s what they usually tell you after you submit your requirements, be back after ten days. I got my visa immediate after that, didn’t went through an interview. In my application I declared to stay in Korea for 30 days and then they allowed it.^^
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    kelan po kayo nagpunta sa korea?
    kasi anytime this june ako nagplan to visit korea…
    hindi ko pa nasusubmit yung requiremnts ko kasi parang kulang…
    If you dont mind; pwedeng malaman ang mga requiremnts na hiningi sayo?
    at sino po naginvite sa inyo?
    Thanks a lot….

  13. Hi Rose,
    Here are the requirements:
    1. Application form
    2. One passport size colored picture
    3. Passport Original (Old and New)
    4. Passport photocopy of First Page (6 months valid)
    6. Employement Certificate (Original)
    7. Personal Bank Certificate(Original)
    8. ITR (Income Tax Return) (photocopy)

    If Personally invited to Korea: Original Invitation Letter in Korea & photocopy of the Invitor’s Passport
    If invited by Company to Korea: Original Invitation Letter in Korea & photocopy of the Korean Company Business Permit
    You need to visit the embassy early, hangang 11:30am lang pwedeng mag-submit ng requirements ang mga applicants.
    I applied for my tourist visa more than 2 years ago (March 2007). I was invited by my husband, who was my boyfriend at that time.^^*
    tessas last blog post..Seoul Fair

    1. hello tessa,,,
      itatanongko lang,,paano f galing ka sa korea,,i mean end na yong contract mo dn mag aapply ka for tourist kailangan pa ba yong itr??saan xa kukuha dito ba sa pinas,,,pls,,reply naman o,,kasi yong asawa ko malapit na mag end yong contract nya at gusto nya bumalik utli so kailangan ko yong malaman at ano ang dapat gawim b 4 xa umiwi,,,madali lang ba ito???
      maraming salamat po,,,

  14. Hi Rose,
    Here are the requirements:
    1. Application form
    2. One passport size colored picture
    3. Passport Original (Old and New)
    4. Passport photocopy of First Page (6 months valid)
    6. Employement Certificate (Original)
    7. Personal Bank Certificate(Original)
    8. ITR (Income Tax Return) (photocopy)

    If Personally invited to Korea: Original Invitation Letter in Korea & photocopy of the Invitor’s Passport
    If invited by Company to Korea: Original Invitation Letter in Korea & photocopy of the Korean Company Business Permit
    You need to visit the embassy early, hangang 11:30am lang pwedeng mag-submit ng requirements ang mga applicants.
    I applied for my tourist visa more than 2 years ago (March 2007). I was invited by my husband, who was my boyfriend at that time.^^*

    Thank you po talaga.
    After ba isubmit ang mga requirements; will they tell you when do you have to return again or will they just give a call?
    About the ITR; does it matter po ba talaga? I mean how much taxes you paid in a month?
    Thanks again, miss tessa…

  16. Yes they will let you know when you need to come back. But usually after 10 days you can get your visa. ITR is important. Make sure that the requirements are complete before you go there. Good luck!
    tessas last blog post..Seoul Fair

  17. HELLO..my fiance who is a korean invited me to go to gwangju for more than 2weeks. i am a volunteer nurse here in the philippines and don’t receive salary at all (just allowance). what are the needed documents for me to obtain a tourist visa? perhaps i will be visiting him 3rd week of july..i am somewhat excited because if i am fortunate it will be my first time to travel abroad. lol

    1. hello..were u able to get the visa??.. My main problem is the Certificate of Employment..since Im in between jobs right now..
      but my fiance will provide everything and guarantee my stay in Korea.. any help pls?

  18. hi i`ve been applying for a tourist visa just to visit my fiance he is base there……im curious about that ITR i dont have that. i been to korea b4 and never ask for that ITR….my fiance wants me there coz we need to do the paper work of our wedding….what else do i really need to complete all the requirements…i am afraid to be denied thanks……..

  19. hey tnong ko lang.. im a fresh graduate nursing student.. i was planning after ko mag board exam mag vacation sa south korea for 10-14 days.. pano ung income tax return at employment certificate? will they allow me to get a tourist visa?

  20. How on earth am I going to provide that ITR?
    I mean, pupunta ako sa BIR?
    It’s like I haven’t had an ITR before.

  21. And… what do you mean by Personal Bank certificate?
    More like a requested print-out form from the bank acknowledging you have that account?

  22. hi.anybody wnts to help me with this?im a fresh grad nd my husband is an e7 visa holder in seoul,he applied f3 visa for me sa immigration but then he was advised n kailangan ko mag apply ng c3 visa first then renew nlng daw pgdting ko dun.kailangan ko pa b ng bank cert,itr nd employment certificate?kz ung documents ko ok n sa f3 kya lng apply muna daw ng c3 d2.anu pwede gawin?anu dpt kong provide n requirements.sagot nmn ng asawa ko lht.kailngn p b ung mga requirements n nbnggit?slmt nd god bless

  23. hello,kailangan ko pa po ba mag submit ng itr,bank statement and employment certificate khit sagot lahat ng asawa ko ang expenses sa pag stay ko dun?e7 kz ang visa nya then apply ako for f3 visa pero kailangan daw c3 muna apply ko d2 sa pinas kya lng wla nmn akong trabaho kz kkgraduate ko lng.anyone wants to help me with this?tnks for answers…

  24. To: Ashly:
    You don’t need ITR, i also apply for C3-going to F3. My husband is there in Korea too, i got my visa last June 04, 2009. What i bring are:
    1. 1 passport picture
    2. Passport (original & Photocopy)
    3. CFO Certificate (photocopy)
    4. ARC copy of my husband
    5. invitation letter from the school of my husband (notarized)
    6. Employment letter of my husband
    7. Employment Contract of my husband
    8. Our Marriage Certificate
    9. Copy of my husband visa and his passport.
    Try to call the embassy and ask what you need.

  25. To: Ashley:
    You don’t need ITR, i also apply for C3-going to F3. My husband is there in Korea too, i got my visa last June 04, 2009. What i bring are:
    1. 1 passport picture
    2. Passport (original & Photocopy)
    3. CFO Certificate (photocopy)
    4. ARC copy of my husband
    5. invitation letter from the school of my husband (notarized)
    6. Employment letter of my husband
    7. Employment Contract of my husband
    8. Our Marriage Certificate
    9. Copy of my husband visa and his passport.
    Try to call the embassy and ask what you need.

  26. hi! i just wanna ask. my korean bf and i have a baby. he wanted us to visit korea, we aren’t married yet. is it difficult for our baby to get a visa? anyway she’s using his surname and she is acknowledge by his korean father.

  27. i wanna ask if it will be difficult to approve our tourist visa? my korean bf and i have a baby and we wanted to visit korea. anyway my baby is using his surname and was aknowledge and signed her birth certificate.

  28. hi im planning to complete the requirements this june, my only problem is a the bank statement that is needed. im currently working here in makati im a call center agent for a year already so employment certificate is not a problem. i dont have a bank account although i have savings account which i get my salary from, suppose my mom would lend me money so that i will have my own account will it still be valid even if i deposited the money recently?

  29. the reason y i want to go to korea is to visit my fiance. he is a US citizen and he is working in US military base in camp casey. will he be able to send me an invitation even if he is not a korean citizen??

    1. Louise, he can get an invitation letter done anytime…most translation centers will do it for 20.000 won. so ask him…

  30. hello po, i’m planning to visit korea this october. meron na po akong invitation letter. kaso I’m a fresh grad ng law and I will take the bar this September kaya wala pa po akong work. do I still need to present a bank certificate and ITR if i don’t have those requirements? please help, thank you.

  31. hey guys…I got my C3 (Tourist Visa) in just 5 days. No interview. I went to a Traveling Agency here in Cebu. The gave me some requirements, I just prepared all the stuff…gave it to them and I got it back in a week with the visa stamped! I had an invitation from my buddy, a Korean national. I got the ITR, Certificate of employment, Statement of account, that was just $2,600…and stuff. It wasn’t that hard actually. I was there from June 1st to 8th.

    1. marc what travelling agency in cebu??i mean what is the name of that agency,,,coz im planning too,,,i need that pls,,,

  32. hi.. can you help me what should I bring sa embassy because
    I already got a E7 code from my company Im applying for in Korea.. and how long will it take to get the form..
    help please

  33. hi.. this is micha
    i would want to apply for tourist visa for korea. i have been invited. i have the requirements with me. i have the invitation letter, letter of sponsorship and the certificates of income of my invitors. since i don’t have a job here in the philippines, they specified in the “letter of sponsorship” that they will pay for all my expenses when i stay in korea, including my plane ticket back and forth. they also specified the length of stay (90 days). but the invitation letter (in korean) has not been notarized, should it be notarized in korea? because the one who brought the invitation is here in the philippines for vacation and if i have it notarized in korea, he will have to send it back again to the philippines. i don’t want him to spend for additional mailing. also, do i need the photocopy of the passports of the invitors (i have 2 invitors)? thank you in advance..

  34. hi.. this is micha again..
    i forgot to mention something in my previous comment. i’m living in cebu and i contacted a travel agency. they told me the requirements for Korea tourist visa are the ff: invitation letter (if invited), letter of sponsorship (if sponsored), certificates of income of invitors, personal bank certificate, ITR if employed (but i’m not employed), and the processing fee of 1,500. the agency did not mention that the invitation letter must be notarized in korea and that the photocopy of the invitors’ passports are needed. they also did not mention about the 2×2 pictures of the applicant. that’s why i’m making sure right now regarding the requirements because only the agency will send my documents to the korean embassy in makati. i’m afraid i will be denied at first try because i don’t have the time to wait for another 6 months before i can reapply in case i get denied because my invitors want me to go with their families (who are currently in the phils.) when they go back to korea. thank you.

  35. Hi!Sir/Ma’am I just want to asked f do i still really need to get a visa going to korea for only two weeks vacation.I’am working right now here in CANADA gusto q po ksing pumunta ng KOREA para dun gugulin ang aking bkasyon for two weeks kesa umuwi ng pinas..

  36. Hi Miss Tessa,
    Ano po yung mga requirements kung ndi ka employed? I’m a freelance web designer so non the usual employee. I don’t have an ITR and Employment Certificate.
    Meron po akong enough funds sa bank to support my trip na naipon ko. Magkano po ba ang enough funds?
    May chance po kaya na maapprove ako?
    Thank you.

  37. hi there.
    hope u can answer my question..
    i am a college student here in cavite, my american military boyfriend is here now visited me, he wants to take me to korea with him nextweek, have a vaction there i already told my school director that i’ll be gone for a month,
    what should i need to do so i can grant a tourist visa,?
    coz i dont have itr and c.o.e since im not working.. can i use my fathers ITR and C.o.e
    well his ITR is Old one thoughh, should they need a new one,? my dad is a seaman and he’s free on TAx,,
    hope u can answer me thanks po..

  38. ^ vinice, you don’t need ITR since you are just a college student. These are the requirements for a student who wants to have a tourist visa in Korea.

  39. hi po…ask ko lang if paano po if ala me work, then I can’t provide ITR and Cert. of employment…is it still approvable?
    I’m worried,/….pls.help..
    what are the requirements for tourist visa for the people who don’t have a job.?
    I’d like to spend my vacation after the board exam for nursing there in korea. please help

  40. Well I have read all these comments with interest. From my experience whether you get a visa for Korea or not depends on the whim of the Embassy at the time you apply. Some people get it easier than others even with less documentation, seems to be potluck. The embassy also changes its rules with regard to accepting applications as they see fit on that day. They are supposed to accept them everyday but when my girlfriend went there the other day on a Thursday they said, ‘Come back next week, we aren’t accepting applications today’ It cost her 700 pesos in travelling costs and a days wages, now she has to do that again next week and lose the wages and the 700 pesos all because of a whim of the Embassy!!!

  41. just wanna ask, im a Filipino and permanent resident here in Australia, i bought a 2way ticket from Melbourne to Korea, Korean kasi bf ko and gusto niya ko ipakilala sa family niya.ang prob is, naka-book na ko, ngayon ko lang nalaman na kailangan pa pala ng visa.14 days lang ako kasi me work ako dito sa Australia, so ang gawin ko lang pagdating ko ng Korea, punta ako agad ng pinas, 1week sa pinas, tapos balik Korea for 1 week then balik na Australia. Kailangan ko pa ba ng visa kung ganito ang gawin ko.Balak ko lang din naman magtour sana dun. Ngayon, stressed na ko kasi next week na yung flight ko, nung binili naman namin yung ticket dito sa Australia sa Korean travel agency di naman nila sinabi na kailangan ko pa ng visa, eng eng din yung bf ko, di rin niya alam, Patulong naman. please. salamat. di ko na alam ano gawin ko. sayang naman kasi, gusto ko din talaga mag-tour sa Korea.

    1. hi steph.punta k sa pinaka nearest embassy jan sa lugar nyo sa australia then mag apply ka ng visa.alamin mo muna mga requiremnts bago k pumunta.usually employment certificate, letter from the company,income tax cert.try your luck pra mkapunta ka sa korea.

  42. Hi po, plano ko po pumunta sa korea for tourist,pero ang pera ko ay 50,000 lng, ok na po ba un? at my kapatid ako sa jeju-do island sa korea pero tnt n xa naun dun dati xa ofw for 2 yrs naun ay 4 yrs n xa dun, TNT na po ba xa ng nun? makaka apekto po ba un sa application ko?

  43. I have a plan to travel to Korea on December and I was applying for a visa. Unfortunately, the consulate here in Dubai asked for my 3 months bank statement. The problem with that is, I don’t have 3 months bank statement because I just opened an account. For the past 9 months, I’m getting my salary as cash since I moved to a new employer.
    The consulate asked me to submit a certificate which will prove my stability here in Dubai instead of bank statement (payslip and salary certificate is not acceptable). Can someone please tell me what kind of certificate I can submit so as to prove that I’m stable in Dubai?

  44. hi … im planning to go to korea next year, maybe 2nd week of feb, as a tourist. pwede bang hindi kumuha kng tour? kc i have a korean friend tpos sya na ung tourist guide ko dun. is it the itinerary needed pgsubmit ng papers? kc through agency lng sna ako eh kc im from davao. ano po ba ung mga requirements as a tourist? marami na po akong tatak sa passport ko kc nkapnta na po ako sa china hongkong thailand and singapore… i have a business pero bago pa lng po eh. and how much po ba dapat ang laman ng bank? pwede po bang 100k lng? and kng feb ako pupunta kelan po ako dapat mgapply for visa. i hope you can help me. thank you

  45. ask ko lng po kung my chance pa akong mabigayn ng visa for korea na hindi ko na kaylangan pang mg hintay ng 6 months? ng apply po kc ng korean tourist visa first time ko po na denied kc masyadong maliit ang savings ko at position ko sa office. my fiancee have working in gimpo for almost 3 years now. he planning to sent me an invitation letter coming from his president of his company.

      1. oppps! thats not my message pla… i copied the wrong message from the other blog mo ms betchay…. anyway this is my original message tlga…
        hi ms betchay… im planning to go to korea next year, maybe 2nd week of feb, as a tourist. pwede bang hindi kumuha kng tour? kc i have a korean friend tpos sya na ung tourist guide ko dun. is it the itinerary needed pgsubmit ng papers? kc through agency lng sna ako eh kc im from davao. ano po ba ung mga requirements as a tourist? marami na po akong tatak sa passport ko kc nkapnta na po ako sa china hongkong thailand and singapore… i have a business pero bago pa lng po eh. and how much po ba dapat ang laman ng bank? pwede po bang 100k lng? and kng feb ako pupunta kelan po ako dapat mgapply for visa. i hope you can help me. thank you

  46. hi ms betchy i found this site very informative..thank u po for helping filipinos who want to go and visit korea regarding visa application.
    ung bro ko po kz gsto nya mag tour sa korea.hes a seamn with a five years working visa in US.then plano nya po mamasyal sa korea.im an f3 visa holder din po kya prang gsto nya rin mkita ang korea.ask ko lng po if anu ung mga kailangan nya documents?gsto nya po pmnta sa korea for 5 days bago xa mag apply sa company nila.anu po pwede nya gwin?hoping for response.thank u po abd god bless

  47. Hi, just to make sure, atleast 100K ung savings… actually, huge factor is you have a stable job… I got mine after 5 days after.. if you were granted a US visa before, 3 days, u could have your visa…

    1. Hi alexmack. Thanks for the tip. This is off topic. Is ITR really a must? I’m an OFW, and OFW’s are tax exempted. I have granted a C-2 visa before through my company of course and I dont think I have submitted an ITR. Does anybody experienced granted a visa even without ITR?

  48. hi ms betchay.
    im planning to go to korea on the 2nd week of feb pa para mgvacation pero ill apply sna on january. ask ko lng sana kng how much ang desired amount ng bank account? kc before i traveled with my family sa china, hongkong, singapore ang thailand but this time ako lng magisa ang pupunta dun. I have a business pero kakastart pa lng eh and ung ITR ko this january pa. I have the following requirements na:
    * passport
    * business permit
    * bank certificate (how much po ba ang kailangan, i have mga 100k lng po eh. ok na ba yun?)
    ano pa po kelangan? ung itr ko this january pa. do u think na magrant ung visa ko?

  49. halo po.. i just want to ask f needed b tlga ang bank cert and itr sa pag-aply ng visa kc ung brother ko invite nya sister n mother ko na pmunta korea sa wedding nya sa jan. ung sister ko ngtuturo lng nman at mother ko e wlang work…pwede po ba na sponsoran na lng ng brother ko who is working there?

  50. hi ms tessa
    tnong qlng po un husband q nsa korea ofw halimbwa po b n invited aq ng compny nila khit po dqn iprovide un itr sk bank certificate?ano po b mga req.n kailngan q isubmit?pkireply nman po please….tnx in advance and more power……

  51. hello po.. na notice ko lang po..walang reply mga naginquire what if walang Employment Certificate and ITR..kasi i have the same situation..
    pahelp po sana.. may invitation na and evrything..un lang ang kulang..
    pahelp po..salamat..

    1. hi aneng! may life ang mga tao 🙂
      pagkakaalam ko at sa experience ko, hindi nila tinatanggap talaga kung walang COE at ITR pwera na lang sa mga espesyal na kaso… kung estudyante, kailangan magpakita ng proof na estudyante nga… kung retiree, ganun din… kasi kailangan mo patunayan na kaya mo mag-turista kahit na may invitation ka

  52. hello po im a new applicant for tourist visa,ask ko lang po sana panu po if i dont have my stable job? im just an ordinary employee na kakarampot lang ang sahod.it was happen po na me boyfriend po ako na korean and he invite me to his country he sponsor me to visit in his mothers home panu po yan its so difficult naman po lalo na sa baguhan na tulad ko.ang intensiyon ko lang po is for visit di po para mag stay for good…pls help me asap po pls!!!!!tahnks po

    1. hi chai! kailangan mo pa rin mag-submit ng documents kahit ano man ang trabaho mo, ask your bf to send you a letter of invitation

  53. tanong ko lang po..
    ganu ka tagal maapprove yung visa application.. if naka comply kana sa lahat ng req…
    reply pls.

  54. hi mam tanung ko lang po paano kung bibisitahin ko po yung boyfriend ko sa korea kase po pinapapunta po nya ko dun kase dun po sya madedestino bilang us army..tnx po..reply po please

  55. by the way maam college student palang po ako ee..gusto ko lang po mginquire sa ganitong situation..us army po bf ko at sa korea po madedestino at gusto po nya ko pumunta don just for visit..ano po ba mga requirements na kailangan ko?ganun din po sa kanya..salamat po

    1. Hi Kathrene! Kung estudyante ka, pwede mo gamitin ang financial documents ng mga magulang mo. Present mo rin ang school registration papers mo, at minsan hinihingi din nila ang original transcript so dalhin mo na rin.

  56. hi! po..
    I’m a student here in korea with a student visa and i’ve been staying here for about a year.. tanong ko lang po sana kung ano ung mga posibleng requirements kapag mag-apply ung mother ko at ung boyfriend ko ng tourist visa para dalawin ako dito s korea??
    thanks po..

    1. hi vel! what did you do to get a student visa? my korean friend would like to sponsor my studies. please share some info. thanks!^^

  57. hello im jenerose po.. ask ko lng po kong ano po gagawin ko sa pagkuha ng visa.. mayron na po me lahat except sa ITR. kc po new open pa lng po ung business ko…ANO PO DAPAT KONG GAWIN.. bibigyan po ba nila ako ng tourist visa khit wala pa po ung ITR or i need to get pa rin po…
    hope to hear from u soon po… thnks and god bless

  58. Hi! I’ve plans to visit korea and my papers are almost complete. I’m just waiting for my bank certificate. I’d like to ask if the ITR they would need is really that form which shows your taxes paid; or that BIR form 2316 would do? This form also shows the income you have gained the whole year, and it’s the counterpart of the ITR which shows your taxes paid. I earn minimum wage, but I have allowances which are not covered by tax. Please reply. Thanks! 🙂

  59. Hi ms betchay and to all,
    Wla po akong kilala sa korea na magbbgay sa akin ng invitation pero i really want to go for a tour for 4nights 3 days.I have all necessary docs needed ung invitation lang wla ako. My plan is to get a 4 days 4nights package tour from travel agency. My mga nagtry na ba na magapply through package tour?pls share your experience, would very much appreciate it.thanks 🙂

  60. hello! Mam tanong ko lng po ano po yung mga posibilities na ma deny at hindi mabigyan ng visa,pero my mga kompletong requirements nmn po,depende po yun sa reason na inilagay sa invitation letter?
    Mam pki reply lng po kc medyo nag aalala po tlaga ako na ma deny yung application ng nanay at pamangkin ko.
    Marami pong slamat!
    .-= jane´s last blog ..ê³° 세마리 =-.

    1. hi jane! korean ba asawa mo? or korean ka na? kung asawa mo korean, hindi ganun kahirap para invite family members mo dito lalo na kung nanay mo, so wag masyado mag-worry…

  61. Dear Betchay,
    I applied for a VISA,filed March 02. I didn’t submit ITR, BANK ACCOUNT, PROOF OF MONEY even a single centavo, DTI,nor EMPLOYMENT CERTIFICATE, MONTHLY SALARY, O.R. FEE. I declared that I’m a freelancer without disclosing money matters. But, I was given a VISA for 59 days although, I just written 10 days plan. Thank God!!!

    1. hello ms gie.. I am a freelance English teacher and I am planning to apply for a tourist visa.. The problem is, I am afraid I might be denied.. I just have an invitation letter from a Korean friend.. He is sponsoring my trip.. Just like you I don’t have other documents that will support my application. So do you think it is okay if I will only present my invitation letter and my passport?

    2. Ms. gie!
      Nka ka uplift nman ang post mo. I am also a freelancer. Can you share your experience about your declaration of being a freelancer and that 10-day plan? Did you include such info in your application letter?
      My email ad is moira_k92@yahoo.com
      The issues about itr and coe have been troubling me a lot. It’s like I’m losing hope of getting any visa because of being a freelancer.
      Hoping for your kind response. Thanks

  62. Hello Ms. Betchay
    Ako po ulit ito sabi po ng friend ko na baka sakaling msagot nyo po ung tanong ko hopefully about my plan to go to korea.
    Actually I’m currently working as English Online Instructor of Koreans, a company here in the Philippines. I’m teaching my students for almost 2 years now..usually students change their teacher after 6 months but in my case they don’t want to change me as their teacher so I really love them.. My student’s family invited me to go there and they are going to shoulder everything for 1 or 2 weeks including accommodation, my ticket as in everything..I’ve met the student twice her in Philippines. The family loves me so much so in return they want me to go there.. LAst year december 2009 sinend nila lahat ng documents na kailangan ko to apply as a tourist visa ksao nadenied ako hindi ko po alam kung ano mali sa papers ko. The parents called the embassy sabi nila sa purpose of entry ako may problem dahil nilagay ko tour daw..ano ba po dapat ilagay?i dont have any plans of staying there just 1 or 2 weeks lang habang vacation ng student ko po….nagun taong gusto po nila magtry po ako ulit pano po kaya ang gagawin ko please help me naman po..thank you so much…pakitulungan nyo naman po ako ms.betchay…
    bakit po si gie un nagcomment po sa taas ko she was given a visa without sending any documents and as a freelancer what does it mean po salamat….

    1. i’m not sure how “gie” made it… unless she was sponsored by a church, she still needs to submit documents… i’m not sure ha, but people can write anything online eh… you know that when you get there, they ask for complete documents…

      1. Dear Betchay,
        Oh to clarify, I still submited requirements but I said I didn’t submit ITR, BANK ACCOUNT CERT. EMPLOYMENT CERT, credit card , proof of money whatsoever regarding money matters.
        I’m a freelancer and not a church worker.
        I think the reason she was denied is because she is an English teacher. She should not declare regarding ON LINE or ESL. allergic sila, that is just my opinion. kkkkk
        Intimidating ang manners of questioning ng consul. Really scary but one should know and have the guts to answer back with conviction why you can’t submit required documents. And why are you going there without really intention of staying.

        1. Dear Hazel:
          In addition, contradicting ang statement mo regardng reason of visiting Korea. Why did you put ” tour”. In the first place, you said the family of your student inviting you and willing to shoulder your expenses. Right?
          So, dapat nilagay mo, REASON: ” invited by …..to visit them for 2 weeks”. Based on invitation letter mo should explain clear reason why they wanted you to visit them.( gaano ka ba kahalaga sa kanila at sino ka ba para ka inbitahan at gastusan ng malaking halaga? As you claim they will shoulder everything? Or in exchange of teaching their child while vacation? Mmmmm!?!? If your reason is connected with English, I bet if they will allow you because they might think your going to apply as ESL or English teacher which they prohibit for Filipinos to do.
          INTENDED STAY: 2 weeks from…..to……..
          I think, para din silang cases sa court. When you are presenting your evidences there should not give them doubts. Connected lahat ang documents seems lke speaking for one purpose. And supporting to strengthen each documents as real. “logic”.
          This is just my opinion.

          1. hello there..
            just wanna share..I just came back from korea.. was there for two weeks.. I am an ESL teacher here in the philippines. I was invited by my student’s family. And i din’t hide my real job..I filled out the visa application form with all honesty..that i am an ESL teacher and that i will be visiting a friend and her family and i’ll go sightseeing too.
            I kinda not agree with ms gie. I don’t think being an ESL teacher is a reason for one not to be granted a visa. I had friends too..who are also teachers (ESL)..And they were also granted a visa. AT the immigration, they were asked what there job was in the philippines, and they answered it with all honesty…And when asked their purpose of visiting korea, they simply said they’re on a tourist visa so they’re gonna go on a tour and at the same time visit a korean friend. In my case, i was never asked.. even a question. I think the thing Ms Hazel is, the purpose of your entry doesn’t coincide with your papers..I mean your invite. You were invited, you should have included it in your purpose.
            Give it a try this time. Good luck!

    1. Dear Nikki:
      Congratulations that you made it even though you declared that you’re an ESL.
      Most likely the reason why you never been ask is because:
      You’re an ESL in a university or college and not just a company as Hazel.
      Perhaps,you’re already old, unlikely to make TNT and apply as ESL there because they don’t accept old teacher . kkkkk ( joke) And you have strong reason to come back for example your children. Unlike Hazel, she sound like young adult.
      And since she is working in a company as ESL it is already knowledgeble that salary is low . Her declaration is for “tour” as she said.
      That is why, declaring that an applicant is an ESL teacher, which is young, working in an on line company which doesn’t show stability, single and without clear reason of visiting. Most probability to make the consul think otherwise.
      Stable job, strong family ties and if God’s will ….kkkkk
      These are just based on what I’ve read from experiences of other applicants.

  63. hi gie on my case im a graphic artist who wants to visit korea for a week vacation i dont want to state how much money do i have do you think they would grant me a visa without any documents such ITR,bank certificate,COE but i do have my own business name by DTI and by the way i was able to visit korea last october 2008 on c3 visa too..but that was painstaking because i have to present all the documents needed..

    1. dear Athley,
      I didn’t submit ITR, bank account, COE, nor hotel or plane ticket reservation, because I don’t have those. But I was asked a lot of questions by the consul upright with strictness and intimidating look after checking my documents lacking. Then we debate about ITR issue. I told her that here in the Phils. not everybody are not strictly required to submit specially self employed/freelancer. So, she cross out the ITR and highlights in yellow marking “invitation from a korean”. ( a guarantor) .
      You just have to prove and convince them based on documents your sencerity and that you will go back to the Phils.
      There is no guarantee that you will be given a visa whether complete or incomplete documents, with money or none… Perhaps, if it is GOD ‘s will… pray hard and ask for HIS guidance.

  64. ahm,,ask ko lang po,, magkano po ba talaga dapat ang laman ng bank account..kc invyt lang ako ng pwend ng dad ko para mabisita sya dun,, nalulungkot kc xa…pls help,, tnx..ahm,,pati po,, di pa po ako nakakapag work sa anu mang trabaho,,

  65. hi Ms. Betchay,
    I just wanna ask kung may chance po ako na mabigyan ng tourist visa kahit po na kakarenew ko lang ng passport kop this month? balak ko na po magpabook ng ticket for May 20, gusto po kasi ng fiance ko na mameet ko yung family niya… 5 days lang po ang plan ko na magstay.. i’ve heard po kasi na dapat at least 6 mos. yung passport mo bago ka magtravel.. paano po kaya yon? please help me…thanks in advance..=)

  66. hi Ms. Betchay..I just wanna ask for your help… ask ko lang po sana if its possible na mabigyan ako ng tourist visa kahit po na kakarenew ko lang ng passport ko. balak ko na po kasi magbook ng ticket for May 20, ang kaso po nagdadalawang isip ako baka kasi hindi ako mabigyan ng visa..complete na po yung iba kung requirements yon lang po talaga inaalala ko..Gusto ko lang po mameet yung family ng fiance ko 5 days lang po ang balak ko na magstay doon if ever..please help me po… thanks in advance..=)

    1. hi regy,
      when i applied for tourist visa, my passport was just new. as in mga less than a week pa lang sya na-issue and nabigyan naman ako ng visa. it would be better (or required ata) for you to bring na lang din your old passport upon applying for tourist visa. goodluck!

      1. hi there.. just wanna ask kung mahirap ba talaga makakuha ng tourist visa for ESL tutors? kasi sabi ng friend ko madami daw hindi nabibigyan ng visa dahil sa occupation nila..hindi din naman ganon kalaki pera ko sa bank…hope somebody can give me a good advice on this…thanks!

  67. hellow, i just want to ask lang po, my mother’s friend wanted to invite us to visit her in S.korea, just want to ask lang po if what are the documents she need to send to us.. and if ever we are planning to go next year and we are 6people po..me and my mother lang po ang kilala nun..so panu po kaya??/thanx po sa sasagot..and to ms.gie your so lucky naman po kakainggit.im a college student palang po e and yung money ko sa bank di naman sya ganun kalaki but for the past year since 2007 ive been traveling every year…when i came to japan before after a month when i came back here in pi, me and my sister panning to go visit her friend in taiwan,, i was not given a visa grrr..(my sister dont need it becuase shes canadian citizen already) i dunno why,(and i’m worried tuloy to apply sk tourist visa)
    thnx again

    1. Amme:
      A lot of my freinds telling me exciting…but I don’t feel like that but instead, nervous. Thinking of Airport to Airport case even though, I have a visa.
      I don’t have money but only P4,000. As I said, I’m really blessed that I got a 59 days visa even though I didn’t submit ITR, BANK STATEMENT dahil wala nga ako pera at freelancer ako. So, tense talaga ako and my flight schedule is already April 28. hhuhuhu
      Wish me luck. I’m really nervous. I’ll keep praying co’z without God’s blessing I’m doom!

  68. oh really, yeah goodluck and Godbless to your trip..regards to junpyo!!ehe…
    hey ate, is it good to come to Korea this days Ba?? I mean april-may is good month to visit Korea???pls share some..thanks,,,
    and to anyone pls answer my q above..please…thankss

    1. amme,
      Pumunta ka dito ng 3rd week ng September, mahaba ang bakasyon ng mga tao… at hindi malamig..
      sumasakit na ulo ko sa lamig….at hindi ako makapaligo kahit may heater… bawat bagay na hawakan mo malamig!

      1. oh ms ghie, so good naman po na as in walang hassle yung pag pasok nyo in sk.btw..its septemeber pala,were planning to go po july pero ok septemeber nalang… i hope hindi mag out of town yung korean friend ko nun…malamig parin pala..ou nga natry ko pumunta ng japan ng winter mahirap nga pag winter…
        yung question ko po sa taas, if ever po baka may mameet po kayo jan baka alam nila…thanx po…TCA

  69. Anyong Miss Bechay, i am Jonalyn and I am currently teaching English to koreans here in cebu..3 months ago, i got a student who invited me to go to korea. She asked for my help in putting up an academy there..but the porblem is, I am not a teacher graduate, i am a computer programmer but i did not pursue my programming career that’s why i fall into teaching koreans..my student really wants me to go there and she wants me to apply for a woking visa..but i dont know how to get it?her academy is not yet established and she’s inviting me to help her with the preparations for her academy..she wanted me to manage the academy and be one of the teachers there..kaso pareho kaming walang alam kung papano makakakuha ng working visa and what are the requirements for it?ano po ba ang dapat kong gawin?ano po ang unang-una kung gagawin?sure ako na mahihirapan akong makakakuha nang working visa dahil sa status ko..do i have any other options para maka punta ako doon ng mas madali?do i need a bank account too?or an invitation letter from her?please try to help me..i am really confused..i wanna help my student coz para ko na syang ate eh..and she’s been so nice to me..kaya gusto ko po sanang suklian ang kabaitan nya..im looking forward for a positive response from you..Thank you and God Bless…

    1. South Korea currently only allows teachers from countries where English is a national language, such as the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand, but not the Philippines.
      You can apply as tourist/visitor and she could give you an invitation letter as sponsor but never reason out English teaching.
      Ask also other opinions…

      1. thanks for the info miss gie..I wanna ask something more..my student wants me to stay there for at least 2 years, would it be possible?is it possible for me to stay there that long?or if i would get a 90 days visa would it be possible for me to extend?

        1. Jonalyn,
          Sorry, but according to Filipinos here with me in Seoul.. that is impossible unless you marry a Korean.
          And mind you, if you are intending to teach here … you can’t register in Department of Educ. you are not accepted to teach. You are a Filipino.

          1. Thanks once again Ms. Gie!.. If i will marry a Korean, is it okay to have a fixed marriage?I have a male student here that is willing to marry me..but parang set up lng..no feelings involve pero totoo yong marriage..he wanted to help me pra maka punta jan kasi friend din nya yong nag invite sakin jan eh..possible kayang makatulong yon?please send me another advice..thanks!God Bless..:)

  70. Hello mga kababayan. This is gie again. I’m here now in Seoul. Grabe paglabas ko ng airport Incheon, nangatog nako sa lamig. Hindi parin ako makapaligo sa lamig ng tubig..kahit may heater. hehehehe.
    Then, last time isn’t it that I’m so nervous…thinking about A to A case. But, you know what? When I arrived in Incheon airport and immigration area.. the Korean Immigration didn’t say anything. As in.. wala. Hindi man lang bumuka bibig. Kaya dirediretso ako.. At grabe ganda ng airport Incheon… may subway sa loob. At ang food, like strawberry, ang lalaki. Pero, mahirap din ang buhay ng mga kababayan natin dito. Kalaban nila lamig,hate nila. At discriminated dito ang PInoy when it comes to English teaching. Kaya hindi pinapaalam na PInoy… from Hawaii for example with American accent dapat para matanggap ka.
    Sa mga dead na dead pumunta dito… perhaps if God didn’t allows it at madeny ka… pasalamat ka na din dahil mas makakabuti na dyan ka nalang sa Pinas.
    Sa mga nadedeny… huag malungkot. Masarap parin sa Pinas at mas magaganda din ang mga tourist spot natin.
    Definitely, I will comeback here again God willing but I will not stay here for good. There is no place like home.
    Kwentuhan ko kayo ulit next… Oh, lamig…grrrrr

  71. hi Ms Ghie!
    I’m here in Pusan now. I arrived April 16. I, too, didn’t have any problems with the immigration. I was asked 2 questions though. She asked me if this is my first time in Korea and how long do I intend to stay here. This is my third time and I will be staying here for 24 days. I’m thinking having my ticket rebooked. I wish to stay for another week or two more. I love it here.
    I will be going to Seoul this weekend. I will go look for a snowball for my brother. Do you know where I can get it?
    Thanks in advance and hope you enjoy your stay in Korea.

    1. dear Cecile,
      I’m here now in our our hot country Phils. I arrived safely yesterday 1am. And just yesterday, I took a shower 3 times because of heat and sweat.
      I just want to share that when I ‘m in Incheon airport I have to go to and pro the luggage in because they didn’t allowed me to take with me my two bottles of beauty products which my friends gave me unless put it in a box. ( I bought a box and let them pack that inside the airport for 3 dollars). I also paid almost 10 dollars for excess luggage. huhuhu
      About snowball…I asked my korean sponsor. She said they didn’t know such a thing except during winter. kkkk


    1. ang alam ko po jan, kahit at least one month apply nyo po before provable date of entry nyo po sa korea,,then depende po kung ilan days bibigay nila..

  73. hi 🙂
    i’m plannning to visit korea sometime october 🙂
    should i be applying for visa now? or is it too early pa?
    and should i present flight tickets and hotel reservation?

    1. i think thats too early po maybe aug or september would be fine, and maybe its ok not to show any plane ticket reservation since were not sure yet if they gonna give a visa and asking for refund is quite hard.

  74. To: Gie,
    Im glad upon reading your post.makulet.. but my dilemma is that ive been denied before. i want to apply again this year. my korean bf invited me to come over and visit their place. its only a 10 day visit. right now i dont have a job kc i resigned sa call center. stressed out na masyado. wen i applied before, i have complete docs from ITR, bank cert, COE and invitation letter but denied pa rin cia. my visit would be paid by my bf of course. now prob is i dont have all the documents na. i might have a bank cert kc may savings pa naman ako khit papano kc i have a small business pero hindi cia registered sa bir kc sa bahay lng cia based. would i need an invitation letter pa ba from my bf? ang gulo kc nila sa embassy eh.asar pa sa embassy nung interview ko kc hindi nakaka intindi yung consul ng straight english. i dont intend to stay in korea kc i have my small business to take care of. any suggestions?

    1. Hanah,
      kkkk. It is true .. makulit ako. hahaha.even my korean students are saying that! kkkkk
      Anyway, I think an invitation from the parents would be better than from your boyfriend. Kasi I think, doubful to say that you will not stay there for long when your bf might not let you go back to the Phils…buntisin ka na dun. hahahaha ( just kidding)
      And as I always saying, young looking with a thick accent would they think you will take advantage of staying there for your bf and apply as English teacher. (Just my thinking)
      And I’m telling you from a reliable source… our government will not trully push through for our ESL to be allowed to teach legally because only teachers wll benefit unlike now that thousands of them pouring our country. More earnings are generating from them. Got it?
      Anyway, about ITR… I didn’t submit it nor bank account but I was given a 59 visa. “Miracle”, a lot says. kkkkk Even a Korean I’d talked with seated beside me going back home… he said, he wondered how come I was given a visa? He owns an ON LINE in Iloilo. He said, even his head teacher was denied even though she has a US VISA and bank account to boast.
      In the invitation should states that your sponsor will make sure your safety and coming back to the Phils.
      Business is not a guarantee to prove that you will come back home.. because it is easy to close… think of another reason for them to convince them from the invitation that you will come back to the Phils.
      I the only one who wrote the invitation.. I just asked my student to sign it, take to the notary there and pay. Then sending it back to me. I ‘m also the one who made my own itinerary from day 1-11 as I have knowledge of doing so.
      Pray a lot…that I think is the best solution. And HE will guide you for what to do. But, don’t feel sad if you are denied again. Perhaps, it is for your own good. Cheer!!!

      1. ms gie..pwede po bang magpatulong kung pano dapat i state yung invitation letter from my sponsor? kc cla din lahat ang gagastos sa trip ko as in lahat din..sana po matulungan nyo ko..tnx!
        God Bless po!

  75. for students po, what are the requirements for visa?
    i have my own bank account cause i used to work then proceeded to further my study…

  76. Ms. Gie,
    agree aq sau,kun ndi will ni God,ndi tlga,maybe may better plan c God s mga nade2nied. I’m so exicited about my flight this 2nd week of july.I was invited to attnd religious actvty.Praise God dhil wlng hassle pag-aaply q as in,in just 1min,nkaalis nq ng window 3.Wlng tnung tnung.I just passed my invita8n letter,sec reg’n ng church,guarantee letter frm korea,cert.Of gradua8n,recommnda8n frm my church and dats it!Binigyn nila aq ng 59days of stay even 7days lng aq dun.Praise God tlga!

  77. mukha iba na me ari ng blog na to,, ahhh?
    lahat ng tungkol sa visa’s nandun sya, april of this year s korea spring n po nun, and not dat malamig,,now i’m start thinking lang…

    1. Yes Jelai, you are right supposedly 15C dapat ang temperature. But when I arrived there April 28, ang temperature ay 7C- 8C, naluto ang balat sa 2 dulo ng daliri ko sa lamig. Kung hindi malamig sa iyo iyon eh..may sa aso ka. Ako’y hindi sanay sa lamig at first time ko kaya ako ay may sa pusa!
      In addition, hindi ka ba inform about global warming? Hmmm! Magbasa ka…
      Mabuti pa si Ms. Betchay na appreciate ang pagshare ko ng experiences ko.. Ikaw Jelai ungrateful ka.
      Oh, katulad nyan last few days na A to A iyong anak ng kakilala ko eh… kumpleto ang documents at balik balik na since childhood kaya free visa pero na interrogate at napauwi pa. May Japan Visa pa… oh. Kahit anong paliwanag nya hindi tinanggap at marami tanong at nagtatanong.
      Kaya flight ko na before Chuseok ,, kabado ako.

  78. hi..ask ko lng po inimbitahan kc ng husband ko ang sister ko dito sa korea pero may probs po cya sa knyang mga documents wala po cyang bank certificate pwedi po ba cya or posibble po ba na makakuha cya ng visa kahit wala po yong bank cirtificate kc hindi naman po cya regular sa work ang cash po ang sahod nya….

  79. hi.my husband and i are planning to visit korea this coming november. do we need to have an airline and hotel booking before securing a visa?
    what are the chances of visa approval with or without prior bookings.
    hope you can give me insights on this matter.thanks

  80. Hi Guys… my hubby and i recently applied for a korean tourist visa and fortunately it was approved. We went at the embassy (Mc Kinley) to submit the our requirements. For me since I’m a housewife these are the docs I have submitted-bank cert,passport,photocopy of passport,2×2 pic,marriage cert &rountrip tickets. My hubby the one who’s working submiited the ff: ITR,COE (original) Bank Cert, 2×2 pic,passport and round trip tickets. Our application was processed for three days. Be sure to call first before going there. I can’t wait to visit Seoul.

  81. ask ko lng, i taught korean students for almost 2 years and sad to say nagsara yung school nila last year, one of my students leave with me at that time and now she came back here in the philippines again and she wants me to come with her when she go back to korea. i have the itr and coe but it was last year. i talk to my friend who is working in the bir and she said she is willing to make an itr for me using this year which is 2009 and with regards sa coe she said i can just change the date of my coe since the embassy wont check it. so im a bit confused kung okay lng ba tlga cia. right now kse i have my smal business, i have all the documnets for my business but the problm is i dont have the itr yet since the fiscal year will end on december and the applying for it is on april next year. dpat ko ba ciang ipasa parehas i mean yung s sinuggest ng frend ko at s business ko o pwede n yung s business ko khit n wla akong itr. please answer becaswue my friend really wants to pay me back for what i did to her and her family. thank u so much

    1. kailangan mo mag-submit ng kumpletong dokumento… hindi sila karaniwan tumatanggap ng hindi kumpleto ang dokumento
      eto requirements for business owners:
      -Application form (typewritten)
      -One passport size colored picture
      -Old and new passport
      -Passport (Original and photocopy of first page)
      -(Must be at least 6 months valid)
      -Business Registration Permit for SEC or DTI (photocopy)
      -Business Permit or Mayor’s Permit(photocopy)
      -PERSONAL Bank Certificate (original)
      -Individual Income Tax Return – ITR (photocopy)
      -If invited to Korea: Original Invitation Letter notarized in Korea & photocopy of the Invitor’s Passport (first page only)

      1. hi ms betchay.. thank you for responding immediately,, panu po yan yung business ko eh new established p lng kya wla pa po akong itr but ihave the documents other than that. kse ang filing pa lng for this year is next year april 2011.. pnu po ba anh gagawin ko. tnx.. may i ask po sna if you have contact number so i can call you or if you are living in korea kung meronkang internet phone para mkpagusap po tayo.. tnx ms. betchay

  82. Hello Ms.Bechay
    Nag submit po ako ng documents sa korean embassy to apply for a visa, kaya lang nung nnag check na siya ng mga requirements ko , inalis niya ang original print ng itenerary ticket ko na rountrip (already paid since it was a promo ticket ),4 set kasi yun dahil tatlo ang dependent ko (my chidren)… I ask the Korean LAdy kung di ba important yun , then she said ” No Need” ,,,
    Nag aalala lang po ako,,,, na baka dahil dun sa iteneray ticket e di kami ma approvan,,,
    pleas advise po….

  83. hi… po ma’m betchay ask ko lng po kung same ba ng requirements sa employee visa kapag invite lng po ng kapatid? tnx po

  84. Ate betchay,
    It’s me again. I posted a message on the other topic about getting a C3 visa.
    Thanks a lot for the info you gave me,now I am completing the requirements for C3.
    I have 1 more concern, since Im working as an Online English Teacher, my korean boss couldnt give me a Cert. of Employment (kasi they dont pay taxes cgru).
    To replace my ITR, ngpagawa ako ng Financial Statements (i dont know exactly how you call it) sa isang CPA (acctg firm).
    but, How about the Cert. of Employment?
    Do I still need to show the embassy CoE or Financial Statements would do nalang? since, my boyfriend will be the one to shoulder my expenses while I stay there.
    And when Im there, I will still be teaching online to help him kahit papanu and/or at least I do something while he’s at work.
    P.S. Is it really necessary to show the last 3 months of your bank account or the latest (1 month) will do?
    I would really appreciate your reply.
    Thanks in advance!
    God bless everyone~ ^.^

  85. Question po,
    tumatawag po ba ang embassy sa bank to confirm kung magkano laman ng bank account? im planning to withdraw some of my money kasi. biglaang nagkaroon ng problem.
    please answer my question po.
    Thanks thanks.

    1. oo, meron nga .. nabuking. iba ang nakausap sa banko kaya… sinabi real amount contrast to what he submitted na ginawa ng staff din sa banko na kausap nya. kaya denied…

  86. hello po~
    share ko lang po kasi Im going to the embassy on Monday.
    ok na po kaya itong mga papers ko?
    1. passport and copy
    2. application form with 2×2 pic
    3. handwritten invitation letter galing sa Korean boyfriend ko (pero hindi notarized)
    4. bank certificate
    5. statement of assets
    6. certificate of employment ng bf ko at calling card nya, (kasi siya ang magfifinance ng stay ko doon at wla akong maipakitang certificate of employment at ITR kasi ESL teacher ako online)
    any comments po please.
    salamat! ^^

  87. may kaibigan po ko sa korea…5 months n xang TNT…gusto na nyang umuwi d2 s pinas..nong july xa dumating dun…plano nya daw magpareport s immigration..kc wala daw mag aackaso s knya pauwi dahil ka2pangank ng ate nya at may work bayaw nya…pag daw kc immigration ang nagpauwi s knya..ung immigration na raw ang bahala..kaya lang di nya daw alam if pano kontakin ung immigration..ask ko lang po pano ba nako2ntak ang immigration if may alam ka n TNT..ok lang naman daw s Sis nya n umuwi xa..sana po matulungan nyo ang fren ko..

    1. hi angel! yung friend ko bumili muna ng plane ticket, tapos diretso lang sa airport… seven years siya dito na walang visa

      1. wala pa po xang alam sa korea eh…di pa daw pwdeng lumabas ate nya…di rin xa marunong magkorean…mam betchay..pwede nyo po ba xa tulungan…nahi2rapan na raw po kc xa,,,lagi po xa nagka2sakit din…kaya gusto nya magpahuli nalang sa immigration…di nya nga lang alam if pano…dapat daw po kasi may magreport sa kanya dun..salamat po ng madami sa reply..GOD bless

  88. Hi there! Regarding the letter of invitation, I have a friend who lives in Korea. Would a letter of invitation coming from her be sufficient even though she won’t be sponsoring my trip???
    I’m planning to apply for a visa soon. But I just wanted to make sure if a letter of invitation from my friend would somewhat help get assurance the embassy will give me a visa. 🙂

    1. Hi Kizia! An invitation letter is optional. What’s important are the documents you’ll be presenting when you apply. My husband sent me an invitation letter when I applied for a tourist visa and I got denied. So it’s not really an assurance that you’ll be granted a visa.

      1. Thank you so much for your reply, Ms. Betchay. I know you have a lot of people who asks questions and it can get difficult for you to reply to all of them. So, I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my question.
        Hopefully when my friend and I apply for you a visa, things will go smoothly. See you in Seoul then? Hehehe! Have a great day! 🙂

  89. just want to ask, lng
    kahit po ba,. guess lng kung magkano,.
    kc mag aaply plng po ako ng work,
    kaya dapat parang my range ako how much ang
    nasa bank certificate,..
    kahit guess lng po
    i have my passport na,.
    planning to visa korea as a tourist…
    and visit friend lng..
    kahit guess lng po pls. i need it talaga…
    tnx in advance
    paki email nadin po ako d2
    para alam ko kagad kung nag reply kayo..

    1. one deodorant prize here in Korea is more or less 8,000 won. socks prize is more or less 2,000 won each. noodle more or less 1,000.
      so, all expenses multiply by 25 to 30 pesos per won.
      So, your budget per day if you are going to a hotel should be more or less 5,000 pesos per day including na subway transpo. Then, show money … 500 US DOLLARS excluded mo ang bank statements mo na 150,000 more or less if you are tourist. But, if you have korean sponsors or relatives this figures will be less to 200 to 400 US DOLLARS.
      This is my personal opinion co’z I’m now here for my 3rd visit since last year.

  90. Hi miss Betchay!
    My bestfriend and I are planning to backpack through Seoul then Jeju in December to spend her birthday, Christmas and New Years there.
    Is it likely to get approved for a 15day visa?
    What of the bank certificate, should she set up her personal savings account this early on? I think she has a payroll savings account only.
    We’ll be applying for visa, probably 2 o 3 months before December but we’re already waiting for promo fares so we’ll have roundtrip tickets ready.
    Thanks again! Your site is so informative!

      1. Ate Betchay…
        ask ko lang po,, dati po ako asawa ng koreano pero umuwi ako sa pinas kxe binubug2x ako,, kahit ba expire na ung alien visa ko pde pa ba ako magtour sa korea,,, sana matulungan nyu ako,,

  91. Hi! ask ko lng po ksi ngapply aq ng visa last april 12 as single 6 mos p before maexpired passport ko as single ksi invite aq nung auntie q eh ndenied po itatry ko po sana magapply ulet as married rerenew q n ung passport, pede po kya un khit wla pang 6 mos dhil sv po s embassy 6 mos p pede ulet mgapply.at ano po ung mga requirement as tourist nlng khit wla n invitation nung tita q. tnx po

  92. hi!! am planning to go to korea this november with my friends.. the plan is we will go to Singapore first to meet one of our friends there and then from Singapore we’ll proceed with our tour in Korea.. panu po ung visa na iisue saken dto ng korean embassy?? do i need to apply again ng visa sa SG or ok n ung visa n dala q?? help please.. thanks

  93. ask ko lang po,, dati po ako asawa ng koreano pero umuwi ako sa pinas kxe binubug2x ako,, kahit ba expire na ung alien visa ko pde pa ba ako magtour sa korea,,, sana matulungan nyu ako,,

  94. ask lng po, kailangan poh ba na bank cert. ung nakikita if magkano ung pera moh?? at magkano na ang kailangan?? plz help.. thank you…

  95. my daughter and other 6 selected 4th year student will go to korea this sembreak by october or november for about a week lang as exchange student, of course with school invitation. is parents bank certificate really matter? all expense paid naman kc ng skul. tnx. your answer is badly needed.

    1. Hi Leah! Yes, parents’ documents are necessary. If you don’t have a bank certificate, land titles or others such documents will do.

  96. hi po. may plan po ako pumunta ng korea nest yr probably by sept.. matagal pa po ung plan ko pero gusto ko pong makapag prepare.. plan ko po to stay dun for 10-15days maximum, kaso po wala po nmn nginvite sakin dun. kelangan po b tlgng may mginvite na korean sau para may chance kang maaprove ung visa??sana po matulungan nio akong masagot ung question ko.

    1. hi cath! optional lang ang invitation… hindi kailangan kung wala… yung ibang documents ang kailangan meron ka

  97. hello..good day….ask lang po…aside po sa mga requirements need din po ba ang birth certificate..

  98. Good day po! Ask ko lang po kung ano mga need ko ipasa.. kasi po ung parents ng student ko is inviting me to visit there for 2 weeks. They will pay all the expenses pero di ko po alam kung ano ung kailangan ko i prepare.. I have a job now.. I also have a passport.

  99. Hello!
    My friends and I are planning to have a tour around Seoul on April next year (2012). We’re going to visit a Filipino friend who is studying there. None of us have ever been out of the Philippines yet so we are newbies about this. Haha. I know, this is so far from now but I’m nervous because I really REALLY want to go to South Korea.
    I’m still a STUDENT so I don’t have some of the requirements like ITR, bank cert, and employment cert. My friends have jobs already so it should be a problem for them. As for me.. well I don’t know what to do. T.T Should I have submit MY PARENTS’ ITR, bank cert, and employment cert instead?
    My parents will not sponsor me, actually. I’m saving money for this trip. I do have a bank account but since I’m just saving, it doesn’t have much. I am totally confused with what to do. Please help me. T.T
    By the way, napakainformative po nitong site na ito. Salamat sa mga nagshare ng experiences at knowledge. 🙂

  100. Correction from my previous post..
    “I’m still a STUDENT so I don’t have some of the requirements like ITR, bank cert, and employment cert. My friends have stable jobs already so it should NOTbe a problem for them. As for me.. well I don’t know what to do. T.T Should I have submit MY PARENTS’ ITR, bank cert, and employment cert instead?”

    1. Hi Aye! If you’re still a student, you can use your parents’ financial documents – ITR, bank certificate and employment certificate. You’ll also have to bring your school registration card and school ID.

      1. Hi, Ms. Betchay. Thank you for answering my question. 🙂 But I do have another question, I’m sorry to bother you. 😐
        By the time that I would visit Korea, I would have already graduated because the trip should be around April or May. Should I still use my status as a student and use my parents’ bank details?
        Thank you po for answering. 🙂

        1. Apply for the visa in March when you’re still a student and you can say that it’s your parents’ gift to you for your graduation.

  101. hi ms betchay..
    im currently staying hk as a dependant visa,i hve husband and kid in here..and im also working in a bar as a waitress..is it possible for me to grant a visa?..kc im gonna visit my bestfriend who live in busan.i hve bank accnt and payng taxes in hk..i planned to visit korea by nxt yr.

  102. please help me find my way to visit korea.. i am currently having a relationship with a korean guy and so happen he wants me to visit korea..he is a student here in phil and just flew back to korea this october 20 2011 he and i looking forward to meet the requirements that’s why he will work to support my plane ticket and so on…and the most prob is i dont have a work now coz i just graduated this year..and currently pursuing to have a work…please help me to know what to do..

  103. You know what everybody? Read this, I’ve read all your concerns from top to bottom,most of you had the same problema. Listen kabayans, just Go to the embassy , read all the instructions, gather all the requirements, or if you don’t have one of those requirements ask the embassy people while you’re there,for visit or students etc.I’m sure somebody can answer you concerns, especially for those who are new… ASK, READ, UNDERSTAND AND GATHER all the docs.that they need. I wonder why this lady who’s behind this site, sometimes ignoring your questions. Just read carefully follow the instruction because even one document that you don’t you have , I’m sure there’s solution , alternative just ask the embassy people about your concerns. Easy as 1, 2 ,3 relax don’t panic .tell the truth, be yourself. ” I don’t have this , I don’t have that” because youll be more scared to death in front.
    of the consul,I tell you, they are good with that, when they look at you and speak to you. That’s it! Chacak! Visa stamp! 🙂 or kweng kweng kweng… Denied 🙁 If they didn’t grant it’s not the end of the world,move on and do it again, at least you learned from the
    past.Just read, ask, understand. Don’t be thick Filipinos are not like that. GOOD LUCK!!! (actually it’s on my 3rd attempt to get a visa) LOL! Joking just winding you up… 😉

  104. hello to everyone
    may bf po ako american na nag work sa korea.. sya po ang mag sponsor sakin para makapunta sa korea.. wala po ako ITR. posible pa po bang maka kuha ako ng visa? Thanks

  105. hi po…ask ko lng..nkpg pa booked n ko papuntang korea sa nov ang alis ko..9 days lng aq pra mkasama korean bf ko..just for a visit lng and to meet his parents ndin and frends..meron aq ng lahat ng requirements..pero pde po b na if ever try ko sa april..tas if ma approved aq..d nman aq punta korea..pra lng sa second try q malamang by oct malaki nb chance n ma approved ako?pls response

  106. Hi there miss betchay. my friend an I will go there this july. I was just wondering what are the questions being ask during the interview? I have a friend who will pick me up the airport and g guide as during our tour. Bad thing he is just a student. do have to tell it to the consul when they ask about it? We already book a ticket for 4 days tour. And I am just planning to stay there for four days.. Happy Lunar New Year

  107. hi, there miss betchay. me and my boss, a Municipal Mayor, was invited by a Korean company in an international congress come April, 2012 that will last 4 to 5 days along with other mayors. I am exempted from paying taxes due to my beneficiaries. I will be opening a bank account next week in order for me to meet one of the requirements which is the personal bank certificate. what do you think? should i be granted visa? and how much money do i need to deposit in the bank? thanks.

    1. Hi Dahlia! There really is no definite amount that you need to have in the bank to be approved for a visa. So I can’t really say exactly how much you need, but whatever amount you put in your bank should at least be related with your salary. You’ll need to bring your invitation and the itinerary. Don’t worry, as long as you have a stable job and you could prove through your documents your ties to the Philippines, there should be no problem in getting a visa.

      1. Hi M. Betchay. Would like to ask if its possible for me to apply for a tourist visa? I am already married to my Korean husband last December 2011. Now, my husband’s family wants us to get married in Korea this April 2012 because of their tradition (he is the eldest). i got a job here in the Philippines and need to come back after the wedding to settle everything (like filing my resignation and the like). I was wondering if I am still allowed to apply for a tourist visa (this will be my fourth to visit Korea; my first as a wife of a Korean National) or should i get the spouse visa? The problem is we are still waiting for the release of the family regiter and I don’t have the luxury of time to file for the spouse visa: need to leave ASAP for the wedding preparations…im planning to apply for the spouse visa when i get back to the Philippines after the wedding.
        Another question, how many people can my husband invite to attend our wedding in Korea? Some of my family members are planning to attend.
        i hope to hear from you soon. Thank you so much and God bless…

  108. Hello!
    Im Cris and I just need a little help.
    I’ve been working in Qatar for 11 yrs. I just resigned last Sept 2011. The things is I am completely unemployed and wants to travel to Korea this month. I have no work at the moment but have enough money to funds my trip, additionally I will be sponsored by my British friend who will be assigned to work there this coming April 2012. But we decided to meet there on the 29th of March as he have week off before work.
    Can you tell me what are the requirements do we need to provide since he still in London by this time?
    Cris xx

  109. Hi Betchay! The comments here have been really helpful, thank you.
    I’m from America but my girlfriend lives in the Philippines. I will be visiting Korea (on a tourist visa) to see my father (also from America) who works here, but I would also like my girlfriend to come stay with me while I’m there. She’s hoping to stay for about a month.
    Our plan is to have my father invite her to Korea since he is officially working here. We contacted the embassy, and they said that the invitation letter DOES NOT need to be notarized. However, it seems like most of the information I found says the invitation letter MUST BE notarized. What do you think??
    Thanks for all of your help!

    1. Hi Alex! The invitation does not need to be notarized. It’s really up to the inviter, but if I were you I’ll still have it notarized. I also did the same on the invitation I sent to my sisters.

  110. Hello po ask ko lang po, di ba requirement ung COE and ITR, what if COE lang ang maprovide walang ITR? pede na ba un?

  111. Hello! This is Ann, Ask ko lang po,kasi we are planning to got to Korea this June, but my problem is I’m still 6 months working, under agency (subcontractor). So yung mga form like ITR, sila po ba yung magprrproveide, then yung savings account ko, not that enough pa I think. How much savings po ba yung kelangan para maaproved yung visa,?

  112. Hello! This is Ann, Ask ko lang po,kasi we are planning to go to Korea this June, but my problem is I’m still 6 months working, under agency (subcontractor). So yung mga form like ITR, sila po ba yung magprrproveide, then yung savings account ko, not that enough pa I think. How much savings po ba yung kelangan para maaproved yung visa,? Makaka affect po ba yon sa pag approved ng visa..,and my contract was extended for 6 months.

  113. Good day! I’m an ex Korea OFW, I just finish my contract and got back here in the Philippines last october of 2011. I’m planning to re apply but unfortunately per POEA I cannot because of my age, I’m 39 years old this coming July. I want to go back to korea and work there for the future of my family. Please help me. Thank you very much.

  114. hey guys, i really need your help to solve my issue
    first of all i leave in algeria,and i have wished to visit korea for 30 days….it’s my dream contry
    sO can any one tell me about the neccesary things…and specially here in africa ,and how it coast..
    i forget to mentioned that i am a student in the university if it is going to help
    i wish to help me to make my dream come true
    thatnk you and have a nice day

    1. Hi Rossa! You have to ask the Korean Embassy in your country. Different embassies have different requirements.

  115. Hi.. Mau invition letter ako from a friend in korea, bank cert, ITR and employment cert na. Ask ko Lang dun sa application form under sa “who will pay for your stay in Korea”… Dapat ba ilagay ung name ng friend ko na Korean? Need pa ba Niya mag provide ng cert of employment etc.??? Considered ba siya as my sponsor?? Kahit na ako bibili ng ticket ko, pero once na Andun nko, MagShare kami ng expenses ko? Thank you!

    1. Hi Phau! If you’re capable of providing proof that you can tour Korea, it’s better to say that you will pay for your trip. If not, then it’s okay to write your friend’s name.

      1. Thank you PO! ^^ last question npo.. Ilalagay ko PO ba as guarantor ung invitor ko or I’ll just leave it N/A??

  116. This information is really helpful since I am planning to go to South Korea by November. Though I am not sure if I will be granted a tourist visa, can someone help me get an invitation letter? The problem is, I don’t have a friend or a friend of friend who’s working or living there.
    If someone is kind enough to send me an invitation letter, I would be more than happy to go over the planned itinerary (budgeted trip!) that I am making which was provided by Visit Korea website. Of course, additional information would be very cool! 🙂 Cheap hotels, restaurants, souvenirs.. etc.
    Thanks everyone! 🙂

  117. Hello! I hope someone can answer my questions…
    I already booked a ticket for Korea last Feb and will be leaving on October for a 5-day vacation with my sister. I’m planning to apply for a visa on 2nd week of September,problem is i still don’t have an ITR because i just got my first job last May so 3 months pa lang, would it be possible if i’ll just use my sister’s documents since sya naman magfifinance ng trip namin? Like i’ll use her ITR,Cert of employment and bank certificate? Thanks!

    1. You can try, but be prepared if they ask for documents from you. The Korean Embassy is very specific when it comes to the required documents.

  118. I have a friend who just left the country back to Korea. I’m planning to go to Korea probably August of next year. I’m a call center agent/part time freelance English tutor for Koreans. Do you think 30k (excluding pocket money) on my bank is enough to be granted with a tourist visa. If my friend sends in an invitation, will he be required to provide bank statement or any proof of income. He is university student and I don’t think he has ever worked before. Will there be a fee associated if he sends in an invitation? What are the requirements for Koreans who will be inviting someone. I’ll be staying there for at least 2 weeks

    1. Hi Denz! There is no guarantee of getting a Korean tourist visa. Not even if one has all the documents and lots of money in the bank. What you need to do is to prove your (financial and family) ties in the Philippines. I had 150K in my bank account when I applied for a tourist visa 10 years ago and I got denied! A friend had 25K in her bank account but she got a visa. She has been working for 4 years at her company.

  119. hi! i really want to have a vacation in korea but my problem is i dont have ITR. isa po akong ex OFW (Taiwan) from 2005- nov 2011 pero meron nmn po akong certificate of employment at bank certificate. as of now wala po akong work. anu po kya need kong gawen para hinde ako madenied. tnx po!

  120. hi guys, im a nurse currently working in saudi i have plan to get a tourist visa sa january ,we dont have tax, did anybody knows f i still need the ITR???if ever san po kaya pwede kumuha noon ,hope you can help,thanks much

  121. Hi Ms. Tessa,
    I would like to ask, my co-worker is planning to visit in korea by november this year. Were currently employed, I want to ask if valid as a replacement ang bank statement or the documents should really be bank certificate and would amount really matters, would 30K is enough in planning a visa, we plan of 4 days stay only. At first were planning to submit korean visa at the agency. Do you think it would be better if we apply it personally? and would it be okay if we booked a flight and hotel accommodations by other options not by a travel agency.
    Thank you for your help.

    1. hi mhae,
      i hope ms. tessa is ok with me replying to the question addressed to her regarding the bank certificate. it’s one of the necessary requirements kaya you have to include it, and it’s easy to request lang naman from your bank. on my case, when i requested for one last month, i paid PhP 100, and i just had to wait for them to draft and print it out.:) i used my payroll savings account (but on the certificate, it only states that it’s a savings account), tapos it will just include the current balance you have on the account when you requested for the certificate and your average daily balance. about the amount that you should have in there though, that’s something i’m really not sure of. i’m leaving the rest of your queries to ms. tessa. hehehe! 🙂

  122. hi….po ask ko lang ms kung ilang months po ba ang korean visa last ….where planing po kc to go in Dec in korea pwede na po ba kami mag apply ng visa now. thanks po

  123. What if I have just around 10K in my bank account right now? Will that be a hindrance? Pero in my COE I earn more than 500K per annum?

  124. hi! i am planning to go to korea to attend a scientific conference in yeosu. do i need to apply for visa personally? i’m thinking of applying through our liaison office in manila.
    also, what are the must-see in the area? hope to hear from you soon…

  125. My friend who’s been there last 2011 has Php12,000 when she applied for her Korean visa. She has complete requirements, so I guess it’s really not about the money after all.

    1. That is so true! The bank certificate isn’t only the Embassy’s basis in granting or denying a visa.

  126. wala po akong bank certificate since wala po akong bank account. pupunta po kasi kami ng korea para dun icelebrate ang bday ng kapatid ko. nagtratrabaho po sya sa singapore and sya po ang sasagot lahat ng expenses dun. and dun rin po sya manggaling para bumisita sa korea, kami sa pinas manggagaling. wala rin po akong trabaho since nag graduate ako ng college. magkaka conflict kaya dun?

    1. Hi! Ang kapatid mo na lang mag-present ng documents ng financial capability niya. Pero kailangan may documents ka rin na ipakita. Usually yung age na 20s ang nade-deny kung walang maipakitang work at source of income.

  127. My whole family was invited to Korea by our uncle. We are doubting our approval of a visa because I just took the board exam last december so I’m currently unemployed. We have all our requirements including dad’s ITR & orig bank cert. We also have our letter of invitation. My sister is currently submitting our requirements to the embassy. I wonder if it will be approved & I wonder if how long? 😐 Fingers crossed.

  128. Hi! I chanced upon this blog and I just have a concern and I hope you would see this one. 🙂 We have a sponsor but the problem is they are very particular in giving out the ID because of their private number which is very important for Koreans. Now I don’t want to bug them anymore and I just want to apply on my own. They are the parents kasi of my students. Should I still write their address/phone number and all other info connected to them for the (Guarantor or Reference in Korea) part? Also for the (Address and Phone Number in Korea)? I really need this badly because I only have a few weeks left before my scheduled flight. 🙁 Hope you’d take time to read this. Thank you very much!!! Also, how current should the bank certificate be?

    1. Hi Anna! If you’re going to stay with them, you should write their address and phone number. The invitation is optional and the consul does not base his decisions to grant or deny a visa on invitation only. Good luck! I hope you get granted a visa ;p
      P.S. Your papers should not be older than 3 months.

  129. hello. as i was reading all your comments here everthing’s turns bright for me. my family & friends are planning to go to Korea by next year and we’re having a hard time procuring show money. My friend says that she has 300,000 in his bank account when she traveled Korea last 2012 and she only stayed there for 5 days. She also processed her visa in cebu SM, i guess its only an agent. My gosh! that’s a big amount. how can i procure such money im an average employer only. and my problem is that me, my husband & my daughter are going. please help.

    1. Hi Maia,
      You don’t necessarily need that huge amount of money in your bank account. When i went to korea last year I only have have 46k on my bank cert. They asked for my payslip though before releasing my passport with the visa. Granting you a visa does not solely depends on your bank account, the embassy will consider your length of employment in the company as well as your yearly compensation as stated on your ITR. Your documents should prove you are capable of financing your travel and your strong family ties in your country. Hope this helps.

  130. Hi Ms. Tessa,
    We’ve booked our flight to Seoul on March 14 and return date is March 19, 2014.
    May I inquire if it’s okay to apply already for visa by Dec. 11, 2013? It would be my first time to go to Korea, though I’ve been to other South East Asian countries na po. . Worried lang if we apply on Dec. 11, ok ba sya if March 14-19, 2014 pa ang travel namin?
    Also, would you recommend a guest house within Seoul that is strategically located near the tourist spots? And also, affordable ang price.. =) Not into bonggang room naman po, as long as clean and decent, anyways the entire day po kasi would be spent on pasyal. Thanks much =) God bless.

    1. Hi Marj,
      Visa is only valid for 90 days from the issue date. It’s best to apply for a visa for at least a month before your travel date. Maraming cheap guesthouses around downtown seoul na malapit sa mga pasyalan. Make sure to get a hotel na malapit lang sa subway para convenient. When we went there last year we stayed at Dalkom Guesthouse located near Chungmuro station, mura and malinis. You may also check Sunshine Guesthouse (near Insadong), JIN Guesthouse, New Myeongdong Guesthouse, IPS Lounge which are located in myeongdong. Try to search din sa tripadvisor.com and check the reviews. Hope this helps!

      1. By the way Ms. Tessa Kapampangan din po kau? Hehe. From angeles ku din pu. 🙂 nice to have read some of your post, very informative. Kutang ku din pu with our plan na 5 dyas stay in Korea, what places would you recommend to visit to maximize our trip po? Frm Seoul advisable pu ba mipunta king Jeju? Mga around how much po ang fare? Thank you.

  131. FOR KOREAN TOURIST VISA ASSISTANCE YOU MAY CALL ASCEND TRAVEL AND TOURS, 46 Unit 205 DLA Bladg National Road Putatan Muntinlupa City (beside the City Hall of Muntinlupa on top of PS Bank & Pizza Hut. Telephone numbers (02) 6593069, 09178540555, email: ascend_travel@yahoo.com

  132. Hi! Do you think I would have a chance to be approved for a C-3 visa (tourist)? I’m a student here in LA and I was accepted for a study abroad program in Seoul. The program will only last for 7weeks, so that’s why I don’t qualify for a student visa. Do you know how much will my bank statement affect my application?

    1. If you have a US visa or of any other OECD country, then you’ll have a bigger chance of getting a C-3.

        1. Yes. My HS friend came to visit last month and she said when she applied for a visa, she was asked to submit her old passport that has a used Australian visa.

  133. hi ms betchay my fiancee invited me to go in korea within 1 month kaso wala akong work pero siya po sasagot lahat ,balak din po namin magpaksal this coming sept dito sa pinas..at gusto nya pagbalik nya sa korea after our wedding eh ksama nya ko may chance po ba na makakuha ako ng tourist visa kahit na wala akong ITR?ano po ba ang kelangan kong requirement na ipakita dapat sa embassy?
    sana po matulungan nyo ako sa aking katanungan,,,

    1. Hi! Malalaman mo lang kung mabibigyan ka ng visa kahit wala kang work, pag nag-apply ka. Sabihin mo sa BF mo samahan ka sa pag-apply ng visa. Mas marami nang requirements ngayon sa marriage visa, at isa sa requirements ang knowledge sa Korean. Kailangan mong mag-take ng TOPIK at ipasa ang level 1 bago ka makakuha ng visa. As for the tourist visa requirements, please check the “Korean Visa for Filipinos” na link sa itaas. Thanks!

  134. I was granted a tourist Visa validity is August 19, 2014 to November 19,2014… But my departure for Korea is on November 28,2014. Is there a way for me to appeal anextension or should I need to re-apply? How? Please give me a feedback. Thanks.

  135. hi po, in reference to comment 82, did you have an invitation letter? cos I’m planning not to submit a bank certificate, wla ako malaki money at the moment kakatravel. but i can submit itr and coe

  136. as stated po kc, wla kau sinubmit na doc like itr and coe, bank certificate? may letter of invitation po ba kau? wla din kasi ako nun e

  137. good evening ms. betchay! i’ve been working in an ESL school here in cebu city for 9 years now. and just recently i am interested to visit Korea for a trip with my friend early next year. although i have many korean friends (former students and employer) who wants to invite me but i just want to go there without their help. i will be applying my visa through a tour agency here in cebu. i’m worried if my application will be approved since i am an ESL teacher which i heard many ESL teachers applied for a visa were denied. do i have to conceal my real job? thank you and God bless you.

  138. Good morning every one I just wondering if I can get approve visa for korea I wanna apply tour visa just 7 days to suprise my pilipino bf he was working there bcouse his birthday can I get approve even no invitation letter from him beacouse he didn’t know that I’m going there to surprise him! But I’m here hongkong working being a maid I have saving enough my account.

  139. Hi. What does this exactly mean? “Applicants, especially the First Time travelers, are advised to personally claim their visas.” First-time travelers ba in Korea or first-time travelers abroad? I’ll be processing my visa app kasi thru an agency kasi I live in the province. Okay lang po ba un kahit hindi ako magclaim? I have a Taiwan Visa na po, and have traveled several ASEAN countries naman. 🙂 thanks!

    1. HI! Okay lang kahit hindi ikaw ang mag-claim. Kung nakapag-travel ka sa non-visa countries, hindi nila kino-consider yun so first time traveler pa rin. Pero basta may okay ka na trabaho di mo kailangan masyado mag-worry about your visa.

  140. Hi, how much money should I have in my bank account if I would travel to Korea for 1 week?

  141. Hi, what about business visa? Is it the same as tourist visa requirement? Anyone can reply? Please help.

  142. Ask ko lang nkapagwork ako sa korea di ako nagtnt gusto ko sana mag apply fot tourist 7days lang mabbgyan po kaya ako ng visa? Need ko pa po sabihin n nkapag work ako dun…

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