Charice's Note to God

^^ Charice’s single is currently #1 on the Movers & Shakers list and #63 on Amazon Sales Rank after 5 hours of being released! Let’s wait until Oprah is shown at 9AM CST.
Watch out for Oprah today! They will air Charice’s (Pempengco) third guesting where she sings her single “Note to God.” The single will also be available today (US time). It’s less than a dollar on Too bad, it’s only available to US customers.
You should definitely watch Charice’s version of “Note to God” on Oprah – I’ve seen it several times already! David Foster’s arrangement is just so wonderful. I’m pretty sure it’s even better on a home theater as Charice’s powerful vocals and engaging performance will surely blow you away!


  1. twing napapanood ko yung performance nya sa oprah, nadadala pa rin ako sa pagkanta nya… nakaka addict sya

  2. I was in tears as well when she was already in tears at her Oprah performance and I’m not the type who’d usually cry. I didn’t give a damn if my sister or cousin (who were watching along with me in YT) would tease me later for crying. Haha. I was simply moved. Until now, if I’d watch that part (2:58) there’s still that “awwww…” feeling. The song is really timely for what’s happening to the world these days and it being sung by Charice, who has a voice of an angel, is truly a gift from God.
    Btw Ate Behcay, I can’t imagine how you are able to maintain your blog site to be this good. I envy you. I wish I can do it as well. Hehe.

  3. ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh diba anggaling ng pilipino……………………………….kaya nating makipagsabayan sa hollyood stars…………………

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