2009 3rd Flea Market for Foreigners

An invitation to those who want to meet Jaz in person! Kidding.
There’s a flea market (ukay-ukay) on Saturday in front of the Seoul Flea Market. You’ll find booths (more like tables with umbrellas) where foreigners (i.e. non-Koreans) sell their used stuff at reasonable prices.
The Seoul Flea Market is located near Sinseoldong Station (line 1 and 2) exit 9. Aside from the Foreigner Flea Market, there lots of stuff at the main flea market building. There’s also a nearby E-mart at the basement of Lotte Castle. This is one of my favorite E-mart branches as it is not very crowded. There’s a Burger King and Starbucks too.
The Foreigner Flea Market is on Saturday, May 30, from 1-4 PM. Other Pinay bloggers will be there too. 😉


  1. oh, one day event only… may work kami, sayang…. i like going to secondhand shops…

  2. Are these “flea market for foreigners” a regular occasion, like the end of every month?
    We will arrive in August, 2009, and would like to find some used items for our family.

  3. Ditto… looking to sell some things before leaving Korea. Is there a flea market coming up soon?

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