1. Hi,
    I’ve just seen your blog today. I like it ‘coz I’m interested about Korea.
    Your blogs can give me more knowledge about their life, culture and traditions.
    I added your site to my blog list now so that I can follow you everyday, is it okay?
    I’m a Filipina, too and just happen to be in love with a certain Korean Actor.
    Well hope you have a great vacation.
    Warm regards, Leny *^__^*
    lenys last blog post..[Chosun Daily]BYJ, became Honorary Director…

  2. Filipina wives, i need your help. There’s Native speaker who had decided to slander me, and the entire Filipina stereotype.
    He called me Little Brown Fuck Machine, Filipina women “Flip Chicks” and that he calls Filipinos “philipeanos” or “Flips”
    I corrected it more often than not, and i know i already stooped down to his level, but he needs to be put in his place. He’s a pervert dating a 17-year old Korean student, posting pictures of almost naked women on his blog.
    He’s a hater of our kind. And he’s on my comments in my blog.
    .-= reijene´s last blog ..Had enough? =-.

    1. it’s the kind that makes americans look bad, best thing to do is let him live his life and enjoy the moment. When his contract is due, he will go back to his loser life in california, although I do think he will beg to stay in Korea.

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