Do you know that MJ's dead?

Of course everyone now knows that Michael Jackson is dead. We were on the plane yesterday on our way from Cleveland (where we had a connecting flight from Columbus) in Ohio to Los Angeles. When the plane touched down, the crew members started talking about the news that MJ is dead. He died from cardiac arrest they said. The Filipino guy, who pushed my mother’s wheelchair to the baggage claim area, also informed us of the news. He saved me $4 from cart fee. He got one inside a storage or something.
When my nephew arrived and while we were in his Jeep, we talked about it again. I had to ask if it’s really true since we know that MJ loves drama. May he rest in peace. When my brother arrived home, he talked about how while they were working near UCLA Medical Center when several helicopters started hovering the hospital from above at around 2PM (LA time). A few minutes later, different news vans started arriving and they decided to leave the area before they get stuck in traffic.
Tom, who was in the Jeep with us, mentioned that the Irish believes that things come in threes. The previous night, Ed McMahon (of Star Search) died then Farrah Fawcett on Thursday morning and Michael Jackson in the afternoon. On TV Patrol this morning on TFC, news of MJ’s death also had an extensive coverage.


  1. Well, MJ is one of the most popular music icon. Sadly, he died at the age of only 50 years old. Some concluded that the cause of his death is cardiac arrest. Some still link the sudden death of MJ to the use of drugs.

  2. i liked him and his music when he was younger, when there were less alterations on his face and body, when there were no child molestations charges. child molestation will always be associated with him, though it was never proven.

  3. I felt really bad about MJ’s death… I’ll never ever forget him. I watched all of his memorial videos last night… It really sucks! Especially when his daughter gave a message saying “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!” tears rolled down on my face.
    I want him to know how I LIKED HIM and HIS MUSIC so dearly.
    I LOVE YOU MJ… R. I. P.

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