Lee Jun Gi vs Lee Min Ho for the Seoul Drama Awards

It seems that Lee Jun Gi (131,161 votes so far) has more overseas fans than Lee Min Ho (currently 108,826), who has been leading the voting in Korea. The former is also winning the race in Japan for the Best Actor category. At least, it isn’t a contest for who’s got a more winsome smile for that will be a lot more difficult. I bet the two actors has a really good dentist who takes care of their teeth like this Frisco Dentist who has been restoring smiles for 25 years! View his Smile Gallery for proof.
The 2009 Seoul International Drama Awards voting nomination is from July 13th to August 30th so Lee Min Ho’s fans (I know there are a lot of you in the Philippines) still has a lot of time to catch up. I haven’t voted yet, but I’ll definitely go for Kim Myung Min! LOL
For the Best Actress, it’s currently Moon Geun Yeong vs Gu Hye Sun. For the Best Drama, Il Ji Mae is winning over the boys!
Want to vote for your favorite Korean drama, actor and actress? Just go to the official Seoul International Drama Awards 2009 site.


  1. I know both of them,but if you can watch them acting they have a big diffrence.They are both serious,they are both handsome,they are both famous.But i’ll go yo Lee Min Ho cause i can appreciate how he acts in Boys over flowers he acts so well as Goo Joon Pyo.I really like his chemistry between Khu Hye Sun.I really like him.
    That is my comment between who I prefer to win.

  2. Hi there!
    I’m from the Philippines but I voted and am still voting for…KIM MYUNG MIN! Such a brilliant actor, truly awesome!
    I can go on and on and on…

  3. hello!
    i’m also from the philippines. I’m also voting for Maestro KIM MYUNG MIN.. he is such a great actor…:D

  4. Last time I checked, Kim Hyun Joong is tops in the Best Actor category. He is really good-looking but needs to build up his acting chops as he is a singer first and foremost.

  5. i also am for maestro kim myung min as he was great in beethoven virus! i hope nxt year i get to see yoon sang hyeon’s name on top 10 as he was so funny & great in queen of housewives! i like your site very much!

  6. I vote for Lee Jun Ki.Such a brilliant actor!Love him in Iljimae!
    I’m praying for his success this year!

  7. I vote for Lee Min HOO FOR best actor & Gu Hye Sun for best
    actress. I like to watch their show Boys Over Flowers. More
    power both of you & God Bless you ever.

    “I haven’t voted yet, but I’ll definitely go for Kim Myung Min! LOL”
    YEYY!!! :D/ You have a nice taste! Great minds think alike, darling. We know who the best (literally) is. 🙂

  9. Well, i vote for Lee Jun Ki Cuz he is handsome, best male acting in the world, very good singer. I like him very much. No one actors cannot competate with him.

  10. Lee min ho can be a best actor. because his activity in boy over flower movie is perfect. so i vote for him.

  11. i support lee jun ki 100% cuz
    he so cute,the best actor in the world.i love him so much,
    no one actors cannot competate with him………………….

  12. i vote lee jun ki for a best actors
    cuz i like all lee jun ki drama,film he is
    very pretty,handsome cute guys in the world
    gambateh….!!!GO JUNKI.GO JUNKI.GO JUNKI,GO JUNKI …………….

  13. i support lee jun ki 100% cuz
    he so cute,the best actor in the world.i love him so much,

  14. woooooow its really hard…but junki is really beautiful and handsome and lee min hoo too but junki is better than min hoo because he play well …

  15. lee jun ki is more handsome and he is a good actor in iljimae. i also watch boys before flower too but i like iljimae more…

  16. The first drama between those Two actors Was firstil “Iljimae”, played by Lee jun Ki, he really turned my heart upsidedown in A good way. His acting is serious enough, his good is pretty good, and… Hello!!… He is Lee Jun Ki, who dosnt love him? I really prefer jun ki oppa.
    About Lee min ho, his drama ” boys over Flowers” Was 4th korean drama i watched after iljimae, playful kiss & your beautiful. And i have to admit that i searched him(lee min ho) up on google, Saved pictures of him, made A new file named ” lee min ho” and watched half if his dramas like ” city hunter, faith & personal taste”
    I really adore him, but right now, my mind is with Lee jun ki oppa. Salanghaeyo ^^

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