Not a SAHM for now…

[singlepic=1145,250,250,left]I’ve been asked several times what SAHM means. It stands for stay-at-home mom. I can say that I’m a SAHM no more since I started working last Monday. I met with pregnant and blooming Wendy, who would soon be needing baby announcements, in Itaewon for lunch today before I went to work. Though we communicated a couple of times this week, she didn’t even know that I already started working.
I posted my resume last Monday, July 10, in a popular Korean teaching job site. I received my first call for an interview a few minutes after and had three interviews the same week. On Friday, I decided to choose the third job since it is with a popular franchised school. The school director or “won-jang” requested to start as soon as possible. I said yes, then I remembered that I had just started my Korean Teacher training and Multi-cultural instructor classes and I also have a schedule to visit the Blue House (the Presidential Palace) this week. The training center called me yesterday since I didn’t inform them in advanced that I couldn’t attend the class anymore. I also got a call from the Blue House tour coordinator asking if I would attend the tour or not.
The problem with a hagwon job is the schedule. They usually start in the early afternoon and end late at night. Since my son’s day care center closes at 730PM, I had to find someone to take care of him while I’m at work. My husband’s sister volunteered to do just that until the end of the summer vacation.
So far, my co-teachers have been very nice and accomodating. And gosh, they’re all pretty! I’m enjoying my work but I feel guilty being away from my son for more than six hours. I guess that’s every working mom’s dilemma.


  1. hello po!
    just wanna ask if you have any idea who’s going to be performing in this year’s asia song festival? i just read in ablog that sarah geronimo will be performing there.. is it true?

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