McDonald's Big Bulgogi Burger

[singlepic=1300,250,250,left]My first trip to McDonald’s was sometime in 1983. I don’t remember the exact date but it was at the first McDonald’s in Pampanga, along MacArthur Hiway in Dau, Mabalacat. I would always order their cheeseburger and chocolate milk shake. I was just 9 years old then. In high school, I preferred their quarter pounder with cheese. They took it out from their menu a few years later. Then I don’t remember frequenting McD’s as much after that.
When my niece Isabel was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, she had to go to New York for her radiation therapy. (How I wish she’d been misdiagnosed. It would be preferable to hire a Bronx medical malpractice lawyer than to see her go through extreme medical procedures to fight her cancer.) She would always stay at the Ronald McDonald House each time. That made me a McD’s customer once again, even though my husband isn’t a fan of fast food – including burgers. I’m grateful to the fast food giant for accommodating my niece during those times. She is okay now!
My son became a McD’s fan when we went to Los Angeles for a vacation. Well, he really liked hamburgers after finishing one at “In-N-Out”. He would even refuse to call it “hamburger” but “kogi pang” (or meat bread). Since we don’t have an “In-N-Out” here, I just run to the nearest McDo for my son’s Happy Meal.
Anyway, I was at McDonald’s in Jongro today after shopping at Skinfood. That particular branch (Jongro3-ga) is convenient for me since the store is only a few meters away from the post office. I usually send my purchases (with all the samples) after completing them. Our small apartment already looks like a warehouse as it is 🙂
For lunch, I tried the “Big Bulgogi Set” (#3). I forgot how much it is exactly but it’s less than 5,000 won. It was my first time to try that specially-made-for-Korea sandwich. Bulgogi is a famous Korean dish made of marinated beef. The burger has two patties, separated by a layer of buns, lettuce, bulgogi sauce and mayo. It doesn’t have tomatoes, onion and pickles. It tasted okay but it’s not something I’ll have again. It’s about 60 calories more than the Big Mac, not that I’m really counting. The truth is I didn’t really notice how it tasted since I was so hungry and I was listening to Mike Meyers narrate the story of a “jarin gobi” at his tbs radio program “Soul of Asia”.
I wish the McDonald’s here has “quarter pounders” or even “fillet-o-fish”. Instead of the latter, they have “se-woo burger” or shrimp burgers that I haven’t really tried. Maybe I’ll try it next time (like a month or so later) or I’d just order safely and get the ol’ cheeseburger.


  1. I tried bulgogi burger of Loterria and I never liked the taste. I didn’t taste like the “usual” burger. Husband tried McDo’s shrimp burger but both of us decided not to have it again. Husband loves their bacon tomato cheese burger (i think). I love their egg mcmuffin. My tummy’s grumbling… hehe
    .-= giselle´s last blog ..Chuseok 2009 =-.

    1. Hi Giselle! You should try Lotteria’s bulgalbi, it tastes better. I like their European Frisco and the Paprika bacon burger.

  2. edi customize your burger…para makagawa ka ng your own quarter pounder…diba patty, pickles, tomatoes, onions lang naman ang veggies nya…and whatever sauce it comes with…o di ba

  3. Honestly Betchay, I really hate Mc Donalds here. Aside from it looks untidy when you come into their store, the burger itself really tastes far from the burgers that I had been used to eat.
    Everyone, try grilled chicken burger in Lotteria. That, really tastes good!;-)

  4. Hello Betchay!
    I have been following your blog for a long time now but I seem to have missed this one! (This is also my first time to comment on your bog.) Are you a Kapampangan??? I’m a kapampangan, and currently living here in Dau, Mabalacat because my hubby is from here. ^^
    My kids & I love McDonald’s sooo much! We usually buy at McD’s Dau (same location & store that you frequented before but with a newly renovated building now) because it is very near our house, only 5minutes drive. I really love it more now because it also has McCafe outlet/store located inside it, where they sell a variety of McD’s coffee drinks (just like good ol Starbucks) & breads! (Not all McD’s rest. has McCafe outlet) We love all their burgers, french fries & sundaes & floats! Even their fried chicken & spaghetti improved a lot! But nothing can beat Jollibee chickenjoy & spaghetti! They are still the best! Especially now that chickenjoy has another flavor- spicy! Jollibee burgers are rallying behind McD’s (for us) except its Champ compared to Big Mac. Champ is far more juicier, tastier & beefier than the latter! It is also cheaper! ^^
    Its a good thing that we have 8 different fastfood chains/restaurants here in Dau aside from the restaurants in Sm & Marquee Mall that we can visit to eat fast food! (bad cholesterol!)

  5. I have only been in Korea about a month and I decided to give myself a break from kimchi and hit Mickey D’s. It was a ten stop trip on the subway so I was pretty hungry by the time I got there. Number 2 on the menu- “Bulgogi Double Burger. What the heck? I ordered my Bulgogi and when I got it, it was dripping, sliding out of the wrapper with Bulgogi sauce. The first bite turned my stomach over as it was shockingly sweet. I made it through the burger, but I will never again slither into the bulgogi sauce.

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