Jang Dong Gun and Go So Yeong

I’m a fan of Jang Dong Gun… and Go So Yeong (who for me is one of the most beautiful Korean stars)! To learn that they are tying the knot is a most welcome news for a fan. I’ll be giving away cigars for their offspring. LOL!
The news is all over the Korean WWW. The two met on the set of a movie they starred in ten years ago – “Love Wind Love Song”. I still have the VCD of that movie I bought in 2001!
They started dating two years ago, in 2007. There are rumors that the preparations for the wedding started three months ago and that they are going to be married next month. Whatever! I hope they just get married because I just love them!


  1. i just heard this news from a korean friend… yeah, i definitely agree. i also found go so yeong really pretty when i watched the drama blue fish (?)…

    1. hi jehan! i haven’t seen blue fish… pero nagrereklamo ako sa asawa ko noon na sobrang foul mga rumors about her kasi nawala nga siya ng 2 years…

  2. love love Dong Gun! Sad that he’s not a bachelor anymore but i’m happy for him. Go So Young is one LUCKY lady! I hope she realize that there are millions of women/girls around the world who’s envious of her, so i hope she treats him nicely. I hope Dong Gun will treat her nicely too.

  3. OUCH!!!…shocked when i heard & saw the news in arirang… Go So Young is not that popular and not that beautiful…. but…. i agree that she’s sophisticated and not to mention the SEX APPEAL.. no wonder, Jang Dong Gun like & love her with her unique identity… ok, i need to like her na… even i like jang dong gun to end ip with “chae rim”… whatever will make jang dong gun happy! go go go…. congrats! i still love jang dong gun..

    1. Oh! I don’t thing Go So Yeong is ugly. I think she’s one of the prettiest Koreans (and I read she’s a natural beauty).

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