Autumn in Seoul: Daehakro

They say that the best time to visit Korea is around October – when the trees turn to red, purple, orange and yellow. I wouldn’t dispute that claim. I love autumn as much as I love spring. I like winter because after winter comes spring. And I like summer because after summer comes autumn 🙂
Now that the season is almost at its end and I’m expecting a snowy weather anytime now (usually within the first ten days of December). I wouldn’t let autumn pass without posting some pictures of how we enjoyed the season this year.
Daehakro is a famous place not only among Koreans but with Filipinos as well. It is located in Hyewha-dong, where the Filipino market every Sunday is located. The name “Daehakro” means “college road” as several Universities are located or have branches here. It is pronounced as “dae-hang-no”, a little different from how it’s Romanized.
Dongduk Women’s University…
Sangmyung University…
Seoul National University…
Daehakro look so different on a late Friday morning. There aren’t a lot of young people walking on the streets and I didn’t see a single “kababayan”.
What’s there to see in Daehakro? Restaurants, restaurants, restaurants. Clubs, clubs, and more clubs. Stores, stores, and more stores (that sells cosmetics, accessories and clothes). And of course, theatres, theatres and more theatres. My husband’s cousin, a comedian, performs here every week for KBS 2’s Gag Concert. Yeah, there’s a “celebrity” in the family!
The walk to the Robot Museum (which I didn’t enter)…
The Arts Play Theatre is designed like a castle…
“Bier Halle”
another “beer” (or hof) house…
An old style “budae jjige” or sausage stew restaurant…
Parking space in Daehakro is limited. Might as well make use of technology to create some…
Live jazz club…
Vagina Monologues in Korean…
Daehakro is only about 10 minutes from where I live but I don’t come here often. However, I noticed that some of the art works (and there were lots of them) or sculptures that used to be on the sidewalk years ago were either removed or relocated.
The three men used to be located near Pizza Hut…
A mini-version of Cloud Gate? Nah…
This “thing” can be found near Korea National Open University…
Colorful giant “dung”. They used to be located near Hyewha subway station
One of my favorite Korean singers is Kim Gwang Suk, and people I talk to are usually surprised that I knew about him. I just love his songs.
Marrionier Park has been featured in several dramas and movies…
Gingko trees at the park…
This pond wasn’t here a year ago…
I just enjoy visiting Daehakro on a not-so-busy-day. I really miss the freedom to go anywhere I want to, usually with my son, when I wasn’t working yet.


  1. Hindi lahat gwapo sa Korea. Sa TV at movies lang. Meron ding mga untidy-looking. Though it’s nice watching Korean drama, let’s be aware that it’s not the real world. And contrary to what we watch in Korean drama, Korean men are not the romantic type. Perfect example is my Korean hubby…waaaaaaaaaah! =P

  2. Hi Ate betchay! Im in Korea. . I have a training. . Im gona stay for few more days in Seoul after my training. . Are you busy?? Can you show me around? Hehe. . Mga December 10 – 12. .

  3. hi,
    its my first time reading your blog and i really like the info and pics that u post.
    just wanna ask,are there a lot of Filipinos there in Korea?
    what about Arabs?

  4. One of what I like about Korea is there are not many cables hanging around up there. From the photos.. only a few photos have electric cables.
    No electric cables, more blue sky. Love Korea!

  5. Aww, it’s a shame I wasn’t able to visit this place. I was in Seoul from Nov.26 – 30 and I had a GRAND time. I want to go back! I love Seoul. Thanks Betchay for helping me before my trip. I was supposed to get in touch with you while I was there but I had so little time. Maybe someday. I want to live there too.

  6. oi.i really envy u!! coz there but im here…i reallly really want to go to korea even just a litle time..but i think its a long way pa pra sakin…i need to have more investment b4 going there for me to enjoy every single second that im in korea…

  7. may i know, if i’m going to seoul on 7-14th october, does the foliage has turn colors?

    1. Hi Nana! By that time, the foliage has not completely turned colors in Seoul. It’s best to visit Namiseom or Gangwondo. Seoraksan is a sight to see in October!

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