Kim Myung Min at the Blue Dragon Film Awards

I came home at around 9PM on Wednesday night. I watched the “30th Blue Dragon Film Awards” on KBS2 while having dinner – “doenjang jjige” cooked by my husband. I didn’t see the whole show but I didn’t miss the part where they announced Kim Myung Min’s name as Best Actor. Definitely not surprising!
Kim Myung Min starred in a blockbuster movie entitled “My Love By My Side”. I haven’t seen the film but I knowing how good an actor Kang Mae is, I wasn’t surprised at all that he’s the popular choice for Best Actor. He looked dashing in his black suit, although he obviously lost a lot of weight. I read in one article that he lost 20 kilograms! I wonder if he used weight loss pills like Stimerex ES but most likely not.
Kim Myung Min humbly accepted his award. He deserves it and of course, we’d like to see him in more movies and dramas.

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