Hello Kitty computer

I’m not a fan of cute things. In fact, I’m almost anti-cute! However, while I was doing my online Christmas shopping this morning I saw this Hello Kitty computer set that I thought would make a great gift for a niece if I could afford it.
The Hello Kitty computer set includes a 19″ monitor, Intel Atom mini-desktop with 160GB hard disk, a keyboard and mouse set. It comes with a hefty price tag at 850,000 won! The desktop alone is 540,000 won while the monitor is 239,000 won. Whew! Perhaps I’ll just get my niece a refurbished laptop. That one I could afford!


  1. ican’t help but say you’re an impulse buyer like me. i would have bought if i have the extra cash to play with. the dread of all shopaholics.

  2. Hi Ms. Betchay, Wow i love the hello kitty PC…i love hello kitty stuffs for my Daughter, …nice blog u have here…lam mo one of my dream is go to Korea someday( how i wish) musta naman ang life jan? hope u could visit my baby blog…Happy new year po:-)

  3. The Hello Kitty for 850,000 is in Korean money. It seals for about 800.00 in american money. I researched the infor. I wished we could purchase it. It is available in Korea. i found the website for ithttp://www.moneual.co.kr/shopping/goods/goods_view.php?goodsno=8&category=002007

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