Let it snow!

I’m not a fan of the winter season. I don’t like the biting cold and the early sunset. I love the snowfall but not what comes after: icy and slippery roads. We had our first real snow showers on December 27, 2009. We drove to pick up some stuff from a Canadian who is set to leave the country later this month. The snowfall began just as we were leaving his place. Luckily, we were home a half later or else…
The winter cold is preventing us from enjoying all the celebrations downtown. On New Year’s Eve, we planned to visit Gwanghwamun Plaza but alas my son slept early. And since we’re all home, I could only use the computer when my boys are asleep. For two days, we spent our time watching family movies: “UP”, “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs”, “Spiderman 1, 2, and 3”, “Kimmy Dora” and “Dead Na Si Lolo”.
On Saturday morning, I woke up to another snow shower. I pitied the ajosshis clearing the driveways at our apartment complex. They had to do it again and again until the snow fall stopped.
The weather experts said that it’s going to snow again on Monday. Sigh! That’s when I go back to work… It’s not just fun having to walk on slippery road.


  1. I hate trudging on sloshy snow.
    I have a question…does your Street and Sanitation dispatch plow trucks to salt and clear the roads?

  2. judging from the pics i can see that you live in a high rise apartment bldg
    feels cozy though. world war II gave us the song white Christmas for american soldiers fighting in the pacific who sorely miss the snow sceneries

    1. hi! our apartments is on a hill… the snow came a little late… LOL
      i wish it arrived two days earlier so we could’ve spent our holidays playing in the snow

  3. hi betchay, we were in Seoul nung Dec 27 and we had to cancel our city tour when the snow came. na-stranded kami sa National Museum and we waited for the Downtown City Tour bus for more than an hour before we decided to just take the subway back to our hotel.
    it was our first snow kaya excited kami ng sister & niece ko. we had snowball fights pa instead of enjoying the heat indoors. kaso nga lang, madulas & muddy ang streets after hehe

  4. Hi, Ms. Betchay!
    It’s so nice siguro to experience a white christmas…sayang hindi na umaabot yung snow dito sa pinas šŸ™‚
    What company are you working for, Ms. Betchay? I want to work there too. Do they have plenty of job opportunities there?
    I also want to see my favorite celebrities….yaaah! jang geun suk, gong yoo who left the military na, jang dong gun, lee jun ki, kim rae won, lee dong gun, lee dong wook and more, kulang ang space…muwah! muwha! muwah! for them….

  5. Hi! My family and I have scheduled our Korea trip on January 4-9. Is it a bad time to go that time? I’m kind of worried that it will be too cold or too snowy to go outside for some sightseeing?

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