Universal Studios Korea Resort

The big news tonight is that Universal Studios Korea Resort (USKR) will finally be built in Hwaseong in the province of Gyeonggi in South Korea. It has been planned as early as three years ago but construction will start only next year. The resort, which will also house a water park, golf course, theme hotel and other facilities, is expected to open four years after.
Samsung’s Everland will face a tough competitor in the coming years. We visited Everland four times last year. We only had to pay 50% of the ticket price as a benefit from using a credit card. Until the 28th of February, accredited credit card holders are entitled to an additional entrance fee discount. In short, we could enter the park for only 10,000 won while our almost 4 year old son is free.
I wonder how much would the entrance price be at the Universal Studios Korea. Of course, it would be nice to visit the place once completed even just for once. Maybe they could give away promotional pens on opening day 😉


  1. Pretty cool. I do wonder how much they are expecting to charge. It is expensive in the states. But would be cool to visit and see what different cultures offer

  2. wow, it’s sooooo near where i live.
    unfortunately, hwaseong is a place well-known for so many women murdered and abused, marami daw criminals sa hwaseong…according to my korean husband. i wonder why USKR chose that place to build their new theme park.
    anyway, it’s still worth visiting once it opens.

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