Private Tutoring on a Student Visa in Korea

I’ve been asked this question several times, but I couldn’t answer every e-mail regarding this. Thankfully, Korea Times uploaded an article on this.

In Seoul alone, 11,967 cases of private tutoring have been registered with education offices in the city. Among them, 76 have been made by foreigners holding F-series visas such as the F-2 (spouses of Koreans), F-4 (ethnic Koreans) and F-5 (permanent residence). Most of them are teaching English.
Under the Immigration Law, foreigners with other visa types are not allowed to offer private tutoring to make money, except for those with student status, who can do so with restricted hours upon approval from their professors . Otherwise, foreign nationals are subject to fines and deportation.
From “Crackdown on Illegal Tutoring Ineffective”

There you go. Only foreigners with F-series visas could LEGALLY offer private tutoring. Those with student visas may also do with approval from their professors.
Like it said in the article, other visa holders may be subjected to fines and deportation. One might just be working to pay for fines, as it doesn’t seem to be covered by any life insurance. 😉


  1. hi ms. betchay!
    just wanna ask lang po, how much (in average) do english tutors charge for english tutorials per hour? please give me an idea, thank you po.
    i also sent you a personal message in this blog, paki-check na lang po.

  2. Hi Ms. Betchay.
    I got your reply. Thank you so much for your time. However, I sent you another message, please just check your e-mail inbox. Hopefully, i can get your reply ASAP because my first Korean student will start her class with me THIS FRIDAY na po. So i need to finalize the proper tuition fee before I meet her this week.
    Thanks again. Have a great day.

  3. Hi Ms. Betchay.. Im in Seoul now in tourist visa but Im planning to stay here..One way is to get student visa right?? that case, I can extend my stay and work is also possible.. Can u please please send me an email..information about this?.. Im quite desperate for this.. so are my Korean boyfriend and his mom..
    I’ll be waiting..thank you thank you so much..

  4. hello betchay,i’ve been meaning to ask you couple of questions since i first read your blogs few months ago,meron akong mga korean friends specially when i was still teaching English in a learning center in pasay(exclusive for korean students) way back 2007.ngayon,i am a private tutor online through skype and i have 44 preschooler students.just recently,my husband (filipino din), woking overseas in korea (for more than 3yrs now) asked me if I and our 3 yr old daughter could visit him there instead of him coming home to take a vacation this year.(ofws there are eligible for a month vacation yearly). someone told us that it would be harder to get a tourist visa to korea if the embassy knows that my husband is an ofw there,and A(airport) to A problem might be it true?just in case,will it be viable if I don’t tell the embassy that my husband is working there?.I really don’t want to lie but if by doing so means that i could get the visa approval more easily that way,then I might consider the thing more, Mr. Lee,the owner of the preschool i work for,told me once that bringing my daughter with me to korea for a tour could make the visa application less likely to be it true? and is it also possible for me to apply the visa without any invitation from a korean friend? what are the possible questions that the embassy might ask to their visa applicants?pls enlighten me.thanks.

    1. hi ivana! sabi nga nga nila hindi daw binibigyan ng visa pag yung hubby sa korea ay may e-9 visa… meron na kasi rito na nag-apply ng tourist visa pero hindi niya in-indicate na OFW ang hubby niya, at nabigyan naman siya ng visa… you’ll have to supply the embassy with your documents proving that you could support yourself on your tour… bringing your daughter with you when you come here might be a good idea and that way they wouldn’t think that you’d come here for work… the embassy don’t usually conduct interviews for visa applicants… they normally do though with those who are married to koreans

  5. hello po,,gusto ko lang pong itanong kung anu po yung mga kailangang mga documents to prove na, I could support my tour in korea??..magaapply po sana ako, ng 2 months tourist visa..

  6. Hello Betchay,
    I am a South Korean who has a Filipino friend. He is a lawyer in Philippines and now working at a government office. He is now planning to come to Korea to study and work. At first, he will enroll at the language institute of the famous university here. Then, he will study Korean language roughly for 1 year. After studying Korean language, he will enter the university to take up master degree for what he wants to major. Finally, he will try to find a job which can show his ability as a Philippines lawyer or as an English teacher.
    I know there are two kinds of Korean student visa, D4 and D2. I also know D4 is for the people who want to study in language institute and D2 is for the people who want to enter the university. As I said, he will try to get D4 visa at first and later get D2 visa when he enter the university.
    The key points of my questions are these:
    1) How many semesters he will have to enroll in language institute? Is there any minimum enrolment in semester that Korean embassy in Manila requires?
    2) The language institute manager advised me that he will get an admission so long as there is no serious problem in his documents since he is a lawyer. But, I want to know whether it is hard for Filipino to get a student visa from Korean embassy in Manila even though he has an admission from language institute in the university.
    3) According to my research, he will have to show his monetary situation with his bank account certificate. In this point, I will support him as much as I can. Then, how much money will he have to show to the embassy? Is it enough for him to show around 40,000 pesos for a monthly living expense in Korea?
    I know the above questions are actually hard to answer. I also want to receive advice from some Filipinos who are already students here in Korea or have some realistic information. I will highly appreciate your reply to my questions.
    I look forward to hear positive news from you.
    Thank you for reading.

  7. ask ko lng po,pwede po bang magbakasyon sa korea with my 7yrs.old baby?paano po,sanay po tulungan nyo po ako

  8. Hi Maricris and Lorna
    The first time I came to Korea that was year 2003. Hindi pa gaanong mahigpit noon. Mas malaki ang chance to get a visa kung isasama mo anak mo, kasi maalis pagdududa nila na mag-TNT ka . Ganon ginawa ko, nung una, then fortunately nabigyan naman ng visa. 1. Ung first important document is the ITR . Kailangan malaki binayaran mong tax. I was working for Real Estate Co. that time, aside from the monthly compensation, nakabenta ako ng condo kaya when I filed for my ITR malaki lumabas. 2. Bank Certificate worth P250,000 or more. 3. Employment Certificate/Business Permit, when I filled up the application form (available sa Korean Embassy) I had to write there my purpose of coming to Korea. It was business and pleasure trip. Nag-file ako ng business para may supporting document and a mayor’s permit proving that I was operating the business.

  9. hi p0 gud eve!!! andito p0 ako now sa hongkong nag wowork… gusto ko p0 kasi my tour sa korea pag uwi ko sa pinas few months nalang kasi natitira pauwi na ako… pano p0 yung ITR na sinasabi nyo? SAN P0 BA KUMUKUHA NUN??? at yung pong notarirized invitation letter wala din p0 ako nun…KAHIT BA WALANG LETTER PUEDE AKO MG APPLY NG TOURIST VISA??? YUNG P0NG BANK CERTIFICATE??? MG KANO P0 ANG MINIMUM NA AMOUNT DAPAT??? PAG MG TOUR? HAYYY DIKO TLG ALAM IM THANKFUL KASI NAKITA KO TONG SITE NA TOH. GOD BLESS P0 SANA MATULUNGAN NYO P0 AKO

  10. Hello Ms. Betchay!
    I wish to study in Korea. My Korean friend would like to sponsor my studies in Korea. Will it be easy to secure a Student Visa even if I do not have much money and my Korean sponsor will pay most of the bills? I hope to hear from you very soon! And thank you in advance!^^ ~~Kamsahamnida!^^

  11. hello everyone..
    I am a teacher.Currently, I am teaching English online for Koreans.
    I just felt bad when I saw this video.
    they were comparing Filipino teachers to other native speakers.
    And the worst is, they were laughing about it.
    Do they think it’s funny?
    If you’re concern about our teacher and our country, make a stand.
    I hope they listen to themselves first before they say against others.

    1. i watched the video,nakakasama ng loob ha,anggaling galing nyang mga koreans n yan na mang-insulto,pero nasan ba ang karamihan sa knila na ngaaral ng english language,db d2 sa pinas.kung tutuusin mas magaling pang mga pinoy, ung sa mga grammar n lng compared sa ibang native english speakers,mali mali…..hmp!

  12. Hello Ms. Betchay,
    I was planning to go to Korea with my son (7 y.o) as tourist. It’s just a pleasure trip and as birthday gift for my my son and for myself. Possible po kaya n makakuha ako ng tourist visa. Makakatulong po ba if i-try muna naming mgtour sa hongkong just to prove na can afford km ng mgtour in other country,un po kc suggestion ng ibang friends smin. Government employee po ako and im planning to lodge my papers/ year, ano po kayang mga requirements or important docs.ang ipepresent ko para mas malaki ang chance na mbgyan ng visa. Thanks a lot!

  13. I wish to celebrate my 7years old son birthday in Southkorean in October 1st 2012 what do i need to be granted a visa.

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