Petition for the Retention of the Filipino Market

Filipino community leaders are now working to appeal for the retention of the Filipino market. On Sunday, those who could come to Hyehwa-dong for the Mass are requested to sign the petition that the community leaders will present to the government officials.
Hardworking Ambassador Luis T. Cruz is also seeking to avert the closure of ‘Little Manila’ for its significance to Korea’s program of multi-culturalism. Apparently…

Residents and storeowners have complained of traffic, disorderliness and garbage problems in the market area, leading the Jongno District Office to push for the market’s shutdown.
Envoy Seeks to Avert Closure of Little Manila

I’ve never been to Hyehwa-dong after 5 PM so I really don’t know whether the sellers or the Filipinos who go there in general cause garbage problems. I would agree though that AT TIMES there are those who would double park on the curve leading to the church and it’s quite annoying and dangerous.
Filipino community leaders might not have an easy time convincing Korean authorities to allow the street market to stay on Sundays. It wouldn’t be like finding tips online on how to get rid of blackheads. However, if the Jongro District Office ever agree to retain the Filipino market, we should all do our best to not give them anymore reason to banish ‘Little Manila’.


  1. I really hope it doesn’t get banished. It discourages multiculturalism and would further tarnish Korea’s reputation of accepting foreigners. I also would hope that these people (Filipino and Koreans) in that neighborhood could get together and discuss the issues instead of coming to such rash conclusions.
    One hopes~

  2. hello! Ms. Betchie,
    hope the government will find a better place for philippine market.we went there again last sunday attending a holy mass with my fiance. right after the holy mass we bought some goodies. it was really crowded. Hopefully they will transfer it for better, safe location. But yesterday, we went to the Philippine embassy may isang store na for filipinos owned by filipino couples “KC Philippines” ang name ng store. an option if going to hyewa or nearby nasa yongsan lang kami i think we will be going there to buy some. if nasa itaewon ka or yongsan malapit lang talaga.

  3. like what my friend told me: “it’s only good to be a foreigner in Korea if your a tourist”
    But I don’t think as foreigners that we should ask them to conform to our ways…I too am an immigrant, luckily in one of the most multicultural cities of the world, and yet there are still things that dont ‘fit’ the norm from a Filipino perspective, but I don’t demand that my surroundings bend to accommodate me, instead, it is I that adjusts, isn’t that one of the traits that define as us Filipinos?

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