The 2010 Winter Olympics and Seollal

The 2010 Winter Olympics started while we were on our lunar new year holiday. It was fun watching the games on TV with the whole family. Last Saturday, the biggest news was the gold medal by short track athlete Lee Jung-Su at the 1500-meter competition and the disqualification of his two teammates who could’ve won the silver and the bronze. Lee Ho-suk, one of the athletes disqualified, was the number one topic on Daum that day as he is blamed to have caused their unfortunate fate. The other athlete is Sung Si-bak. While the netizens are blaming Lee Ho-suk for his “greed”, Sung Si-bak’s mom was quoted as saying “It’s okay. You are my son too” when the former apologized to her. Poor Ho-suk; at least he was just skating on ice and not on a motorcycle on a highway or he might need the services of a really good motorcycle accident attorney. I couldn’t find anything on Youtube but here’s a short clip of how it happened from Dong-A TV.
^ Lee Ho-suk apologizing to Sung Si-bak’s mom
This morning, Korea won its second gold medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics via Mo Tae-bum who competed for the 500-meter speed skating. I had to turn down the volume of our TV because the Korean anchormen (two ajosshis) were screaming like fangirls when Mo Tae-bum won the gold. As of today, the country is third on the medal tally with 2 golds and 1 silver. We will have to wait until Saturday morning to see Yuna skate at 945 AM Korea time. Another event I’m eagerly anticipating is the ski jump competition.
^The kids are obviously happy with the white envelopes they got for seollal.
Tomorrow, we’ll go back to work. The holiday is over and life goes on. This seollal is one of the best I’ve had. Holiday chores weren’t as tiring, as the men made the “mandu” or the dumpling that we ate with the “tteok guk” or rice cake soup which is traditionally eaten on the lunar new year. My son loved wearing the hanbok and of course, the money he received from his relatives.


  1. John Robert Celski, a young Filipino-American won the bronze medal in the 1,500-meter short-track speed skating event of the Vancouver Winter Olympics. –

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