Just do it, Kim Yuna!

We’ll finally see South Korea’s hope for the first figure skating gold – Kim Yuna – perform today at exactly 1PM KST. Too bad I’ll be on my way to work by that time. I just hope that it will be broadcast live on “SBS-uTV” (Channel 13) so I could still see it on my DMB player. It wouldn’t be fun watching a replay several hours later. She is the number 23 skater according to the start list of the Women’s Figure Skating.
Kim Yuna is probably the most visible woman on TV nowadays. She has a CF (commercial film) playing every commercial break. Two of the most noticeable are her Homeplus and Nike CFs. In her Homeplus CF, she sang about not making a mistake; while in her Nike CF, she is shown skating where the words “no mistakes” are written on ice. She erased them all with her skating and in the end the Nike slogan “Just do it!” is shown. I hope that she would really “just skate” and not think about all the pressure we, the fans, are throwing her way.
Just do it, Kim Yuna! Gold or no gold, we love you anyway!
By the way, Daum has a “Kim Yuna Special” section. In it is her life story (in Korean), photographs from when she was little and Kim Yuna’s program for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Everything is in Korean but she has an official website in English.


  1. ay paano kaya sa friday,may klase ako till 12:30.anyways hihiramin ko na lang phone ng anak ko,para dito na lang me nood ,i don’t want to miss her performance….

  2. wow! ang galing! 78.50 ang score nya sa short program 2010 Winter Olympic Games! breneak nya ulit yung record nya na 76.28 sa 2009 ISU Grand Prix Skate America! go go go yuna!

  3. a world record for the most famous celebrity in south korea. she must have ice cold blood to perform superbly under tremendous pressure and she’s only 19 and a millionaire

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