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When I first learned that I was pregnant, I took every measure I know to have a healthy pregnancy. I took prenatal vitamins, exercised and I tried to eat healthy food when I could actually swallow them. I don’t understand how a few people blessed with an “angel” could be so negligent.
On Korea Times today is a story about how a 3-month old baby died through negligence. Apparently, the parents of the baby met through internet chatting in 2008. The infant daughter was born in June 2009. She died on September 24 at their home in Suwon (a city near Seoul) when she was left alone by her irresponsible parents who cared more about playing computer games than taking care of their precious daughter.
I thought this was the same story reported on the news tonight. Another baby died on February 7 at their home in Incheon (Yeonsu-gu) when his parents quarreled and left him alone. The couple, named Choi, fought when the husband asked for money from his wife so he could go to a “PC bang” (internet cafe). The wife left. The husband covered the baby with a blanket and left too. After four hours, the baby was found dead and investigators said it must be through suffocation.
This isn’t the first time that I’ve read about an infant dying because the parents were busy playing computer games. I just don’t understand how these parents could be so stupid not to know that infants couldn’t take care of themselves and shouldn’t be left alone!


  1. It just shows how some people are not cut out to be parents! Some parents would eat broken glass to spare their children from pain- if they could! How unfair that these loving parents would lose their children to horrible diseases or misfortune while parents like these two would knowingly leave their kids unattended for hours.

  2. its a shame this should happen to innocent souls…i agree with Bot. also, children are not toys that can be discarded that easily…there are people who are trying to have children but they cannot, and here these people were fortunately blessed to have these bundle of joy but they do not take responsible in taking care of them…

  3. This is a sad, sad news indeed. South Korea is the most wired country in the world and there are certainly some repercussions about it. But I did not expect that it would reach to the point that babies are dying because of that.

  4. Husband told me about it. It was a waste of life. Korean’s additiction to internet gaming is mind boggling at least for me. I thought the worst was those people who knew they have no money to play but they still do and just try to talk their way out of it. I was wrong.
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  5. I just had a baby less than a month ago. My son is 21 days old today. The first week he would drink 1 to 2 ounces of milk every 2 to 3 hours. He’s drinking more milk now but I still feed him every 2 to 3 hours. An occassional 4-hour stretch at night is the longest he would go without feeding. I can’t imagine how horrible it must have been for that baby to die a slow death because of starvation! SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome can also happen so parents must be careful not to let their babies sleep on their bellies or face down and make sure that there are no pillows, toys, blankets or towels that can end up smothering the baby in their sleep.

  6. Those parents are really stupid. They have an online game addiction. It’s much worse than a case of careless or negligent parents. They might be just “venting their stress” in the beginning but when they got really hooked, that’s all they do and think about. Not caring about practically anything around, even forgetting that they have a baby at home. Like being high on drugs. They also need to go to a rehab facility.
    The worst thing is, I think they don’t even feel remorse for what happened to their child.
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  7. Oh my goodness!!! i think not because of the stress thats why they are on to internet games.. BUt they are really addicted to internet gaming!
    Mostly koreans are internet game addict. ( including my husband)
    He even spent 15 hours straight playing games very saturday and sundays
    so sad to say i was pregnant at that time he doesn
    t even care that i was new here in korea and i am pregnant i need a loving and caring husband to talked to especially during my pregnancy, but instead he`s just playing games and getting mad if i disturb him. up to the present.. he is still addicted to games and i think he will never change (pwera nalang kung mabulag or he loose one of his arm) which is wag nmn sana..

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