Jang Dong Gun and Go So Yeong's wedding

May is family month in Korea. We celebrate Children’s Day, Parents’ Day, Teenagers’ Day and Couple’s Day in just a month. It is also the season of weddings. I know more Korean couples who got married in May than in any other month. Oh, I had my Korean wedding in May (2005).
This year, the “Wedding of the Year” will happen in May. On May 2nd, to be exact and that will be the wedding of topstars Jang Dong Gun and Go So Yeong. JDG announced his wedding during his annual fan meeting to celebrate his birthday. I’m a JDG fan and I’m happy for him. It’s time to plan how we could gate-crash his wedding 😉
Like Kwon Sang Woo, Jang Dong Gun will say “I Do” at the Shilla Hotel in Jangchung-dong in the Jung-gu district of Seoul. It expected that his wedding will even be more star-studded than KSW’s. Who wouldn’t want to be seen in this wedding anyway? As early as today, guests should start pampering and beautifying themselves. If they have blackheads, better get treatment from http://www.blackheadstreatment.org for flawless skin during photo opps.
Jang Dong Gun bought a new home last year in Heukseok-dong in Dongjak-gu district in Seoul. It is in a new building called “Mark Hills Villa”. The 396 square meter apartment has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a powder room and a huge living room overlooking the Han River and with a view of Namsan. It is worth more than $3 million.
Less than two months from now, we’ll see South Korea’s most desirable bachelor tie the knot!


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