2010 Korea's Best Cosmetics (Part 1)

I sometimes get asked what Korean cosmetic would I recommend? What’s the best BB cream for them to buy? What is the number one Korean cosmetic brand to try? And so on…
I found an article on the Korea’s best cosmetic brand based on market share. (It’s more like top cosmetics but the report says “best”) It is dated February 26, 2010 so the report is still fresh. The website, Cosmetic Mania News, is entirely in Korean and the whole article is accessible only by members. I had to register before I could see the entire report. I’ll only be posting the brands, not the whole article since it’s soooooo long! The list includes the top-selling basic care products, skin and lotion, makeup and hair care products. They didn’t include diet products like cla supplement and the likes.
Basic Care Total
1. Sulwhasoo
2. Hera
4. SK II (Japanese brand)
5. Ohui
Color total
1. Hera
2. Christian Dior
3. Missha
4. The Face Shop
5. MAC
Skin and Lotion total
1. Sulwhasoo
2. Hera
4. Clinique
5. Isa Knox
I had tried Sulwhasoo before. My sister-in-law gave me a sample set and I’d say that was the best sample skin care I’ve ever used. It’s quite expensive though. This four-step set (toner or “skin” as they say in Korea, lotion, essence and cream) costs about 610,000 won or 600 USD. Of course, their basic line is cheaper – a set wouldn’t cost more than 200 USD.
To be continued πŸ™‚


  1. I got to comment first…yeah!
    well, i’ve read an article before that asians should stick to asian products because these skin care cosmetics are generally tested on asian skin and works better on us as compared to european and american brands…
    in fairness, they both are quite expensive…

  2. ooh, i love sulwhasoo too but it feels sinful to buy one, kkk… anyway, i’m satisfied with the samples i get and the amorePacific manufactured skin care product i just recently bought (same manufacturer of IOPE, Hera and Sulwhasoo(?))

  3. i was able to try sulwhasoo when i went there october last year. my future mom-in-law gave it to me, unfortunately, i misplaced it. πŸ™ i must agree that it’s really good but pricey. i tried buying it online but i’d pass it up for the time being as i’m planning to go back to seoul this june! πŸ™‚ wiiiiii!!! now, i can buy korean cosmetics and clothes. anyway, i really love reading your posts as i find them very informative. keep on posting sis!!! πŸ˜‰

  4. American and European brands are actually very expensive. For half the price you pay for these, you can get a Korean brand with similar effects or even better ingredients. Suwhalsoo is one of the more expensive brands and buying from the airport where it is duty free is probably the best bet instead of buying it from malls like Shinsegae. I do like their products such as the Overnight Vitalizing Treatment pack which cost USD$28 or so, and probably more than 30,000 won. The smell is not overpowering despite the claims to contain ginseng extract.

  5. i’ve used hera before and it didn’t work for me…i never even used their samples and just expired…i used face shop toner….believe it or not …i used it in my buttocks just to make sure my face will not irritated and the product didn’t work also…koreans may not like this but i tried shiseido while i was in korea…it worked for me …but its very expensive…since hera didn’t work for me…i never used other amore pacific products…sulwhasoo is very expensive like shiseido but i never tried it because as far as i can remember its only in korean…dont know how to use it…have a nice day….

  6. Ms. Betchay,
    Good Day po… Maaari po ba makakuha ng copy ng article news ng Korea’s Best Cosmetics…? I’m going to write a research on it po sana…
    Thank you po.

  7. Sulwhasoo is the first i tried. my aunt got it from korean airport when she came to america. i am shocked by the result. it is the best ever, and i found one store in new york. i definitely gone check it out.!

  8. Hiya do you have any updates on what’s the best cosmetic and skin care products so far like for 2011 and 2012.

  9. hi!!!, it’s very interesting your post, i have the same question? do you Know? in my country i just found the cosmetic brand “Skin 79” (do you know if this brand is good?) and i think it works well but not better i really want. I live in Peru (South America) and i was wondering how can i purcharse the sulwhasoo product there? mmm so how can i get this products? if you can help me!!!!! thanks so much, hope for your answer

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