2NE1 on the cover of High-Cut

I visited the tax office yesterday to register my business. I’d never thought that making your business legal is as easy as getting auto insurance quotes online. The whole process only took a couple of minutes: filling in a form, getting a number and waiting for your turn, answering a few questions and voila – a business certificate!
On my way to work after visiting the tax office, I passed by a newspaper stand and saw the new issue of High-Cut – featuring 2NE1 and fashion designer Jeremy Scott on the cover.
^^for that Sandara Park eye makeup
^^two Korean dramas that premiered this week – Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin on MBC’s Personal Preference vs Moon Geun Yeong for Cinderella’s Sister


  1. hi ms betchai. you might want to check out 2ne1’s new mv “try to follow me” they have some of the styles featured in the newspaper. btw, i left something on your email.

  2. Hi Ms. Betchay! thanks for this. 2ne1 is really getting popular even with western designers.
    And about the two dramas, what do you think of it? I’ve seen Cinderella Sister and I think it was pretty good. All of the actors were good save for Taecyeon who hasn’t appeared in the two episodes yet. Maybe he will be next week. About Personal Taste, what were the reviews about it?

  3. 2ne1 is doing the ettude house cosmetic cf. cosmetic models are highest paid so theyre at that level now. lee na young holds the distinction of having the most idealized face in cosmetic modeling

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