Catch the cherry blossoms while you can!

The cherry blossom festivals in Seoul were rescheduled since they bloomed later this year. When the train I was riding passed by the National Assembly this afternoon, I could see from afar the long line of cherry blossom trees in full bloom. I planned to dropped by in the evening but it was chilly so I just went home straight.
I hope I could find the time to visit this weekend, especially at night but we’ll be going to Seoul Land this Saturday! Korea Exchange Bank cardholders can take advantage of the “man won surprise” or the 10,000 won ticket. Last month, we went to Lotte World and I only had to pay 10,000 won instead 35,000 won. So yeah, we enjoyed a whole day at Lotte World for less than 40,000 won.
Back on topic, here are some cherry blossom trees in full bloom I’ve spotted:
^^ at the Seoul Forest – with students of Korea University having their MT
^^ at our apartment
The following pictures were taken at Changgyeonggung (one of the five royal palaces) last Wednesday. I spent a half hour strolling the palace grounds before I went to work. I just love it when the place isn’t so crowded that I could hear the chirping of the birds as if I were not in a big city, where cell phone signal booster are aplenty.
By the way, the name for the cherry blossom in Korea is “벚꽃” or “beot kkot”. Aside from Yeouido and Namsan, another place to catch the cherry blossom fever is at the Children’s Grand Park.


  1. the reason why i want to go either Japan or Korea is to see the the cherry blossom or sakura. ang ganda ganda nila!

  2. HI!
    I love cherry blossoms, too! 🙂 Sana makapunta din ako ng Korea or Japan someday… I’ll definitely have my picture taken on a cherry blossom tree 🙂
    Carol @ Omaha Website

  3. @foxylady, if you happen to come to Korea for cherry blossoms, I would suggest you to go to Jinhae, Korea’s largest cherry blossom festival

  4. Spring 2010 is late. We were there in Seoul for spring last April 2-7, when cherry blossoms are supposed to be in bloom. Went to Yeouido but saw some small buds. But we didnt let ourselves failed, the next day we went down south to Jinhae just to see “beotkkot” =). Definitely will go back to Seoul for Spring…maybe next year!

  5. Hi,
    I’m planning to go to Seoul on the last week of March? Maabutan ko ba ang cherry blossoms? kailan kaya ako dapat pumunta para maabutan ko?

  6. @ Carrie: Yes, that’s a good time for cherry blossoms sight-seeing! Lalo na pag 1first week of April. Good luck on your trip!

  7. Shoot! Naka book na kami ng March 26 to 31. I hope maabutan namin siya. How about the temperature din? WHat type of clothes should we bring/wear? and can you suggest a hotel near Myeongdong?
    Super thanks in advance!

  8. Oh no, me and my friends booked our trip to South Korea on March 4-7 next year… sadly, we won’t see any cherry blossoms then 🙁
    if we go there 1st week of march, what is the best way to enjoy our stay? thanks! 🙂

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