Wang Mandu or how I got over my siopao craving

One of the reasons I go to Hyewha on a Sunday is because that is the only place I know where I could get siopao. The last time I went there for Chowking’s asado siopao was over a year ago. A piece was 2,500 won (about USD 2.20) but I’m not sure how much it is now. Too bad that they only sell asado from Chowking when I prefer Kowloon’s bola-bola.
Early last year, a “wang mandu” shop opened nearby. They have huge steamers like the ones above. One piece cost only 1,000 won and that’s so much cheaper than the siopao from Hyehwa.
“Mandu” is the Korean dumpling. “Kogi mandu” is the Korean meat dumpling with ground pork, tofu, chopped noodles, green onion and spices. The smallish mandu is wrapped in a thin wrapper just like “molo”.
“Wang” or “king” mandu is as big and has the texture of a bread like siopao. I eat it with a soy dipping sauce.
A piece of wang mandu for 1,000 won and a cup of ramyeon (Korean instant noodles) for 1,000 won is enough for a filling lunch. Not very healthy though, but then I don’t have them every day. And if one ever gains extra pounds, diet pills with ephedra is available online.
I’ve tried making siopao on my own before, but I don’t have the time anymore to do that.


  1. Im a siopao fanatic myself..well way back before. I would drop by Henlin, Chowking, and every corner I see selling it. Few years later I went out of Pinas to work in the country of siopao. Every place I went, I saw lots of them, on streets, malls, theme parks, restaurants, all types of them from vegetables, meat up to the craziest ones [frogs, rabbits]! You could even buy packs and [the extreme one] sack of them on grocery, shops and all you have do is steam it for few seconds. It was siopao 24×7. After 2 years it went out of appetite. I rarely eat siopao now. ^_^.
    .-= J. Alvaran´s last blog ..Tall Grass Issue #4 =-.

  2. mukahang malaman ang siopao diyan!
    ^_^ hi mam! gusto ko sana makipagkwentuhan sa yo kaso busy ata..pero if may time add niyo sa yahoo messenger – uzumaki_naruto256 or sa nate on or sa hotmail sendzki@hotmail – hehe

    1. hi sendo! sure pag late weekends eh medyo may time… i’ll add you na lang later but i don’t really use those IMs since i find them annoying… weheheh… facebook na lang kaya?

  3. Hello ms betchay, my sis & i were in korea last month & hv enjoyed the siopao they have in nandaemun mkt…i’m sure u’v tried that, i just dunno the name of that small place but it’s in a pink box selling so cheap 5 for $2.00 (or 2,000 won)& wow they’re so yummy, the queue is usually long, 15 pcs for 6,000 won u can’t beat that. I’m missing their siopao, the dough is super light and the filling is really yummy, comes in spicy and non spicy too. Our Kor. frnd tells us that that place is very famous for siopao or whatever u call it in hangul.
    i wish i cld order it through your shopping website (smiles).

  4. wow!! wala kasing ganyan place here in busan. i envy those who live in seoul specially those who can goes to hyewa market.. they can eat pinoy food available along the hyewa`s street and can buy fresh my favorite tilapia

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