Jasmine as GNP candidate

It has been two years ago when Judith Alegre Hernandez, a naturalized Korean, was included as the number seven candidate in the party of then-presidential candidate Moon Kook Hyun for the proportional representation.
On June 2, another naturalized Korean and a Filipina is on the list of proportional representation candidates of the GNP or Grand National Party, the party of President Lee Myung Bak, for the city of Seoul. That Filipina is no other than Jasmine Lee.
I know for a fact that Jasmine has been attending seminars/classes in preparation for her joining politics. I’ve known her for more than five years and I don’t know any other Filipina who could best represent our sector of society.
Jasmine attended Ateneo de Davao until when she got married at the age of ;p to Lee Dong Ho. She lives in Yeonhui-dong, Seodaemun-gu. She is a mother of two and she has been living in Korea with her family for fifteen years.
She was in the television show “Love in Asia” for a few years. She also taught Korean on TV through EBS. You could also see her in the movie “Uihyeongje” with Kang Dong Won, whom I hope would not get married anytime soon.
Looking forward to June 2 and hoping to see the first Filipina in Korean politics.


  1. very proud of her. i hope she pulls it off and be able to represent/help our kababayans.
    God bless her in all her endeavors.

  2. i am very proud of jasmine.i have seen her many times in love in asia.i wish her good luck for what she aim for.be kind and nice to our kababayans over there in korea.good luck.go jasmine go!

    1. Hi Annp! That’s correct. She could’ve been a shoo-in for Gyeonggi-do but she was 3 days late from transferring her residence. Anyway, she’s still young and she could prepare better next time.

  3. guys pls stop saying all that nonsense or bad rumors about jasmine,,did you know that she’s in pain now?
    hi miss jasmine,
    sorry for what happens to your husband i feel realy bad when i heard it from my husband,,i know your brave and u can handle it and make things good enough to survive in this pain for your childrens also,.i know you dont know me but i know you in a short time during my korean lessons i am watching ur show.im married to a korean also thats why i admire you,im hoping just to get some of your courage and how brave you are in a sense of surviving and living in a country that is strange to you,,

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