Wishing for a dog

My son’s birthday is coming up. He’ll turn 4 on the 24th of this month and he already told us what he wants: a bike, a dog and Wall-E. I already bought him the Wall-E toy and we’ll be getting him a bike two weeks later. I thought the dog would be impossible since we live in an apartment, until our new next door neighbor moved in last week. They brought with them two small dogs.
When we were in Ohio last year for a vacation, we stayed at my niece’s house. She has a dog named “Pogi” that my son loved to play with. My niece has every dog care products imaginable.
“Pogi” has his own dog bedding since my niece doesn’t like him sleeping on her bed. When we were there, he would sleep on our bed instead. He and my son would wrestle before going to bed and when they wake up early in the morning.
He also has a lot of dog toys that he could play with when he’s home alone. My niece made me realize that being a dog owner isn’t easy as you have to take care of it like it’s a human being. I’m pretty sure that my son would really love having one.


  1. Actually Ms.Betchay pag may dog ka parang anak mo rin sila. I have two dogs and you really have to take care of them from making them paligo to feeding them. But the good thing is that everytime I come home from work nakakaalis ng pagod kapag sinasalubong ako nung dogs ko. Nagkakagulo silang dalawa parang akala mo nakakita sila ng dyosa! hehe! ^^ I’m sure your son will enjoy having a dog around to play with him. ^^

  2. Having a dog is such a wonderful pleasure. May sumasalubong sa yo na cheerful creature pag uwi ng bahay at pagod na pagod ka. They provide love and affection. I LOVE DOGS!!

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