Seoul's Lotus Lantern Parade

May 21 is this year’s 석가탄신일 or Buddha’s birthday. A highlight of this event is the Lotus Lantern Parade, held the Sunday before “seok-ka-tan-shin-il”. This is one of the must-see events in Seoul, IMO. I’ve been to a couple and I always come back. Next year, instead of being just a spectator I would participate in the parade myself as a lantern holder. 🙂
Last night, I went to see the parade alone. There was a soccer match between Korea and Ecuador and I couldn’t ask my husband to come with me. When I came back, my son cheered “De Han Min Guk” several times.
The parade started at 6:30 PM but I left my home at 7:30. I figured that they would be in Jonggak by that time and boy was I right. There were so many people and I swear I’d never seen so many foreigners in Seoul than last night, not even in Itaewon. I took some pictures but I mostly took movies, which I hope to upload if I could find the CD that came with my Lumix.
Anyway, here are some pictures I took last night. Matt from On My Way to Korea also has pictures of the parade last night and of the festival last Saturday.


  1. they held a mini parade here in incheon art center last saturday and i was just in time to take pictures.. how i wish i’ve seen this one… i also saw Matt’s pictures and they’re really captivating.. i wanted to participate by holding a lantern thinking i could bring it home coz they actually prepared a lot of it but my husband suddenly called and asked me to go home instead, hehehehe..

  2. check out matt’s site on my way to korea and cant help notice the youthful facial skin of female participants in the festival am so envious its like porcelain. i feel like a crumpled newspaper ravaged by time and gravity and would need a ton of ettude house concealer to hide liver spots, sigh.

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