CUK Scholars for Fall 2010

Professor Abagat posted this list on her FB account. I asked her permission to post it here for reference.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Here’s the complete/official list of those who passed the 3rd batch of the CUK-Phil Graduate Scholarship Program:
1. Raychelle Ribon Artuz
2. Gellene Las Custodio
3. Morris Jose Kirby Catabian
4. Eugen Rosellon Bunao
5. Roselle Perez Sinajon
6. Reggie Clarita Kaw Lim
7. Chiden Oseo Balmes
8. Felipe Carlo Ortiz Clarin
9. Abigail Ang Go
10. Edward Keith Garciano Capoy
11. Kristine Olivia Suplico Luna
12. Andrew Selah dela Rosa
13. Alessa Mae Dagus Entienza
14. Abigail de Castro Quistadio
15. Racquel Perez
16. Mario Robles Rebosura, Jr.
17. Cynthia Garcia
18. Enrique dela Cruz Festijo
19. Marnel Sanzhez Peradilla
20. Mark Francis Espana


  1. how to get a scholarship in Korea po pala? and.. uhm.. is it really a full scholarship?> no more fees to be collected or as in zero peso to be spend po talaga?

  2. Congrats to those who got in.
    Kelan po ba ulit magbubukas yung submission of application forms for the applicants?

  3. yah, i also want to know when ulit mgkakaron ng opening for scholarship..
    may updates po b kau ms.betchay?

  4. To those who are easily enticed to grab the CUK scholarship, I suggest you think again and again, unless you are well-off to be able to finance your monthly living in Korea. Otherwise, you might find yourself doing babysitting job in Seoul if English tutoring is at off-peak. Ms. Betchay, have you heard from any CUK scholarship grantee there? Uhm…knock knock Professor Abagat…

      1. Correct! Prof Abagat is in my FB and so are a few of the scholars. From what I know, they don’t only attend their classes but they have fun time as well. I’ve seen some of their pictures when they visited a couple of places in Korea. Oh English tutoring is never off-peak in Korea but what the students provide is English assistance to fellow students. Prof Abagat is well-loved by the Filipino scholars at CUK. ;p

    1. You’re hearing from one of the scholars now. The CUK scholarship is nowhere near a scam.
      Application will be closed till next year, that is, until the first batch graduates.

  5. Hi there!!!
    How can we contact po our fellow Filipinos there? Baka po kc pwede nla dn kami matulungan like giving tips/ pieces of advice on how to get there succesfully.

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