South Korea vs Argentina tonight!

Have you been following the 2010 World Cup? I woke up at 3AM yesterday just to watch the North Korea-Brazil match! Last night, I was disappointed that Spain lost to Switzerland but at least my eyes were full as they feasted on some of the most good-looking team, IMO, of the 2010 World Cup – the Spanish team of course!
I’ve been busy with work and arranging orders for World Cup shirts! I didn’t expect that I’d get so many orders especially from France and Singapore. Orders from Korean Americans in the USA and Canada were not so surprising though. The Adidas shirt is sold out in all Adidas stores and yet there are still so many who are hoping that they would sell again. Unfortunately, they won’t.
Tonight, it’s going to be South Korea vs Argentina. We are hoping for the best and thinking positively that South Korea will win although Argentina is a favorite of sports analysts.
I’m going to be at Seoul Plaza this time. I’ll go there straight from work. It is expected that people from all walks of life including students, housewives, office workers, and teachers would be there to cheer for the team or just to have fun.
Last Saturday, the whole family gathered at our house to watch South Korea beat Greece 2-0. We bought dinner and snacks and boy was it costly. We feasted on imported beer as Homeplus was selling them 5 bottles for 10,000 won. We drank 2 bottles of San Miguel, 5 bottles of Asahi and 3 bottles of Heineken with bossam (steamed pork belly), dried squid, apples (Koreans eat fruits with beer), popcorn, Pringles (buy 2 get 1 free at Homeplus), and nachos.
Next week’s game against Nigeria is scheduled at 3AM KST. And it will be my husband’s turn to go to Seoul Plaza. πŸ˜‰


  1. my kids complained of my loud cheering at home between korea -argentina the other night..too bad the korean team lost the match.

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