South Korea-Argentina Match with the Red Devils

Last Thursday evening, I dropped by Seoul Plaza after work to experience what it was like cheering with the Red Devils. It was the game where South Korea lost to Argentina 1:4. Families sat on their picnic mats while college students, office workers chug beers. Oh, beers were overflowing that night but at least there were no riots even if we lost. I would’ve taken the beer offered to me but I didn’t have anything when I got there. In a news report, they said that sales of chicken and beer increased since the start of the World Cup. Here are some pictures from that event:
^^ in front of Deoksugung
^^ girl group H.A.M. provided entertainment during the halftime break
^^ foreigners having fun with the Taegukgi (Korean flag)
^^ Red Devils in Red Shirts (a few came wearing white, grey or black but I didn’t see anyone wearing light blue)
^^ MBC News broadcasting live
^^ the police were there too… to watch the match with the Red Devils
^^ portable toilets… there were a number of them
^^ the road to Gwanghwamun
^^ at one of the buildings around the area
^^ kids playing soccer with a paper ball
^^ this couple chose to watch the game at Seoul Plaza’s underground walkway
^^ the line outside the women’s toilets near the subway
^^ from an online news site… racecar model Choi Yoo Jung shedding a tear after Argentina scored
^^ from an online news site… the Red Devils cleaning up their trash after the games…
^^ from an online news site… a view of Seoul Plaza that night
Here’s a short video that I took of how the people reacted when Korea got its first and only goal that night:

At 3AM on June 23, South Korea will have a game against Nigeria. Too early but I’ll try to wake-up and watch live.


  1. There’s so many people! Must be quite hectic out there. My dad is so crazy about the World Cup. He wakes up 4AM to watch it. I’m not into it at all. Hope you had a great time!

  2. I had fun cheering for Korea while watching the World Cup Game at a laza near our home. Daig pa ang New Year sa Pilipinas kung i-celebrate ang World Cup dito sa Korea!! That’s how passionate they are when it comes to World Cup!

  3. was a huge crowd! felt like Woodstock huh. I envy the Korean spirit and the support their showing to their Korean Team. How I wish I was there. I was sad when I learned that the Korean team lost in 4:1 score in favor of Argentina, whew!
    If the Koreans are crazy about World Cup, then Pinoy’s are crazy about boxing and basketball. Sabi nila kaya daw hindi popular ang soccer sa Pinas kasi daw ang tagal maka-score at mahirap tayaan sa ending. LOL!

    1. pinoys proud to be mad about boxing and basketball? that seems to be pretty lamentable to me. you can’t “endorse” your country in a better way than by participating in football. football is THE universal language, and this being a sport is just a bonus.

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