Shipping Taeyang's Solar Deluxe Edition

YG Entertainment announced earlier that they would release Taeyang’s Solar Deluxe Edition album in limited quantity on July 1st. I was reading a blogpost on Daum on how they were sold-out in a matter of minutes at some of the biggest online music stores in Korea. In fact, I had a hard time visiting YG’s online shop yesterday and when I got through the album was already sold-out.
I got the Deluxe Edition CDs at an offline store. It was more expensive than the price on internet websites. At one major bookstore in downtown Seoul, it was being sold at 5,000 won more.
I purchased a box of the CDs before I went to work. I had to pay for them in cash – one thing that I hate doing! I asked my husband to pick it up in the evening. I couldn’t possibly carry the box since I also had a dozen bottled coffee that one of my students gave me and a box of Turkish Delight from another student πŸ˜€
I’ll be sending the albums on Friday morning, Korea time of course. Here’s how it looks like. As you can see there’s a bar code, that could be read with a Symbol LS2208, on the top right side with the words “Deluxe Edition”. I am so tempted to leave one for me but this batch has been sold out.
UPDATE @2PM July 2nd:
I’ve ordered two more boxes and those are the last ones from the supplier. She has sold all her stocks. So if you want to order, hurry now.
Here’s the link… Taeyang Solar Deluxe Edition
If you visit the site, you’ll see three links. The cheapest one at 31USD was sold out yesterday. The second one was also sold out. The newest batch I’m going to pick up tonight and I’ll ship them on Monday. The second and third batches I got at a much higher price than the first batch πŸ™


  1. Hi,
    Do you have any more for sale? I would buy it off you! I’m from Australia, and I can’t purchase it here πŸ™

    1. Hi Rick! isa pa lang order ko from Pinas… most are from the US, Australia, France, Canada, UK, HK, Vietnam… check ko pa yung iba… hindi pa napa-process eh

  2. Whats the difference between the 1st batch and the third?? i just bought it off your website and dont really know the difference. also why u only listed 11 songs? please reply~!

    1. Hi Lyn! It’s just my way of tracking the inventory. When I bought the first batch, it was at a cheaper price than the two batches. I really didn’t know how many songs were there since that’s what I saw at Daum Music. Anyway, I’ll check the album later again when I get home.

  3. Hi po, taga-Pinas po ako. If i order like 6 copies magkano po aabutin ng price kasama na shipping fee?

  4. Hello! So I registered my account on kpop mall and just wanted to let you know in the address section under the ‘state’ drop-down menu, District of Columbia is not listed. Thankfully I used my Maryland address as an alternate but I just wanted to flag this just in case people in DC want to order hehe. Thanks!

  5. heLoo.. im really interested.. ive been pulling all my resources pra lng mkakuha nyang deLuxe edition.. uhmm.. meh available p poh b?? im reaLLy interested to buy 1..:)

    1. I got them from offline sellers. They sell them at a higher price than the SRP since they know how hot the album is. Anyway, all my stocks are reserved. My supplier doesn’t have any more stocks either.

  6. Hii, I was wondering if you had anymore more of the albums that I could reserve? I really hope so =/ Sad, that I was a couple hours late. Please respond soon? I’d be willing to pay the price of 35-50 US dollars. Thank you!

    1. Hi Angela! I was able to find another offline store this afternoon. I don’t have the products on hand yet since they were asking for cash. Anyway, I’ll go back again tomorrow to get the CDs. I’ll open the ordering again but if they’re gone by tomorrow then I’ll have to just give a refund.

      1. Sorry, is there anyway I could pay via mastercard? I don’t have paypal but I really want this album. I hope arrangements can be made. Sorry for the inconvenience

        1. Hi Angela! It’s so easy to open a Paypal account and it’s safer to use since we won’t see your credit card number. I also use Paypal when I purchase from international shops.

  7. Hi I have just ordered the album on July 2nd and when I saw you guys had stock for the third batch I quickly ordered one and the price was still $34.20 but after I made the payment and everything I checked again and it said $36, does that still mean I ordered the album?

    1. Hi Margaret! That’s because you used an e-check so the system returned a 0.00 payment. I’ve already updated it. Thanks!

  8. Hi jusr wondering if theres anyway I can track down my package after you sent it out. Please pm as soon as possible.

      1. thanks ms betchay!^^ i hope it’s still somewhat affordable! πŸ˜€ please keep us posted. πŸ˜‰

  9. Hi! I was wondering, how much will the shipping cost be? the USD 36 include shipping cost?

    1. Hi jen! The 36USD doesn’t include the shipping. You could try a mock-order to see how much it would cost to your country. To the Philippines, it’s 16USD by EMS (1-2 days). I don’t have any more in stock though. Check this evening if I could still find a store.
      BTW, in an internet store here in Korea they’re selling the CD at 60,000 won each! So I guess I’m selling the CD too cheaply… LOL

  10. My order have been shipped but I don’t see a tracking #. Every time I click on the link they gave me to track down my package it tell me to put in tracking #. idk….

      1. I have the same problem with Lyn, what is the tracking # because when i put it in it doesn’t work

        1. Hi Carol! Please choose “International Parcels” on the dropdown menu if it was sent through Air Parcel.

          1. It still doesn’t work it says “the first must be a commenced a letter C”

  11. Hey carol what i did was go on the website to track down your order. you will see a list of country. select U.S. now put in your tracking number and now you able to see whats going on with your item.

  12. Hey carol what i did was go on the website to track down your order. you will see a list of country. select U.S. and put in your tracking number.

      1. thanks but it still doesn’t work, do I have to wait a few more days after my order has shipped?

        1. Hi Carol! Here’s the status of your package:

          Label/Receipt Number: CP10 1000 ****
          Class: Priority Mail International Parcels
          Service(s): International Parcels
          Status: Inbound Out of Customs
          Your item cleared United States Customs at 4:40 AM on July 8, 2010. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.
          Detailed Results:
          Inbound Out of Customs, July 08, 2010, 4:40 am
          Inbound Into Customs
          Inbound International Arrival, July 08, 2010, 4:39 am, ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS)
          Foreign International Dispatch, July 06, 2010, 5:16 pm, SEOUL INTERNATIONAL POST OFFICE, KOREA
          Origin Post is Preparing Shipment
          Foreign Acceptance, July 05, 2010, 6:16 pm, KOREA

  13. Hello, I just checked the link you posted & I’m curious if the cd still comes with the t-shirt & poster. I know it’s listed, but there aren’t any pictures of it, and I want to make sure I’m getting what I pay for. Does anyone know?

    1. Hi! I haven’t opened any that’s why there are no pictures but the box says “Deluxe Edition”. I’ve shipped more than a hundred and the only complaint I’ve received by far is that the CD cover was easily scratched.

  14. hey I wanted to know isn’t there suppose to be a YG family card in the deluxe edition? because I don’t have on in my package.

    1. Hi Carol. I’ve received emails with the same question today. Please check the box again. Hope you find it soon. Thank you for shopping with us.

      1. I have found it ^^ its like attached to the inside of the box where the t-shirt is, just need to take the t-shirt out and look at like the top with the two fold and its right in there and just pull it out lol

  15. Hi betchay!
    Im reading the comments and it seems that you’re sold out.
    I just wanna make sure kasi i want to buy it and its so much more expensive on ebay.
    Are there any left?
    thanks po!

  16. Sorry to bother you again! But what is preparation in progress? My order has been like that since 7/8/10

    1. Hi Margaret! Sorry about that, I wasn’t able to update the status of your order. I sent you an email with the tracking number. I checked it with the USPS and it said that the package arrived in your city on July 21st at 7AM. Hopefully you could get it today or tomorrow perhaps. Thanks!

  17. Hey,r u still selling taeyang solar dexule edition album???if yes plz SMS me the details at 91804495

  18. do you still have taeyang limited edition,?getting it for my daughter birthday.suprise for her ,how much will it cost sending to Malaysia

    1. I can still get copies of the album. I have two in stock (one of them is sold and I will send today).

    1. Hi Shiella! I only have two left but I’ll be sending one of them to another buyer. I’m not sure if I will still sell the last one since they are not available in stores anymore. I’ll think about it until tonight. LOL

          1. omg!
            can i grab copy πŸ™‚
            it does include these right ?:
            – a photobook
            – a T-shirt (free size) designed by Taeyang
            – a photocard
            – YG Family Card
            – the CD, of course!
            oh im located in australia,sydney πŸ™‚

          2. Hi Sherina! I have one on stock. I just sent two this morning. It’s a sealed box. Never opened.

          3. Hi Sherina! I shipped it last Friday. I also sent you an email, please check your spam folder ;p

  19. i know its super late but, by any chance are there any available taeyang solar album delux edition left? πŸ™‚

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