Taeyang's Solar Deluxe on Korean sites

I was looking for some more copies of Taeyang’s Solar Deluxe Edition online but I only found two. Yesterday, I found several stores selling them at different prices. The highest one was at 40,000 won. Online, they were priced at 45,000 and 60,000 won! Here’s proof:
Taeyang’s Solar Deluxe Edition is quite attractive especially with the cad drawing on the cover. One online store announced during the weekend that they would sell CDs on July 5 at 930AM. So after sending my son to school, I was in front of the computer but to my dismay at 9:32 they were sold out! Either they were really sold out or it was just a tactic for the store. Announcing that they would be selling and then not really doing it. Anyway, I don’t think that I could find more copies unless I scour the whole Seoul and the city is quite big.
I only have one copy on hand left but it’s mine! 🙂


  1. wow taeyang’s new album is really getting in demand! i hope when big bang releases theirs there will be the same clamor for it.
    ang mahaaal though. but i have to say ang ganda talaga ng packaging.

  2. Too bad ~ anyways thanks for trying to find other sources, your efforts are truly very much appreciated Ms Betchay! 🙂

    1. ^^ but they only sell one CD per person… it’s not available in all other stores in Myeongdong… oh there’s also one store in Myeongdong that would only sell to Japanese clients @60,000 won each… strange no

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