Typhoon Dianmu

Typhoon Dianmu is making headlines in Korea. It has been three years since the country was hit by a typhoon. That typhoon called “Kalmaegi” caused massive flooding in Seoul and it damaged park properties along the Han River. After that typhoon, we went to Seoul Forest and the riverbank was closed due to the high level of water in Hangang (Han River). Still, South Korea is quite lucky since it is not plagued by natural disasters.
Dianmu is expected to pass over the southeastern coast of South Korea. We will not experience it in Seoul. The months beginning July to October is considered typhoon season. It pays to have even cheap insurance to secure properties and lives.
The weather here in Seoul is still hot and humid despite the typhoon. Thank goodness that we are not affected here. Hopefully, the summer weather continues until the weekend since we have plans to go out. Work all week, play all weekend ;p


  1. Expect typhoons to come over by the said months..I’ve also heard the news about dianmu..It also struck southeastern Japan during 2004

  2. i never knwe that even korea gets typhoons occassionally. at least its not as worse as the ones we have here in the Philippines.

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