Multicultural Family Broadcast for Filipinos

It was Friday last week that DJ Regina first sent me a message about a radio guesting on the “Multicultural Family Broadcast for Filipinos”. It’s a special radio program sponsored by Woongjin for migrants in Korea. I said yes since being on the radio is fun and it’s been a long time since I was on the radio. A producer on the show where I used to guest asked me to be on that show again on a weekly basis about a month ago, but I have a really busy schedule. Too bad.
Picture from her FB account.
DJ Regina said that they usually record on Thursdays and Fridays at 1PM. The only time I’m available is before noon, since that’s the time when I commute to work. Last Monday afternoon, she informed me that it’s possible for us to record on Friday. She said that she’ll wait for me at the subway station at around 10:40 AM. I felt sorry that she had to wait for ten minutes. I couldn’t leave the house as I planned since I had to arrange some shipment for the postman to pick up.
DJ Regina isn’t as tall as I thought she’d be but she’s as pretty as I’ve seen her on pictures and on TV. I’d seen her interview with Ms. Korina Sanchez on her ABS-CBN show last year (or was it early this year?)
“Reg” as she’s fondly called by her friends has a very lovely voice and it’s so soothing to listen to her while she talks in Filipino. I bet our kababayans here are enchanted by her voice that’s why she has a loyal following on her radio program.
Before our “on air” conversation, we talked about her studies in Korea. I was curious to know whether her classes are conducted in English or Korean and she said all her lectures are in Korean. She is currently enrolled at Ehwa Women’s University Graduate School.
DJ Reg played songs by Nina and another group that I’m not familiar with. She asked me for two songs that she’d play for me. My mind went black since it’s been a long time that I’ve listened to OPM. I’ve only been listening to James Blunt, DMB, Googoo Dolls and Ayumi Hamasaki for as far as I can remember. I just told her to play “When I Met You” by the Apo Hiking Society and any song by Side A. The former is such a light song that’s really positive. We chose “Tuloy Pa Rin” as the second song.
While it wasn’t my first time to be “on air”, I still felt a little nervous and I guess it showed as I got a little tongue-tied and I talked a bit fast since my mind is faster than my mouth. I don’t know if I could be understood, but our conversation was in Filipino.
Last Friday was a really fun experience for me. I love talking in Filipino when I’m with another Filipino. DJ Reg is such a great host and she was really patient with me ;p
To listen to “Multicultural Family Broadcast” in Filipino… visit the Woongjin Foundation. DJ Reg is on air at 3AM, 9AM, 3PM and 9PM. To those who are in Korea, you may also listen to her on:
– SkyLIfe Channel 855
– C&M Channel 811
– KT Qook TV Channel 620
– 강원방송 – Kangwon Broadcast Channel 510
– 충북방송 – Chung Buk Broadcast Channel 156
– 포항신라방송 – Poh…ang Shilla Broadcast Channel 139
Thanks for inviting me DJ Reg!


  1. It’s such a nice voice ma’am. Katatapos ko lang marinig ang interview mo sa Woongjin streaming. Hindi ko na malaman kung sino sa inyo ni DJ Reg ang DJ (ang gaganda ng boses and its so nice to hear a Filipino language “on air” here in Korea)
    Mabuhay po kayo!

  2. sayang ate we came home late from incheon, visited MIL after my checkup this afternoon. nakatulog din sa sasakyan… hintayin ko na lang sya ma-post for relistening.

  3. I’ve seen her also in rated K- i think its early this year and she said something very inspiring she said ” I believe that when a Filipino is industrious, wherever country they may go, they will be successful”.. She’s so amazing, knowing that all her lecture conducted in Hangul she must be very fluent, i’m just curious how long it will take to be fluent in korean, enough to survive on school,,,

    1. She told me she’s not that fluent in Korean that’s why she’s having a hard time listening to lectures. The good thing is that her professors allow her to submit her papers in English and all their readings are in English too.

  4. narinig ko. hehe. english teacher ka pala ate. dahil kay jan dong gun kaya naging interested sa korea at blog pala ng mga hinaing ang blog na ito… 😀 nice interview mam!

  5. Sweet naman ng love story niyo ng hubby mo. Nakaka-kilig! And you seem to be such a positive person. You’re an inspiration and a good role model. More power to your blog and shopping site! 🙂

  6. May I know how could I get in touch to DJ Regina when I arrived in s. Korea next week?
    In connection to our Filipino event set before Chuseok?
    email or contact number?

  7. hello musta po kau ako po c cherry kim,andeto sa nakatira sa okcheon chungcheong bukdo.nais ko lang batiin mga family ko sa pinas,espano family,,sa mga friends ko dto sa korea sa daejun d2 sa okcheon at sa lahat nang mga kababayan ko musta nalang always pray to god god bless u all,, from,cherry

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