Korean Tofu Chips

One of my son’s favorite snack is “dubu snack” (Hangeul: 두부스낵). “Dubu” is the Korean word for tofu and my son happens to like it whether cooked, raw or chips. So when I passed by a Tous Les Jours (franchised bakery) branch last week and saw that their dubu snacks are on sale (3 bags for 4,000 won) I immediately took six bags. Why were they on sale? The expiration date on the package was 2010.09.01 so we only had a few days to munch on them. I brought the three bags to work the following day.
I just remembered this afternoon that I still have a bag of the dubu snack in my cabinet. My students asked if they could have some. I didn’t want to share it with them so I showed the expiration date. They said it’s okay and excitedly shared the chips.
The tofu chips from Tous Les Jours is made from flour, tofu (22%) and black sesame seeds. A bag is 110 grams and is good for three servings. A serving is about 187 calories while a bag is 556 calories. I only eat a handful (probably a serving) of the chips in one sitting. It’s quite filling and it’s good to have with a hot cup of green tea. What I like about these chips is that they are not salty nor too sweet.
Korean tofu chips (dubu snack) are available at most bakeshops like Tous Les Jours, Paris Baguette and even at Dunkin Donuts, usually at 2,000 won. Must try!


  1. i read chips and though you meant chips….you know the things that were later made anorexic and renamed french fries even though theyre not french!
    still these things are tasty!

  2. hahaha. malapit na pala expire kaya mura. mukhang masarap. mahilig din ako sa tofu, ung sizzling tofu dito sa pinas.
    at tingnan ang mga bata, walang pakialam, hehe, kain lang. 🙂

  3. 1st thing i bought today, hehe, Tous Les Jours Tofu Chips. I was really want to try it after reading your post.
    it’s really good. maraming salamat po 🙂 haha

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