Chuseok "Thank You" gift

Just because Chuseok is near and it’s considered as Korean thanksgiving (although historically it’s Korean harvest festival), I’d also like to express my thanks to our blog visitors.

Last July, I sold a good quantity of Taeyang’s Solar Deluxe Edition at my work-in-progress project: Kpopmall. Although YG Entertainment has released other Taeyang Solar editions: Normal and International, the Deluxe Edition remains to be the most coveted. It is the only one that has a T-shirt designed by Taeyang and a signed photo. As a thank you, I’m giving away ONE Taeyang Solar Deluxe Edition. Here’s how you can win a Taeyang Solar Deluxe Edition.
Oh, check Cher’s blog too. She posted about a chance to win a trip to Korea.


  1. Hi Ms Betchay!
    So excited to know who won this contest… are you giving out 2 sets of CDs… one to the first entry who joi…and that’s ME! woooot wooot! Yay!
    Salamat ^__^

  2. Hi friends my names are kunz obi dume etuba am a Cameroonian as for me i just want to know haw i can get a job in South Korea,

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