Inverted Philippine flag at the US-Asean Summit

This was posted on PEX this morning. Apparently, the Philippine flag at the US-Asean Summit was inverted. The red part was on top while the blue half was on the bottom. Now this one is absolutely disrespectful. I believe that before a program starts, the people in charge of it would check everything.
The screen capture is posted on this PEX topic: Baligtad ang flag ng Pilipinas sa US-Asean Summit.
Here’s the video from RTVM posted on Youtube:


  1. oh no! sana naiayos.
    ang alam ko rin, our flag is the only one that has the “war and peace” meanings depending on how it is raised. maybe the organizers overlooked it. (or they thought we’re on war or something. ha!) wala rin kayang nakapansin sa mga Phil delegations?

  2. pangit nmn ng nagyari… major major problem… tsk…tsk…tsk…
    hi ms. betchay, musta n po orders ko? reply nmn po kayo.

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