Visa Info from Korean Embassy Website

Alas, the South Korean Embassy in the Philippines has posted information on tourist visa requirements on their website. Hat tip goes to a commenter on the site.
Here is the info posted on their site:

Except for some nationalities, Philippine passport holders and individuals who intend to visit or work in Korea are required to secure a visa at the Consular Office.
Visa classifications are as follows:
Tourist or Visitor’s Visa
Business Visa
Transit Visa for Seaman
with Confirmation of Visa Issuance number Form from Korea’s Ministry of Justice.
Tourist and Business Visa may be granted a maximum stay of 90 days. Seamen or transit Visa, 7 days stay. For those who have the Confirmation of Visa Issuance or blue form, the stay will depend on the approved length of stay from the Ministry of Justice in Korea.
In applying for a visa, there are standard requirements. For all who wish to apply, they must submit the following:
Application form duly filled in and signed. The form can be obtained from the Embassy or downloaded at
One passport sized colored picture
Original passport and a copy of the first page (not less than 6 months valid)
Photocopy and original of previous and valid visas to U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, or Korea.
Required documents will depend on the applicant’s occupation and purpose of visit to Korea.
Employment Certificate (Original)
Personal Bank Certificate (Original)
Individual Income Tax Return (photocopy)
ACR & ICR (for foreign nationals who are resident in the Philippines)
If Personally invited to Korea : Original Invitation Letter notarized in Korea and passport copy of the Korean Invitor
If invited by a Company in Korea :Original Invitation Letter notarized in Korea & photocopy of the Korean Company Business Permit
Business Registration from Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or Registration from the Department of Trade and Industry(DTI) and Mayor’s Permit (photocopy)
PERSONAL Bank Certificate (original)
Individual Income Tax Return (photocopy)
ACR & ICR (for foreign nationals who are resident in the Philippines)
If Personally invited to Korea : Original Invitation Letter notarized in Korea and passport copy of the Korean Invitor
If invited by a Company in Korea :Original Invitation Letter notarized in Korea & photocopy of the Korean Company Business Permit
3.1 Students who will travel for tourism purpose
School Certificate (original)
Photocopy of School I.D.
Birth Certificate (photocopy)
Copy of parent’s passport first page,
Parents Bank Certificate (original)
Parents Employment Certificate (original)
Income Tax Return (photocopy)
If Personally invited to Korea : Original Invitation Letter notarized in Korea and passport copy of the Korean Invitor
3.2 Students who will study in Korea
Admission Letter from the University in Korea ( Original)
Copy of Last School Record e.g. Diploma and Transcript of Records
Copy of Birth Certificate
Employment Certificate (if Employed)
Bank Certificate (if the student doesn’t have full scholarship)
Original Letter of Guarantee from the shipping company in the Philippines
Copy of the Guarantee letter from Korea
Copy of Korean Company Business Permit
Copy of seaman’s passport and seaman’s booklet
Copy of E-receipt (from POEA)
Copy of Employment Contract
Copy of Medical Result
Philippine Church Registration from Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) (copy)
Member’s Certification from the Church (original)
Personal Bank Certificate (original)
The Korean Church registration form (photocopy)
Invitation Letter notarized in Korea
Invitor’s ID photocopy
If employee, submit employment certificate & ITR
Korean Family Census issued within the last 3 months (original)
Korean’s Passport photocopy
Daughter’s Passport photocopy
Daughter’s NSO marriage Certificate
Invitation letter from the Korean National
Invitation Letter notarized in Korea (original)
Photocopy of Invitor’s Military I.D and/or passport photocopy of first page
Photocopy of Military Order
NSO Marriage certificate (photocopy)
CFO Certificate
Birth Certificate ( photocopy)
Invitation Letter notarized in Korea (original)
Invitor’s passport photocopy of first page
Photocopy of Invitor’s Military I.D & Military Order
Mother’s passport photocopy
Mother’s visa page photocopy
NSO Marriage certificate (photocopy)
FOR SHORT TERM EMPLOYMENT IN KOREA OR C4 VISA (for entertainers, teachers etc)
Employment contract
Recommendation letter issued by the head of the relevant central government agency
for entertainers – recommendation letter from Korea Media Rating Board
For teachers – recommendation letter from the ministry of Education
For Athletes – recommendation letter from the ministry of Culture and Sports
Filled application form
Confirmation of Visa Issuance Number
1 Passport Sized Picture
Php 2500.00 (visa fee)
Employment Contract ( For E6 and F1 Visa applicant or Domestic Helpers)
Application procedure. After completing the required documents, applicants may file their applications at the Consular Office from 9-11 am only. This is on a first come, first serve basis. No appointment is needed. First time travelers and those who do not have previous or valid visas to U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, or Korea must present their documents at Window 3. Frequent Travelers, seamen and those who have confirmation of visa issuance number should apply at Window 4.
Processing takes 5 working days for first time travelers and 3 working days for frequent travelers. This may be extended though, depending on the Consul’s decision. Releasing time is only from 2-4 pm.
Applicants, especially the First Time travelers, are advised to personally claim their visas. An interview with the Consul may be required before the result of the application is given. E-6 Applicants/Entertainers, must personally appear for an interview before the visa can be issued.
Visa exemptions are as follows:
If using Philippine Official and Diplomatic Passport.
If transiting only and going to the U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan, or New Zealand. But must not stay beyond 30 days and with confirmed onward ticket to the 3rd country.
If the individual has been to Korea for four (4) times within the past two years with a C2 or C3 visa. Or has been to Korea for more than ten (10) times already.
If Nationality is among the list of those exempted from securing a visa. For information, or list of these nationalities, you may visit the website.
or call the consular office
at 856-9210 (Local no.302)
For further inquiries or clarifications regarding visa matters, you may contact us at those numbers. The Consular office open from Monday to Friday
Consul in charge : Kim, songgil/ Lee, Jin Hwan
Contact number: (632) 856-9210


  1. Hi, good afternoon.
    Just want to ask what does this phrase means.
    “If the individual has been to Korea for four (4) times within the past two years with a C2 or C3 visa.”
    Does it mean that i dont have to go to the embassy to reaaply for a C3 visa? can i just go buy me a ticket, board on any plane, and just go to Korea whenever i want to since a 4-timer C3 visa holder is alreeady exempt from visa?
    thanks so much!!

  2. hindi ako masyado makapagcomment. busy po kasi. btw, tnx for posting helpful tips. also, salamat po dun sa pagtuturo how our korean friends can call us here in the philippines.

  3. Hi Ate Betchay,
    Pls do help me..My husband need to register our baby in his family register so he could get a visa for korea but one of the requirements s the passport of mother (which is mine) but the problem is i still don’t have a passport bcoz i need to get the CFO cert. My husband will just register it in Manila Korean embassy. Would my valid Id’s will do? so he could register our baby in his family register?
    Any replies would be much appreciated. God bless. 🙂

  4. anyong haseyo consul sajangnim….. my fiance and my cousin chojongjang mandorosoyo. keuriko sachon chojongjang yogi boneseyo 11-20-2010 ori chojongjang watsoyo. keuriko naneun palli hanguk desagwan kayadi. ottokeyo uri chojongjang ta soryo we andeyeyo? yenari chojongjang ajik ankonasoyo naneun mani arabogonika. before my cousin and my fiace made an invitation letter for me, i personally inquire in the korean embassy last november 18,2010 in the afternoon for inquiries. then when i am in the embassy already i ask them if they accept my cousin invitation letter then they replied then they give a sheets of paper for the requirement then after i finish all the requirements, i submet all my requirement in windaw 1 then the korean girl says im sorry mis but the invitaton cousin is not allowed only brother/sisters or a parents only are allowed. im so shock got ponic and crying. and some other said said y korean embassy cannot accept my cousin invitation letter? why only me? why? consul sajangnim dowajuseyo.. i need your answer right now. kamsahabnida…

    1. hey jovelyn,
      4years n aqoh d2 s korea..
      hnd lang ikaw ang hnd na bibigyan ng visa,hnd tlga nag aaccept ang korean embassy ng invitation galing s pinsan lang,minsan nang aaccept din cla depende sa sitwasyon…
      kung ung fiance mu korean,pwde xa ang mag imbita sau para maka punta k d2 s korea..o kya nmn uuwi xa jan s pinas..share q lang..

  5. Good day to all of u! I have question.. My Korean husband and I are planning to invite my mom and my two brothers to visit us here in Korea. They are in Cebu now and the embassy is in Manila. I was just wondering if only one of them or perhaps my father could do all the paperwork for their visas in Manila since my mom and my bros are busy. Also, we can save more time and of course the airfare.. I hope you can help me with this matter.. I need to know asap.. Thank u! 🙂

  6. Hi,
    Im planning to go to korea again with my friends .. but my previous visa c21 is expired two months ago… in securing the requirements for application of visa is it ..same documents that i submit during the first time….( coz i secure the photo copy before ) or the embassy will ask for the new ( Bank Cert, Invitation Letter and COE..)
    i will only stay in korea for 1 week…what best visa should i secure for my short trip at korea..??
    I would appreciate any replys..^.^

    1. Hi! Yes you need to give them the list but your documents should be current. They’re quite strict even if you’re only going to stay for a week in Korea.

  7. hello Ms. Betchay
    Thanks for the reply…^^
    I Have one more question….my previous boss is willing to provide us Invitation letter…he is now currently working at hanjin main office..i just wanna ask …is it possible that in one invitation letter me and my friends is all listed in there…? he will use his company for the invitation letter since we work in hanjin philippines previously…and others currently Hanjin workers.

  8. hi betchay,
    nagoverstay ako sa korea ng 2yrs,at kusa akong umuwi nong 2009,may pagasa pa ba akong makakabalik? makakakuha pa ba ako uli ng visa,gusto ko kc magapply uli since 2yrs na mula nong umuwi ako,,,my status now is married and i am living in new delhi india,….waiting for your reply,,,thanks!

  9. For OFWs working, say in, Saudi Arabia – Will employment certificate be required? I can present Bank Certificte, though.

  10. im yoori park my father is korean and my mother is filipino japanese im asking some questions if odes ok my parents are not married but my name is given in korean name but i didn’t see my ftaher for 21 years until now when my mother and father got separated did im allowed to get a korean visa to go to korwea i just wanted to see my father i dont need his finacial support all i need is to see him hope korean embbassy will give my a chance to go to korea for a few days only kamsahamnida

  11. 안녕하새요, im here in korea i plan to invite my brother to help me my farm job in korea because im 12week pregnant now im not helping my husband to my farm job thats why i wanted to come my brother what we shold do to invite he..kasi last year nadinay ang visa nya pero kailangan ko ang help nya please give advise pls.thank you more power

  12. Hi! Ms betchay,
    May mga questions lng po ako. my korean boyfrend was planning to bring me to korea but jobless po ako ngayon nakita ko po yung mga requirements sa website ng korean embassy d2 sa atin siguro ung ibang requirements dko ma poprovide, kung mag provide ba ang bf ko ng guaranteed letter/invitation letter dko na po ba kailangan ng mga ITR/BANK CERT since ung bf ko naman po ang mag provide ng gastos sa korea? please i need your help po. mahirapan po kausapin ung mga koreano sa korean embassy khit itanung mu sa knila yung genyang kaso sasabihin lng nila visit the website. please give advise thank you godbless!

  13. hello ate betchey i just want to ask what are the documents needed if i apply pettition to my brother in davao?i am now a citizen of korea,please answer me ate betchay!!thank you and god bless!!

  14. Magkano ang kailangan laman ng bank account (bank statement) para makakuha ng VISA? is PHP50,000 enough (just like in China) or kailangan pang mas malaki

    1. HI Dada! Hindi lang naman bank account ang importante, kailangan mapakita mo rin na may stable job ka…

  15. hi…i’m planning to have a tour in korea this coming november?i have my bank accounts and currently managing our business pero hindi nakapangalan saken ung business namen…anu pa ba pwede kong i present?pwede ba land title?please suggest..
    thank you!

  16. grabe naman ang korea masyadong mahigpit pero bakit d nila higpitin yung mga koreano na nag hahanap ng filipina mapangasawa d nila alam eh yung iba dito mag asawang pinay ginugulpi at pinapatay ang alam ko bawal yan bakit d nila pag bawalan yan at hulihin… kung ano yung importante yun ang hinihigpitan tulad ko nag invite ako ng pamngkin ko para may katuwang ako d nila pinag bigyan bakit takot kau mag tnt sya may kasulatan naman ahhh ….d naman yan pinapunta ko dito para mag trbho kundi tulungan ako sa akin panganganak dhil manganganak ako now july d pa nila pinag bigyan buti kung nag bibiro akala naman nila pinag sisinungalingan sila eh wala naman tlga akong nny at kapatid na bbae uu may tty ako pero dnaman pwede yun kasi ma deperensya sya sa tenga at d naman din pwede kuya ko dhil may trbho at walang mag titingin sa ppa ko!!!! pasensya na kung napag salita ako ng ganito ksi maama tlga loob ko sa embassy ng korea.

  17. Hi Good morning isa po akong DH dito HONGKONG at nag inquire na po ako dito ng mga requirements for tourist visa pero they just allowed me to give me a visa if ever i go with my boss for visit ….Pero kung mag-isa ako jan daw sa pilipinas ako mag-apply ng visa ….Just ask how much yung amount ng pera sa banko na required ?
    At ano ang iba pang requirement na kailangan ?
    My Boyfriend is asking me doon kasi sya nagtratrabaho aand he want me to go on there for visit ano po ba ang mga requirements na pwede nyang i-provide to help my application and how long to wait for the visa if ever na mag apply ako .Thank you hope to hear your reply ASAP thanks and God bless ,,,

  18. gud pm, panu po ba mg apply ng E1 visa or anu po ba pwede ko i aaply na visa my sister is korean citezen 14 years na cya dun nkatira my 5 anak cya ung pang 3 my sakit epelepsy ung bta kailangan nya ng katuwang. panganay nya 12 years old at ung pang 5, 2 years old naman. 3 beses na ako pabalik balik dun 3 months parati visa ko. anu dapat ko gawin para maging 6 buwan o 1 taon ang ibigay na visa. last year naaksidente ung pang 4, nasagasaan ng kotse, 3 buwan cla sa hospital, kya nhirapan cya tlaga sa mga bta. kauuwi ko lng dto sa pinas. pero patuloy parin ang check up nung 2 bta. sna po matulungan nyo kmi kung panu ang nararapat nmin gawin. maraming salamat po lubos na umaasa at gulagalang.analiza

  19. hello po..I”m planning to visit my husband in korea this july 2011..But it is stated in my husband’s job contract that after 6 months he can invite me to korea and apply for an f3 visa..But gusto po kasi ng company ng husband ko na mag toursit visa nalang ako to korea.tapos habang nasa korea ako as tourist visa dun na nila aasekasuhin yung papeles ko for an f3 visa..di kaya ako ma denied ng korean embassy in case mag apply ako as tourist visa?pls rply mam..

  20. Sir/ Ma’am,
    Magandang araw po sa inyong lahat, meron po akong katanungan na kung mabibigyan ng kasagutan ay napakalaki po ng maitutulong sa akin, ganito ngayon E9 visa holder po ako dito sa korea from 2005-upto now straight po yan sa isang company lang, ngayon po matatapos na po ako this coming July 25, 2011…( my question is ) meron pong company na kumukuha sa akin ngyon kailangan ko pong mag apply ng E7 visa ( lahat po ng reqmnts na kailangang iprovide ng company ko meron na po…ngyon paanu po ba ang mga proseso na gagawin ng employer na kumukuha sa akin at anu namn po ang proseso na gagawin ko pag nasa pinas na po ako… isa pa po kailangan po ba may mga dokumento akong dala pag uwi ko ng pilipinas…
    Sana namn po matulungan nyu ako kung sinuman po man po sa inyo…maraming salamat po at Pagpalain kayo ng Panginoon..

  21. welder po yung trabaho na papasukan ko bali skilled worker po ako…..karagdagang info. lng po..

  22. Sir/ Ma’am
    I’d like to inquire about the Visa processing going to Korea. We are a family of 6 and we plan to have the tour from December 26, 2011 to December 29, 2011. Please email the requirements or reply soon. Thank you!
    Looking forward to your response,
    Toni Abacan

  23. first time kong mag apply ng visa. sa window 2 ako pinasubmit. bakit hindi sa window 1. ano ba pag window 2? tourist visa lang naman inaaplyan ko for 6 days. ang sungit ng babae sa window 2. nag good morning ako pero nakasibangot sya. nung july 27 ako nag apply. sa aug. 2 release. I pray ma approve yung visa ko. nakarating na naman ako sa singapore, malaysia, thailand at vietnam. haay… iba kasi ang treatment sa mga pinoy eh. pero andaming korean dito sa pinas ha. sana di na sila super strict. kumpleto naman requirements ko eh.

  24. Hi po Kua romeo..first time q din po maga2pply ng visa,and first time q po magtravel abroad..bka this august po aq magapply..kelan po b aq dpat magaaply ng visa qng ang flight q is on Sept.28 p.?kelangan p po b tlga ng invitation letter at bank certificate?ininvite lng po kc aq ng cousin q..dun n po xa nktra 1 year n po xa dun and may asawa po xang koreano..wla po aqng bank cert..pero employed nmn po aq..i have my cert. of employment and ITR..ok lng po bng un lng ung isubmit q?9 days lng nmn po aq dun..mejo knkbhan po kc aqng magappy dhil s mga nbsa q d2 s blog..ang dmi po kcng nde2ny..hndi q inexpect n gnun pla cla kstrict s pagb2gay ng visa..Pde po bng share m sken ung experience m..thanks so much po Godbless.

  25. good morning po Ms Betchay, pwede po ba mag tanung
    I have plan to visit JeJu Island hopefully this month,do i need to get a korean visa? kasi vacation lang naman maybe 5 days stay lang po ,, I have heard from other friends po kasi na Jeju Island doesn’t require visa kasi po its a tourist spot pero i tried to search the net pero i couldn’t find any information about that po kasi eh, hope to here from you soon po
    thank you po!
    have a nice day!

    1. Hi Jeany! Hindi na kailangan ng visa sa Jeju. Pero just to be sure I’ll call the Immigration on Monday and will post their reply here.

  26. husband is a korean citizen and i have been already in korea 8 years ago but when i’m was there in korea i decide to go back phil. for personal reason and my husband was left in korea.Me and my daughter was decided to go back phil. to continue her studying,i’m planning to go back korea alone while my daughter is studying here.Nais ko po sanang tumira na sa korea.Ang tanong ko lang po kung if allow akong makapag work sa korea kahit di pa ako korean citizen?i just want to help my husband to provide the financial support for our daughter if ever i left my daughter here in phil.pls. kindly answer my question.. thank you po.


  28. Hi, quick question and I would really appreciate your reply. The website didn’t say if appearance is required to submit the tourist visa application. My family and I are going for a trip, and maybe it’s just my husband bringing the application and requirements.
    Can’t take a leave easily, that’s why. Thanks so much for your help

  29. Ako iba naman situation, will go to South Korea for a 3 day vacation next month. I’ll be traveling using my Australian passport; but I’ll be coming from Manila. I’ve been in Manila for a few years now, since I work and live here. I know Australian passport holders don’t need a visa, but is there anything else that’s needed since I’ll be coming in from the Philippines? Wala akong return ticket to Australia since I live in Manila now and I also have dual citizenship.

  30. gud day po…. ask lng po. ung tita ko naka asawa ng korean 5years na po. my plan po sya na mag visit ung lola ko at kasama ako. madali lng ba ang process nun? papadalhan nya daw kami ng invitation letter, hindi po ba mahirap ang process na 2? plsss reply po i need an answer tnx po

  31. Hi,
    Ask ko lang po, may pwede ba akong pagdownloadan ng Korean Application for Visa? Di ko maintindihan ung language nung binigay na site dito ng Korean Embassy. Pwede ba humingi ng copy?

  32. Hello, I’m going to pba na process my visa to Korea..Kailangan po ba na maaga ako pupunta ng embassy? I’m from Cebu and I’m going to take an early flight para di po ako ma-late..please help me..

    1. Hi! Oo mas maganda kung maaga ka kasi limited ang time sa pag-apply ng visa. Sa umaga lang sila tumatanggap ng application, at release naman ng passport sa hapon.

  33. Hi!
    il’d like to inquire about the Visa processing going to Korea. We are a family of 5 and we plan to have the tour from December 10, 2011 to December 15, 2011. may pinsan po ung husband q don n tutuluyan kmi. Please email the requirements or reply soon. Thank you!
    Looking forward to your response,

  34. hi!
    pwede nyo po ba akong tulungan? gusto ko po kasi makarating ng korea with my aunt invitation. ano po ba mga kailangan pr maapprove ang visa ko?

  35. hi ask ko ko lng po,my kapatid ako na lalaki na gusto ko sana kunin dto katulong sa bahay nmin,ngaun asawa ko dto ay foriegner,german at my malaking katungkulan sa company,sya bali ang mg sponsor sa kapatid ko,ngaun ano po ba ung requirements dapat ng kapatid ko pra maka kuha ng visa..sabi kc ng secretary ng asawa ko dapat daw tapos ng middle skul,eh 2nd year hyskul lng po sya..pls help nman po salamat

  36. hello po,
    Matanung ko lang po kung anu po ba yong mga requirements for Visa application if husband ko po ay Korean nationals. Nakasal napo kami this year at gusto niya akong maka punta sa south korea. I really need info.
    Thank you & God bless!

  37. Hi, me and my friends are visiting Korea for the first time. One of my friend lives in Bacolod. She’s asking if I can submit her application form and requirements in behalf of her since its way too expensive to go here in Manila just to submit all her requirements for the visa.

  38. HI, pupunta po kami ng asawa, anak, and mother ko sa korea.. ano po ang requirements ng bata para sa visa?

  39. Hello Ate Betchay,
    Tanung lang po ako, Pupunta kasi ako ng Mexico pero ang flight ko ay connect sa Seoul Korea, Then papuntang Tokyo — to Mexico City na. Kailangan ko pa bang mag-apply ng transit visa sa Korea?

    1. Hi! Hindi mo na kailangan kumuha ng transit visa, unless lalabas ka ng airport at mag-stay ka ng ilang araw ;p

  40. Hello,I’ve been in Korea since 2001 ,7 times na akong pabalik balik dun last visit ko ay last year pwede ba akong mag apply ng multiple visa? How much babayaran ko at ilang days ako pweding mag stay sa Korea pag may multiple visa na ako?..tnx a lot po sa reply ninyo…

  41. hello! ask ko lng po kc blak ng mr ko na invite ang brother ko p ppunta dto s korea mkakuha kya sya ng visa na mag stay sya khit one year dto?

  42. Hello MA’am Betchay ,
    Nakakuha na ako ulit ng visa at nag ask ako dun kung pwede na akong mag apply ng multiple visa since 7 times na akong pabalik palik dun.Cnabi nung nasa window 3 ang consul daw ang mag dedecide dun so it means mag aaply pa ako ng ilang beses until tatakan nila ng multiple?At ano ibig sabihin ng C32 tourist ba iyun or bussiness?THanks in advance po sa reply ninyo.

  43. hello po ms. betchay,ask q lang po kung anong mga requirements ang klangan ko,ung ama po ng anak ko ay us army at may balak nya kming kunin nxt year! ano pong visa ang pwd po nmin kunin at how long po? need to know po,salamat po!

  44. hi,betchay,ask ko lng ung ano mas madali kung papalakad ko ang visits visa ko sa travel agency o mas ok kung ako nlang mismo ang mag aaply ng visits visa ko,thank you!

  45. hi maam…..i would like to ask what are the benefits of my 1 year old child that was born in korea?….i wonder if he still need a visa if we will going to korea for a tour?…..parents both filipino po…

    1. hi amy! unfortunately, walang benefits kung parehong non-korean ang mga parents at yes, kailangan niya mag-travel with a visa as your dependent

  46. i see…..can u please share ano requirements nya…1 year old po sya and 6 months….illigitemate po…thanks maam betchay….cguro naman po madali lng sya magrant ng visa ano po?

  47. hi miss betchay gusto po sana namin mag iina magtour sa korea dahil seaman ang husband ko. mag stay lang po kami ng 3 to 4 days don. kailangan pb ng visa?tnx

    1. Hi Cathy! Kailangan pa rin ng visa kahit 3 to 4 days lang. Eto requirements:
      – Copy of Marriage Certificate
      – Copy of Husband’s Passport (first page)
      – Copy of Husband’s Employment Contract
      – Guarantee Letter from the Philippine Agent
      – Copy of Guarantee Letter from the Korean Agent
      – Personal Bank Certificate (original)

  48. Hello,
    Mam ask Lang po ako mag apply kami ng tourist visa mom ko brother ko, tatlo kami, kuha nami sa visa kailangan na personal appearance, how about young pag submit puede ako Lang ba mag submit sa docs namin tatlo?

  49. Hello Hello,
    How to transit through the airport for a Cambodian going to China. Would even consider staying in Korea a few days as a tourist if getting a visa is not super hard.

    1. Hi James! The requirements I posted here are for Filipino citizens. The Korean Embassy must have a different set of requirements for Cambodians. It’s best to ask the Korean Embassy in your country. Good luck!

  50. Hi. What if walang ITR since alanganin yong time? May alternative documents ba na kailangan isubmit? Please reply asap via email. Thanks!

  51. hi ive been i korea for a tourist visa 3 times how many time before i got the visa free?
    pls reply me

  52. hi ms betchay
    how many times to visit to korea? before i got my free visa?ive been 3times there since sept 2011 then this years 2 times?
    pls reply me asap!!i stay 5days only every enter.

  53. Hi Miss Betchay,
    Sa ngayon po nandito ako sa Qatar(OFW) at nabigyan naman ako ng tourist visa..mgbabakasyon ako sa Pilipinas sa April at balak ko dalhin ang 2 anak at isang pamangkin(all students) po bang mga requirements na binigay ko dito sa KOrean embassy ng Qatar pareho lng sa atin?ok lng din ba na sa aking papeles n lng ang i-submit kahit wala na yung sa husband ko?thanks!

  54. Hello,
    My girlfriend and I are in a bit of a tricky situation and I’ve been getting no answers from the embassy. My father and I are American, and my father lives and works in Korea. I will be traveling to Korea in May, and we would like my girlfriend who is from the Philippines to visit us there so he can meet her.
    Is it possible for my father (an American citizen with an Alien Registration Card) to invite her to South Korea?? The embassy has told me both yes and no depending on who I talk to. Also, they told me that the invitation letter definitely does NOT need to be notarized. Is that true? If you could respond ASAP that would be really helpful because we’re trying to get this done as soon as possible. Thank you for your help!

  55. Hi po, gusto ko lang po magtanong kung kailangan ko pa ng bank certificate at invitation letter kung mag aapply ako ng visa to Korea kung meron na akong Japan visa? plano ko kasi bisitahin ang friend ko sa korea na nasa US army mag totourist lang sana ako at 5 days lang ako magstay doon. Your advice will be most appreciated.Thank you!

  56. gu pm, maam betchay, tanung ko po sna kung panu gagawin ko, 3x na ako nkapunta sa korea my sister is korean citezen wla na po kmi parents kya ako nkakatulong sa 5 nyang mga anak. last year may 2011 umuwi ako ako ng file ako ng visa august na denied ang visa ko sv after 6months pwede na ako mg apply. nung april 20 2012 ng apply ako hd nila tinanggap mga papers ko kc sv sa embasy my tatak daw ung passport ko ng denied dapat daw minsan lng sa isang taon pwede pumunta ang kapatid. tanung ko poh. kelan ako pwede mg apply next year pa ulit. lubos na gumagalang liza.

    1. Hi ana! Kasi nasa desisyon ng Korean Embassy yun. Hindi ko alam ang rule na isang beses lang pwede pumunta ha… pero kasi pag minsan a-apply ng visa tapos “tour” ang nakalagay pero ang tagal tagal ng stay, nagdududa ang embassy.

      1. ah ukie poh salamat poh. visit visa lng ako parati after 3 months uwi na ako. ng aalaga lng poh ako ng mga anak nya. kc ung 3rd child nya my sakitkailangan ng my mg guide.

        1. Hi ana! Ask mo ate mo kung pwede siya mag-apply ng F-1 visa para sa ‘yo sa Immigration Office nila. Kasi pag special circumstance naman pinapayagan nila minsan.

  57. Hi po maam. tanong ko lang po kung pano kukuha ng tourist visa kng separated ang parents? Di po ba yan magmamatter kung kasal sa iba nanyay ko pro di sila legally hiwalay ng tatay ko. Thank you po: )

  58. Hi Ms Betchay. This website is very helpful buti na lang nasearch ko sya. Ask ko lang po sana, my boyfriend is korean and he was planning to invite me to visit him for one week. He will provide all the documents that i needed. I am working in Singapore as DH but when i inquired at the Korean Embassy here in Singapore they told me to apply the visa in Philippines. I don’t know how to start Ms Betchay. Any suggestions to answer my quarries? What are the documnets needed to apply a tourist visa or a fiancee visa? Thank you and more power!

    1. Hi Janet! Walang fiance visa sa Korea so mag-apply ka lang ng tourist visa. Kailangan mong ipakita ang:
      – Bank certificate
      – Certificate of Employment
      – Tax Return from the BIR (or get a Certificate of EXemption kung hindi ka nagbabayad ng tax dahil OFW ka)
      – application form
      – passport
      – invitation from your Korean boyfriend and the first page of his passport
      So kailangan sa Pilipinas ka mag-apply ng visa kasi kung hindi pwede sa Korean Embassy diyan.

      1. Thanx Ms Betchay for your reply. One more thing pa po, may required ba na minimum sa bank account, atm account is acceptable? Thank you so much…..

        1. Walang required na minimum sa bank account. Merong iba 300K ang pera pero nade-deny at meron naman na 15K pero nabibigyan ;p

          1. Thank you so much for the information. I appreciate it a lot. You help a lot of people specially those who really don’t know how to do and no idea regarding visa. Iniisip ko lang po if san po pala kukuha ng Certificate of EXemption? Thanx again. More power and God bless!

  59. hi sir/mam ask ko lng po my father is pure korean and my mother po is filipina and my father ko ang nkapirma s birth certificate ko po and bougth my prents are maried po d2 s pilipinas but my father po he died last may 2006 d2 and my mother po died last march 2009 gusto ko po sana malaman kng ano po ang maibibigay s akin n previlage n mkapunta s korea po kc po may dugong koreano po ako

    1. Hi Jung Sin! Ang importante ay nasa Family Register ka ng tatay mo sa Korea. Kung under 20 ka at nasa Family Register ka, Korean citizen ka. Mas maganda na itanong mo sa Korean Embassy at sana may papeles ka na maipakita na recognized ka ng tatay mo sa Korea.

      1. hi madam ask ko po ulit im 29 n po kng pno po kng hindi nya po kmi na register ang alm ko po dpat alis po cla ng mama ko po ng july ng 2006 going in korea to proces some documents po but my father was died nung may 2006 po ang hawak ko lng po eh my birth certificate signed my father and my father marriage certificate po with my mom po and also his death certificate po. ano po s tingin po ninyo s case ko po. thank you po il wait po your reply godbles po

  60. Hi Ms Betchay,
    Ikinasal po kami dito lng sa korea ng asawa kung koreano.
    Tapos, invite ko po mother my problem is
    wala akung marriage certificate sa NSO yung dito lang sa korea.
    I need your help.

    1. Hi Ann! Na-process mo na ba ang visa mo? Kailangan i-report mo ang marriage ninyo sa Philippine Embassy, tapos ask your mom to apply for the NSO marriage certificate sa Pilipinas. Yun kasi ang required document ng Korean Embassy at strict sila pagdating sa dokumento.

  61. please help my cousin Janet kim with 4 children how to go after her husband support since she home here in davao or what step shall we do to get support from him financal needs.we are willing to submit birth certificate and marriage contract for proof if need
    thanks . please advise and help us what to do.

  62. by the way my cousin Janet who have 4 kids with her husband koreano abandon now for almost 3 ears never send money for his children.Kim i the name of her husband . He live together with korean national also now as per info. my cousin said her friend saw him work in KTV bar in malvar manila.we sure he can not exit philippines because he is TNT for almost 10 years dont fix everything in imigration.

    1. Hi Clarence! Nope. It doesn’t say there that Filipinos can enter anytime without a visa. Kailangan talaga.

  63. hi mam ask ko lang po sa inyo kung ilang years pa po bago ako makabalik ng korea after kong tumakas sa amo ko dti bali 1year ako mahigit ng stay sa korea ng walang visa after non umuwi din ako dito pinas kasi po nakasal kami ng husband ko at ngayon gusto n niya akong kuhaan ng visa papunta doon us military po siya hindi po ba ako nila eh denied sa airport ng korea pag nandoon na ako tnx po….

    1. Hi Realyn! Hindi ako sure pero usually 3-5 years bago makabalik ng Korea. Kung Korean ang asawa mo, hindi na kailangan maghintay ng ganun katagal. Pero dahil American, iba ang rules sa kanila.

      1. Hi ms.Becthay,2009 po ako umuwi dito sa pinas galing korea pero tnt po ng 6months.6yrs na po kami ng bf ko korean since 2007 until now.uwi po sxa dito para pakasal.pano kaya yun.diba po ba ask nila pagkuha ng legal capacity ng korean kung san kami nga meet?sxempre po sbihin ko sa korea,makikita kaya nila yun record ko dun,kinakabahan ako baka di ma isuehan ng legal bf ko.tsaka kung sakali man pagkuha ko ng visa sa kr embassy makita nila record ko pano kaya yun?tsaka sabi ng iba ireport ko daw yun mc namin sa immigration kung sakali.

        1. Hi Beth! Don’t worry too much. Makikita talaga nila record mo na nag-TNT ka. Sayang ano? Six months lang… hehehe
          Anyway, ang legal capacity hindi naman naka-depende sa ‘yo. Proof yun na pwede mag-asawa ang boyfriend mo, na wala siyang asawa now. Pag nakakuha na siya noon, pwede na kayo mag-apply ng lisensya sa city hall at wait kayo ng ten days bago makakuha ng marriage license. Pag nakakuha ka na ng marriage license, dun mo pa lang ipa-process ang document mo.

  64. ask ko lang po kong ung mga eps visa na d nakakuha ng kokmin sa korea dito po ba pwede cla magclaim, ano po ang requirements.i just want to know,thank to all

    1. Me & my two kids are applying for a Korean tourist visa. Do we need to appear in submitting our documents? My daughter is a doctor( residency training) she doesn’t have an ITR.. My husbands employment certificate & ITR is enough?

  65. Dear Betchay,
    married aq s korean national got married yr 2002 tpos umuwi aq pinas 2010 dec…dina aq nkbalik ss binigay n reentry n 5months dpat blik aq march 2011..wala n aqng blita s knya kc ngpalit ng number asawa ko..pwede pb aq mbigyan ng vida pabalik khit wala n aqng reentry kc 2yrs lng lagi apply n stay ang binigay ng asawa renew lng ng renew.gusto ko sana bumalik at hanapin cya s korea.mbigyan p kya aq ng visa ng embassy khit n aqng papel galing s asawa ko.?may marriage contract aqng hawak pwede ko b mgmit pag apply ng visa.

  66. Ask ko lang kailangan pa kaya ng Korean visa kung mag transit lang kami doon for 3 days, papunta kami US at balak sana namin na magstay ng 3 days doon bago magproceed sa US.

  67. miss betchay as ko lang po ano tawag sa medical exam para mag apply ng visa.kapag pumunta po ba ng hospital sabihin lang magpapamedical for visa application alam na po ba nila kung ano anong exams ang gagawin or e-coconduct? PLSS….reply asap..thank u po.

  68. Hi Ms Betchay,Help me naman po what to do. dati po akong nag overstay sa korea for a period of 3 years, gumamit po ako ng ibang name sa firstime kong pasok sa korea. Umuwi po ako dito sa pinas at nagbiyahe ng maraming beses sa korea na ang gamit ko po ay totoong name ko na. Nag asawa po ako ng koreano at naging legal na ako hawak F-2, pero this year ko pong pasok ay nasabat ako sa airport at napauwi ako uli sa pinas. May pag asa pa po ba na maayos ang visa ko dahil gusto po ng asawa ko na makabalik ako uli sa korea. Paano po kaya ang magandang gawin? ang sabi po kc sa pusan airport ay base sa korean law,the first name I used in entering korea is my true name, which is the opposite, yung second po ang true. Sana po ay malinawan nio ako ng dapat gawin. Salamat po!

  69. Hi Ms. Betchay,
    tanong ko lang po sana, if iinvite po kame ng sister ko jan sa korea (my mom, her daughter and sister(me)), pero ung husband niya ang mgbibigay nang invitation us army po siya same lang po ba nang requirements for child/parents???
    Birth Certificate ( photocopy)
    Invitation Letter notarized in Korea (original)
    Invitor’s passport photocopy of first page
    Photocopy of Invitor’s Military I.D & Military Order
    Mother’s passport photocopy
    Mother’s visa page photocopy
    NSO Marriage certificate (photocopy)
    … ito po ate betchay?? same lang po b nang requirements ang dadalhin namen sa korean embassy?? 3months visa po sna kse po balak nmen mag christmass there in korea..
    sna po masagot niyo po ang tanong q… salamat po…

  70. hello po.naalala ko lang meron akong isang ka org mate nagapply siya ng visa kaso denied pero pinakiusapan nung korean friend ko yung embassy ayun nakapunta ng korea..
    pwede ba na yung friend ko na lang magsubmit ng documents ko sa embassy or kailangan pa ng letter na inaallow ko siya isubmit yung documents ko..
    at saka sa ngayon unemployed ako pero my mga pending applications.if ever sa time na magtatravel ako going to korea tapos unemployed pa pwede bang documents ng korean friend ko yung gamitin??
    tsaka about po sa invitation letter dapat po ba notarized sa korea yung letter?
    eh dito po nagwowork yung friend ko sa pinas
    balak namin magtravel feb 5days lang..pwede po ba siya magbigay ng invitation letter? if pwede san po notarized?
    thank you po in advance

    1. Hi Tiffany! Case-to-case basis yung “pakiusap”. Minsan nagwo-work at minsan naman hindi. Depende sa sitwasyon o pangangailangan sa pagpunta sa Korea. Hindi kailangan na notarized ang invitation letter. Kailangan lang na kasama sa invitation ang passport copy ng nagi-invite.

      1. thank u how about po ung pag gamit ng documents niya kesa documenta ko pwede po ba yun?tsaka pwede po ba na sya pagsubmitin ko sa embassy?

  71. low po..ask ko lang kung anung visa ang kailangan para sa mga waitress sa korea…sana po may sumagot..thank you po..

  72. low po..ask ko lang kung anung visa ang kailangan para sa mga waitress sa korea…e-6 po ba?sana po may sumagot..thank you po..

  73. hello po ms.betchay,nadenied po aq last dec.2011 tpos ng apply ulit po aq ngaung sept.ngwoworry lng aq n bka madeny ulit my reason nman kc ung sister q mnganganak this coming oct. it possible kya n grant n ung request ng brother in law q?

  74. hello po, ask ko lng po kung mag-asawa kami magto-tour sa korea kailangan po ba naming magsubmit mag-asawa ng separate employment certificate, bank certificate, ITR, etc.? o pwde na kahit isa lang sa min magsubmit?
    hoping for your response. salamat po.

  75. ask ko lang po kung anong gagawin kung over stay n ang visa?kasi umuwi po ung siter ko s pinas at kasama ang anak nya at ang ama ng bata is koreno..s madaling salita koreano po ang asawa ng sister ko…1month lang po ung visa nila s pinas dapt noong august 25 ang uwi nila e kinagat po ng aso ang bata kya hindi sil Nkauwi ksi pinadoctor pa ang bata..kya sumubra n po ang visa nila ng 1week… ano po b ang ggwin nila?at mgkano po ang pinalty? pls reply me ASAP/////

    1. Hi Cecilia! Kung ang sister mo ay Filipino, balikbayan visa na good for one year ang binibigay sa asawa at anak. Check ninyo ang passport kung may nakalagay na “bb” – handwritten lang siya at sinusulat ng immigration official sa passport ng Pinoy pagdating sa pinas.

  76. Hi Ms. Betchay,
    Ask ko lang po anu po ang requirements kapag direct employee sa korea,, ung pinsan ko po kasi dun na nkapangasawa ng koreano at gusto nyang dun ako magwork kso di nya po alam kung anu ang requirements para makakuha ako dito ng working visa..meron naman pong work n naghihintay sakin dun? please do reply namn po tska wat kind of visa po ang aaplayan ko first tym ko po ksi..
    Thank you po..

  77. my visa got denied and I was hoping to re-apply again after a month. According to the paper attached, I can do it earlier than 6 months if I have a different purpose of entry. My original purpose was to simply sightsee. If I secure an invitation from an academy in Korea stating that I am invited to an event, would that qualify as a different purpose of entry?

  78. hi! gusto ko po sanang magvacation sa korea , isa po akong dating OFW sa taiwan from 2005- nov 2011, may bank certificate n po ako saka employment certificate pero wala po akong ITR sa last kong company na pinagtrabahuhan. ang itr ko po ay nung nagwork pa ako year 2004 dto sa pinas. ano po kya ang dapat kong gawen? salamat po

    1. Hi Daisy! Since OFW ka, most likely wala kang ITR so hingi ka sa BIR ng certificate of exemption. Also, dalhin mo rin mga financial documents mo gaya ng land title, stock certificates, credit card bills, electric bills, etc. Mga patunay na may kakayahan ka na mag-tour.

        1. mam betchay pano po kaya yun mga payments bill eh hinde nmn po sakin nkapangalan kundi sa parents ko like electricity bill nakatira ko sa kanila dahil single pa po ako, ang meron lng po ako ay sa internet bill ko saka hinde pa totally sakin yun mga lupa nakasangla lng po sakin pero may kasulatan po, ok lng po kaya yun?

          1. Bring a birth certificate? Proving that they are your parents. I am not sure if they would like it but you need to bring as many proofs of your financial capability to travel.

  79. Good evening po ms betchay!
    I’ve been hooked to the thread ever since I set my eyes on this site. Inputs Here are indeed abundant.
    I’d appreciate din po if you can give me light on my concerns as to the requirements for a student visa? I’ve read them and all but I still need some clarifications. Pls advise me po as to how to go about with my documents.
    Ive worked as a nurse clinical instructor for almost 5 years with my first employer. Sa kanila po, sure Ako na I have an ITR.
    However, with my current employer, Korean national po kasi. I still have to verify if theyre paying the counterpart for my
    Tax. I’ve been working for them as an ESL teacher for 6months now. Papanu po yung ITR ko?
    I also read here na much better if ipe. Prepare ang electricity bills, credit card bills, 3months na pay slips, and the like…
    Pls give light. Thank you so much

    1. Hi Boemy! Prepare as many financial documents as you can. They may not ask for everything, but it’s always best to be prepared. As for the ITR, you can get a certificate of exemption or an interim from the BIR.

  80. hi poh i have an invitation from my sister,she is already a korean national..bali she married a tanong ku lang po anu kakailanganin ko..para makakuha ng visa….salamat

  81. hi poh i have an invitation from my sister,she is already a korean national..bali she married a tanong ku lang po anu kakailanganin ko..para makakuha ng visa….salamat

    1. hi gud morning po, kaaaply lang po namin last month 3 kami 2 sisters and 1brother, may invitation letter kami galing sa sister namin.matagal na sa korea at married sa koreano,completo po kami ng mga kailangang sa application form completo po ang entry namin.ang tanong po bakit isa lang ang nabigyan ng visa 2 na deny, gusto kc ng ate namin makabisita don sa korea 3 months,sana maliwanagan kami ano ba talaga ang problema na di kami lahat nabigyan ng visa.pls, reply and God bless, sana d naman ganun ang laki na ng gastos namin at nagbayad na kami ,sana maliwanagan kong may pagkakataon ,kailan naman uli. sana di na mangyari na mayron pang ma deny kahit kompleto ang entry sa application at ducuments na kailangan.

      1. Hi Catherine! Only the Korean Embassy can answer your question. Pero ang usual na sagot nila ay hindi napatunayan ang “ties” sa Pilipinas. Marami kasi rito ang may kamag-anak na may asawang Korean tapos magta-trabaho kaya medyo istrikto rin sila pagdating sa mga kapatid…

  82. Hi po,married po ako ng Malaysian citizen for 16years and my PR na rin po my isang anak….ano po ang kailangan to apply my visa planning to go Christmas season

  83. mam betchay may isa pa po tatanungin kung sakali po ba mag apply ng tourist visa at nadenied maka apekto po ba yun sa application ng isang eps? kase waiting nlng po ng employer pero gusto ko po talagang makapag tourist sa korea kahit 3-5 days lang po gift ko para sa sarili ko.. tnx mam! and Godbless!

    1. Hi Daisy! Hindi naman ata kasi hindi naman related yung dalawa. Kung nag-TNT ka as EPS tapos gusto mo mag-tourist, yun makakaapekto.

  84. Hi mam… What if i dont have an ITR and Emp.Cert, is there any way or alternative doc. that i can submit to get a korean visa?

  85. hello ms. betchay, i went to korean embassy last oct. 2,2012 and told me to be back on oct. 10th. on thr day of releasing wala pa daw result of denied or granted or denied ung tourist application and ill be back on 15th. usually in that case of delay in processing of my app will probably result to what po? denied po ba? kasi 5 working days lang makukuha na ung result. tnx

  86. hi ms betchay..dto po ako ngaun sa hongkong as a dh po..ang plano ko po sana mag tour sa korea after finished my visa here in hk.khit a few days lng po.wla po ako relatives sa korea piro my kaibgn po ako doon just i visit her at tska gusto ko lng po sana mkita ang mga mgagandang tanawin sa korea,,my asawa po syang koreano..mis betchay ano po ba ang dapt kong gawin pwede po ako mag apply dto.di kya ako maddnied?di nmn ako po mag stay ng mtagl sa korea kasi po nag aanty po ang bf ko sa pinas pra magpksal kmi.ang gusto nga ng imployer ko dto sa hk gusto pa nila magtrabho ako sa knila.but i desied na mag forgud na ksi 4 na taon na rin ako nanilbhan sa knila,at tska gusto ko narin my sariling pamilya na.sana nmn po matulungn nio po,,godblss po

    1. hi elvyledesma! it’s best to ask the Korean Embassy/Consulate in HongKong kasi iba-iba ang requirements depende sa home country…

  87. hi! we are going to s. korea using an official/diplomatic passports and i was advised that our trip is visa exempt. i want to inquire if we need to visit the embassy to have our official passports stamped (like in taiwan embassy) or not? can we proceed directly to the airport with our official passports and plane tickets?

  88. hello Bechay,
    I am a pilipina girl.meron po akong boyfriend koreano.gusto po nya akog pumunta sa korea..i wish to apply for tourist visa but unfortunitely jobless po ako ngayun.pero sabi ng bf ko he would give me an invitation letter for applying visa,talaga bang mairap mag apply ng tourist visa to korea?this coming march 2012 he would come to visit me..gusto ko kasi mag apply para sakali pagpunta nya rito sasama nalang ako sa kanya pagbalik nya ng korea….pwede ba yun?help me naman please….salamat po

  89. hi madam,Kim po ito,yung fiance’ ko po andyan po sya s korea,eps lang po sya,gustung gusto ko pong makarating dyan for visit visa,may chance po ba kong makapunta ng korea?

  90. gud day,
    mam betchay ask ko po sana malalaman ko po b ang reason bkit ndi naaproved ung tourist visa request ko kc pa 2times n po ako nagaaply eh denie parin po kc ako pg ngtanung po b ako s embassy ng korea mala2man ko b un?thank you po,,hoping for your reply,

    1. Hi Grace! Yes, pwede kang mag-tanong kung bakit na-deny ang visa mo. Ang usual reason nila ay ang ties mo sa Pilipinas. Kung maganda ang work mo, usually nabibigyan ng visa.

  91. good day po ms betchay.
    my sister is in korea right now and she’s married w her u.s military husband and they would love to bring us in korea together ‘me’ [sister] my mom and my dad. what should we do po to get our tourist visa grant?
    specially for me as her sister. i did some research already most of them says parents could go very easily.
    nothing saying about the sister thingy po kase so im hoping na makakatulong po kayo regarding this matter.please help us. would really appreciate it thanks. more power 🙂

  92. Good day Ms.Betchay ask ko lang po kong paano mag apply ng schoolarship ano po ang proseso? Education Graduate po ako dito sa pinas but i want to xplore more can you help me salamat po

  93. hi ms. betchay ask ko lang po kung pwedeng gamitin ang ITR ng family business namin kasi kaming family ang owner nakalagay sa SEC pero isang ITR lang kami as group pwede po ba yun pati business permit? sa construction business po kami lahat din po kami magaapply ng visa, may ticket napo kami sa april bigla po ako kinabahan sa visa bakit may na dedenied po ba kahit may roundtrip ticket thank u po sana maka reply po kau

  94. ms. betchay, tnung q lng kasi un kapatid q my visa issuance number na..kso nd pa nya maiaply s embasy dhl hnhnty pa nya un renewl ng passport. nya..kso kht inaply namin ng mas maaga, d pa dn mkuha kz delayd dw s bngko sentral..almost 3wks na dlay, e rush namin inaply.
    to be exact, 2 1/2 weeks n un visa number n d naaply, my duration b n kailangn maiaply? alm q kz nd pd gmtn un luma pasport kz 1month nlng xa valid..
    appreciate un response u po..thank

  95. Ms.Betchay,
    ask q lng po f my duration po b ang pgaply visa kung my visa number na..un kptd q po kz e 2wks mhgt n hwk un visa number pero d nya maaply kz delayd un releasing ng renewal ng pasport nya..nd b kmi mgkprob s pgaply in case.,
    inaply namin ng maaga ang renewal pero dhl dlayd dw s bngko sentrl wla kmi mgawa kht nirush namin…almst 3wks n dlayed..paadvise nawam po,
    sna po mkakuha kmi ng response,

  96. IF i am personally invited by a korean citizen, do i have to submit all the requirements for Employees like:
    *Employment Certificate (Original)
    *Personal Bank Certificate (Original)
    *Individual Income Tax Return (photocopy)
    or Ill just have to submit the Original Invitation Letter and passport copy of the Korean Invitor?
    kindly reply for this matter .. thank you

  97. Hi po, I am a US air force wife. I am currently a US green card holder and stayed in one of Military bases in the US for 3 1/2 years. My husband is currently in Korea and me and my son decided to stay here in the Philippines until my husband’s duty in Korea ends. I am planning to visit him and will apply for visa. We were married in the US, so what I have right now is our US marriage cert. Do I really need a NSO marriage certificate and the USFK form 166? Thanks in advance.

  98. Hi, I am a US air force wife and currently a US green card holder. I am planning to visit my husband in korea and I am applying for a visa. We got married in the US 2009. We decided to stay in the Philippines with my son since its closer to korea. I have our US marriage certificate. I don’t have an NSO marriage certificate since its not a requirement for us to report the marriage in the Philippine Embassy and I will be a US citizen soon. I don’t have USFK form 166 either cause the person I talked to at the embassy told me that I just need it if applicable. I have all the other requirements. Do you think I will be approve?thanks in advance

  99. Hi Ma’am Betchay,
    Buti na lang po na open ko website nyo.Ask ko lang po kung pwedi ba naming pa register ang granddaughter ko sa Korean Embassy since her father is a Korean and recognize naman po siya ng father nya with birth certificate signed by her father.Hindi pa po sila kasal but they are presently living together.What are the requirements ma’am?

  100. hi po good day!
    nababasa ko po na marami na ho kayong natulongan!
    justa wanna ask your opinion.. my husband is a US national but nakatira po siya sa korea dahil nagtatrabaho siya don for i think 8 years nah poh. and gusto nya ho na punta po ako dun! but hindi ko alam talaga ang steps para sa visa(ffirst time ko poh mag travel).. !! sabi nya siya daw ang kukuha ng visa ko but doon niya kukunin sa korea dahil may kaibigan daw xa tutulong pwedi vah yun??? and isa pa poh jobless ho ako,,.!!! hintay po ako ng reply nyo po!!! 🙂

  101. Hi Ms. Betchay,
    Tatanong ko lang po bakit kaya humingi ng diploma at TOR ang korean embassy for a tourist visa?

  102. Hello po! Ask q lang po kc mag.apply aq ng korea bisa this june meron po aqng itr kaso yung na contribute q is gud 4 3 mos lng ata kc nag.resign para mag.take ng board exam! Tsaka wala po aqng trabaho na ngayon kc mag.tetake aq ulit this june! Gusto kc ng mama q na dun q antayin ang result q! Ang prob q po is my itr nga aq pero 3 mos lng ang contribution q pwede po ba yun?

  103. hello im a filipina and working here in saudi ,,i wanna go to korea as a visit dutring my vacation time ,,,before ive benn there working as a trainee and go back to philippines after finishing my contract,,,how to apply in embassy and how long it will be process,,,
    respecfully yours nenita llego..

  104. Magandang gabi sa iyo Ms. Betchay!
    First time ko pong pupunta ng korea. Mangyari po ay wala akong certificate of employment dahil tapos na po ang kontrata ko bilang sales agent. At sa ngayon po ay wala na akong trabaho. Maging ang ITR ko ay nabibilang sa self-emplyoed dahil sales agent lng po ako. Iniimbitahan po ako ng boyfriend kong Korean na pumunta sa korea sa darating na buwan ng april. Ano po bang dapat kong gawin sa pra masiguro ko po na mkakapunta po ako sa korea. Wala naman po akong problema sa bank certification o sa credit card billings dahil maiproprovide ko po yun.
    Sana po ay mabigyan nyo po ako ng katugunan Ms. Betchay. Lubos po akong nagpapasalamat dahil nariyan po kayo upang makatulong sa gaya ko na wala pong alam pagdating po sa mga ganitong bagay.
    Maraming salamat po!

  105. Hello, just want to ask, pwede ba ang request for reconsideration kapag deny na ang visa application mo? My son visa was denied, ang sa aming mag asawa at isa anak ay approved. But i already paid for air fare at hotel sayang naman. lack of strong economic at family ties reason. Paano nangyari yon paid na nga lahat tapos family tour pa itong lakad namin. Please advise. Thanks

  106. Hi i would like to ask what are the requirements for 7yrs old travelling (for tourism) without her parents aside from dswd papers school certificate does she really need to pass her parents ITR,COE, and bank cert? what if her parents is in Italy?
    3.1 Students who will travel for tourism purpose
    School Certificate (original)
    Photocopy of School I.D.
    Birth Certificate (photocopy)
    Copy of parent’s passport first page,
    Parents Bank Certificate (original)
    Parents Employment Certificate (original)
    Income Tax Return (photocopy)
    If Personally invited to Korea : Original Invitation Letter notarized in Korea and passport copy of the Korean Invitor

    1. Even if the parents are in Italy, they could still provide the documents required from parents or of a legal guardian.

  107. hi ms. betchay
    meron akong e-6 visa 2 yr.contract ko sa korea this is my 2nd time to work as a band singer. umuwi ako last feb. 7, 2013 cause of emergency, kasama ko yung boy friend kong korean umuwi here sa pinas and gusto na niya mag pakasal kami and mag start nalang ako ng business here. pero uwi sya ng korea and meron kaming return ticket kami on may 7, 2013.. balak na sana namin i pa cancel yung e-6 visa ko pero since im not working and mag start palang ako sa business so wala akong ma i submit na requirement na ITR and others, pwede ko kaya magamit yung existing e-6 visa ko?? gusto ko din kasi makuha yung ibang gamit ko sa korea and yung pera ko sa korean bank account ko… please i need your help ms. betchay

  108. Hi Ms. Betchay,
    I’m coming from Canada w/ a 14hour lay over in korea. I would like to explore the city during that time. Where can i process a transit visa?

  109. hi miss betchay…tanung q lng po.dati po aqng asawa ng korean nadivorced n kmi,ngaun my ka live in aq uli n korean kso tnt n aq ngaun.want ng bf qng korean n umuwe kmi ng pinas pra mgpksal mkakabalik pb aq ng korea? how and when?

        1. HI Kim! Una, dapat ang dati mong asawa ang nag-file ng divorce at hindi ikaw. Pangalawa, kailangan mong i-petition ang annulment ng marriage mo sa Pilipinas. Yung isang friend ko na nag-file, gagastos siya ng mahigit 150,000 pesos para rito. Pagna-grant ng korte sa Pilipinas ang annulment, saka ka pa lang pwede mag-asawa uli.

  110. gd pm po tanong ko lang ano po requirements sa pagkuha ng passport ng bata?at yong cnasabi nilang dual ano po un?kong sakaling mag ppadual para sa bata ano2 rin po mga requirements?magkano po ba pa passport sa bata.salamat po sana my reply

  111. hi ms betchay
    meron akong e-6 visa hindi pa sya nag expire pro umuwi ako ng pinas for emergency.. Pwede ko pa ba magamit yung visa ko pagpunta ng korea or kukuha ako ng panibagong visa??

  112. Hello po Ms. Betchay!
    I’m an OFW who wants to travel to Korea for a pleasure trip. Alam ko po na kailangan sa isang employee ang ITR but OFWs are exempted from it. Ask ko po kung ano ang pwedeng alternative document na i-present. I only have my personal bank certificate and COE with me. i read somewhere na i-try ang OEC and employment contract. i don’t know if it’s ok…
    Any help from you and your hundreds of readers will be greatly appreciated! 🙂

  113. ano ang nid na requirements ang spouse visa sa imigration ng pinas tsaka korea?bukod sa f6-1 visa,cfo certificate,stiker galing cfo,plainticket 1way,ano pa po ang kailngan dito sa imigration?bago makapunta ng korea?

  114. HI bechay!
    tanong ko lang po, my fiance invited me to come visit korea. jobless po ako,kasi pina resign nya po ako 1 year ago. but he can provide everything i need there, tanong ko lang po if still they needed me to pass an ITR ,personal bank certificate ,employment certificate? or enough na po ang invitation letter or bank statement etc. ng fiance ko as 1 of d reqts para makapunta ako sa korea?
    And we plan to marry at korea,is it possible to get a legal capacity of mariage there.?
    thank you! ^^

  115. elow po,.ask ko lng po kng ano ung tntwg nlang RED RIBBON,.?need dw po kc yan pag mag iinvite k ng parents s pinas,.dpt dw ipa red ribbon m ung invitation mo,.22o po ba,.?
    actually aswa po ako ng koreano and balak ko sna iinvite ang tatay ko 4 the 2nd time,.need ko p po bng ipa red ribbon ung invitation n ippdla ko,.o ok n po ung handwritten n lng ng husband ko,.?

    1. elow.. Ask q lng poh… my interview poh b pg mag aapply ng tourist visa? And also nbgyn k ng visa d2, possible poh b n mdeny k pg nsa airport kna ng korea? Tnk u so much! Plz reply poh

    2. elow krizza,
      dti pag nag iinvite din aq pinapa autenticated q p s phil.embassy jan s seoul khit nand2 aq s jeju un yung tinatawag na red ribbon pag galing dun my nka attached n red ribbon s papers mo pro nun last year n ininvite q kuya q nun tumawag aq jan s seoul dun s attorney n pinagpapagawaan q ng invitation letter sbi nya hndi n dw kailangan yun red ribbon n yun pwde n din dw s mga legal attorney magpa autenticate ng invitation letter kya dis days dto n lng aq nagppagawa ng invitation letter s jeju punta k lng s notary public my form sila nkalaan pra s pag invite 15,000won lng binayaran nmin.hope it could help you! liza of jeju island

      1. aahh thanks s info ate,.mdmi nga dn ngssbi n wg n ipa red ribbon hand written n lng ng aswa ko,.pero may ngsbi dn n dpt dw nka red ribbon kc mhgpit n dw s embacy ngaun,.ang mhal p nmn ng red ribbon worth 10manon ata,.naabutan nyo po b ung new law s korean embacy nung ininvite nyo kptd nyo,.?

  116. hi maam Betsay tanong kolang pamangkin ko invite ko siya wala pa siyang stable job kaya wala siyang .,ITR,EMPLOYMENT CERT. dahil tindahan lang siya nagwork tanong ko lang po kong poydi nya gamitin ang EMPLOYMENT,ITR, ng mother nya … pamangkin ko po siya ,,, salamat po hintayin ko po sagot nyo.

  117. Hello mam Betchay, balak po namin ng husband q na magvisit s korea ng 4 days with our 7 months old baby,dito po kasi xa s cebu nagwowork. Mam do we really need to go and apply a visa at the korean embassy?
    Tnx po, really appreciate your help…

  118. Does this also go the other way around? I mean kung galing ka sa Japan tapos magsastop over sa korea for a week or so bago bumalik sa Pilipinas…? Visa-free ito? O.O

  119. Hello! is there anyone there knows if I still need a visit visa kc my korean husband is working here in cebu and we are planning to visit korea with our baby for 4 days only.
    Im so confussed and really need help. My friend went to Korea 3 yrs ago sabi nya tiket lng binili nya hindi n xa nagpunta ng embassy for visa.
    I hope someone can answer my question. Tnx a lot

    1. Hi Sheryl! Kailangan mo ng visa kahit 4 days ka lang. May consulate ang Korea sa Cebu at pwede ka mag-apply dun. Pwede na hindi ikaw mismo ang mag-apply ng visa kasi isa-submit lang naman ang application. So yung friend mo baka hindi siya mismo ang nag-apply ng visa niya pero kailangan talaga ng visa kahit two pa mag-stay sa Korea.

      1. Mam Betchay tnx po for the answer, problema ko po kc housewife lang ako at tourist visa lng visa ng asawa ko pero he’s working sa 1 korean resto and hindi sya nagbabayad ng BIR. Yong requirements p rin b ng tourist visa ang documents ko?

        1. Yes, yung requirements ng tourist visa ang kailangan mo. Kung Korean ang husband mo, pwede naman kayo mag-apply ng F-6-1 visa or spousal visa pero mas marami kasing kailangan. Pwede rin naman na ask mo ang husband mo na samahan ka sa consulate. Baka sakaling mapakiusapan niya ang consul. Pero hindi kasi usually nagbibigay ng exemption ang Korean Embassy.

          1. Mam Betchay last question po, paano naman po ang case ng baby namin. may passport na xa..Tnx po ulit

          2. Hi Sheryl! Ilalagay mo siya as dependent mo. Wala siyang Korean passport? Kung may Korean passport siya, hindi niya kailangan ng visa.

          3. Miss betchay, im not sure if u remember me but ive been an avid “patron” of your site ♥
            On june 21, we went to manila to claim my f6 visa and to get the CFO sticker there. There were several mishaps but my husband has always been supportive and neither of us threw a tantrum. We had to rebook our tickets, it was raining heavily when we arrived in manila, we had to constantly tag along with us our cumbersome luggage, and I had a problem with my CFO guidance certificate coz it only had one T instead of two Ts in my name. Nonetheless, we were glad we made it. I immediately flew to korea with my husband the next day. Thanks for the info on this website ♡♡

          4. Hi Boemy! Thanks for the nice words. I wish you a happy married life.

  120. tnx maam betchay…ok n po annualment q s pinas hnhntay nlng po kung kelan mareceive ang dami nman po plang motio ntnggap q n po b un annualnent q s pinas..ippdala po dto pwede n po b kmi mgpksal dto at mkauwe ng pinas..ilan bwan po kya bgo aq mbgyan ng visa..gs2 kc ng asawa qna mauna kmi iksal s pinas kso ilan bwan kya hhntayin qbgo aq mkbalik ng korea…tnx po..nid q lng po ng advice..hhrapan po kc kming mg asawa..first tym nya kc kya la dn xa alm

  121. gud day po miss betchay, ask ko lng po blak ko po mag tour sa korea this oct. kelan po best kumuha ng visa aug or sept tnx po. wylma

  122. hi mam Betchay!
    hello po ulit ask ko lang po kung pwede ko ba invite ang mother at brother ko at the same time?kasi sabi ng friend ko last year daw ininvite nya din ang mom at bro.nya kso sabi daw sa embassy isa lang pwde nya invite hindi daw pwde magsabay pero nag try pa rin sya at nadenied nga po ang brother nya,kaya worried po ako kasi hindi po makakapag travel mag isa ang mom ko bukod sa medyo malabo ang mata nya mahina pa ang pandinig nya kaya kailangan nya talaga ng makakasama kahit po maapprove sya hindi din po sya tutuloy kung hindi nya makakasama ang kuya ko,ano po sa palagay nyo ang chances namin?saka ask ko din po kun hahanapan pa rin po ba ng show money ang kuya ko kung alalay lang naman sya ng nanay ko?hoping for your answer as soon as possible po kasi po ipapadala na namin yun invitation letter namin.salamat po in advance!

  123. My wife had an F3 visa and just last month went home for an emergency vacation because of a death of a family member.She planned to return back to Korea next month.My question is , is her ARC ( Alien Registration Card) beside her passport, enough requirement to show to the Philippine immigration so she fly back to korea. Is my wife considered to be an OFW and she need to apply for an OEC as required for every OFW going back to their country of work? I had asked many Pinoys here in SK but they gave me varied response. Hope you can enlightened me about this matter.
    Thank and best regards,
    Note. May God bless you always for having time to help and enlighten many people with this blog.

    1. Hi Ron! Yes, just her ARC and the passport with her visa stamped in it are what she needs to fly back here. She is not considered an OFW.

  124. hello! is there a chance that I would be able to get a visa if i am unemployed? I resigned last january and my travel dates will be in november. i have my ITR and savings acct. My problem will be my COE. Or is it ok to submit my parents’ ITR and business permit so that I can show to embassy that my parents will support my trip?
    thanks in advance!

    1. Oo naman. You just need to prove your ties in the Philippines. If your parents will support your trip, it might also help to state the reason why.

      1. thanks! sana positive ang maging outcome. this will be my 2nd visit to korea. hope it helps in approving my visa.

  125. Hi Ms. Betchay!
    I’m planning to visit korea again this october for the 2nd time. Gusto ko lang itanong kung possible ba na madeny ang visa mo kahit na issuehan ka na nito last year? Single entry lang kasi ung visa ko the first time na nagpunta ko jan so I need to apply for a new visa. Hoping for your reply. Thank you!

    1. i have first visited Seoul June 2012, then just this June i revisited South Korea, medyo kinabahan ako ulit the second time I applied for visa.. pero OK din naman, granted ulit 🙂
      i have submitted the same set of documents 🙂 best of luck!

  126. Hi miss betchay ask ko Lang po may boy friend po ako nag wowork sa Korea his from UK invite Nya po ako mag holiday sa Korea this coming September for 5 days nakita ko po ung requierments about for tourist visa may work po ako kaso wala po akung ITR since last year because I’ve been in Korea last year nag work po ako dun as for band singer bago Lang po ako sa work ko 5 months palang ako nag wowork sana po matulogan nyu po ako about dito Kung Anu dapat Kung Gawin I have already the other requierments ANG problema kulang ung ITR kc two years ako nag work sa Korea kauuwi ko Lang last year.. Tnx sana ma advace nyu po ako about dito

  127. hi ma’am betchay!itatanong ko lang po kung ano requirements ng spousal visa sa korea and how many working days?military po husband ko na nakabase sa korea nagyon.
    hope to hear u back,thanks!

    1. You need to go first to CFO for the CFO certificate po kasi it’s one of the requirements for the visa application. After CFO seminar and certificate, punta napo kayu sa embassy to submit the CFO certificate along with the other requirements such as NBI, NSO marriage cert, medical certificate, passport photocopy, application form and all the rest na stated above by maam betchay. Of course, kasali ung requirements of your husband. U will be given a claim stub indicating the date of the result of your visa. Mga 15 working days after po ung result. Once you get your visa from the Korean Embassy, balik po kayu sa CFO to present your CFO certifcate and passport with visa para makakuha po kayu ng CFO sticker na ilalagay po sa passport ninyu. 🙂

  128. hi
    does korean embassy do spousal visa for military wives?coz i would like to stay there until my husband move to his next station,and for how many days could it be approved?

  129. Hi! May i just ask if its ok to get a visa as early as now and book my flight sometime in december.. Just want to make sure lang para maka avail ng promo sana sa airfare.. Thanks!

    1. Hi Nina,
      Once na grant ka ng visa it’s only valid for 90 days. So kelangan magamit mo cya before ma-expire. Kung december nyo balak pumunta dun puede kayo mag-apply ng visa ng mga november.

  130. Gud afternoon po Maam,gusto ko pong itanong po na gusto po ako kunin ng fiance ko po na koreano for vacation…ano po requirements po para makapunta po ako sa korea…pls reply po…Si Pops po ito currently working po sa Singapore

  131. hi po, ask ko lang sana kung pwede po ba gamitin itong recent bank statement ko galing dito sa jeddah as my requirements? kasi wala po ako bank account jan sa pinas. balak ko kasi maging tourist for 1 week. lahat ng requirements ko galing dito sa jeddah pwede ko kaya i present embassy nila para ma approved yung tourist visa application ko?

  132. hi! po tanong ko lang po sana kung possible ba na makakuha ako ng tourist visa for i week only? vacation ko kasi next month galing dito sa jeddah uwi muna ako ng pinas tpos bakasyon naman ako jan sa korea for 1 week lang tpos balik ulit dito sa jeddah. complete reruiqrements na ako dito sa jeddah but im not sure kung pwede ko ba gamitin lahat ng requirements na provide ko dito pag file ko ng tourist visa jan sa korean embassy sa pinas. and possible ba na ma approved din yun?

  133. I just resigned sa work ko sa SG. So sa Manila nako kukuha ng visa.
    Yung ITR ko from SG tapos wala nako COE since uuwi nako ng Manila. Ok lang ba na yung ITR na isubmit ko from singapore. Ako kasi magfinance saken.
    Kahit unemployed ako, 2nd time ko na to na pupunta dun. Ano pa dapat na documents ang ipresent ko? May realty title ako na pwede din iprovide.

  134. Good evening ask ko lang po kung paano kumuha ng requirementa dto sa korea para mainvite ko ang kapatid ko? Thank’s po for future respond.. 🙂

  135. good pm madam i just want to ask kasi nag overstay ako sa korea mga 8 months . dati ako EPS . ilang year/s kaya pwede mag apply for EPS? tnx alot

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