JinAir flies to Clark

Great news! There are now five airlines servicing the Philippine-South Korea route: Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and JinAir!

JinAir opens flights to Clark from Incheon and vice versa

JinAir, a newish airline from South Korea, will soon start flights from Seoul to Clark and vice versa. They will start operating this route on October 26th, Tuesday. Flight LJ003 will fly from Seoul to Clark on T-W-F-S-S at 10PM KST. Flight LJ004 will service the flight back to Seoul on M-W-Th-S-S at 210AM (Philippine time).
Econo-bird fare (purchased 30 days in advanced) is at 428.06 USD. I’m currently checking flights for December since I have a week of winter vacation. I just don’t like the schedule of the flight back to Seoul. I could barely sleep in a flight although I haven’t tried taking natural sleep aid.
There is only one other airline that flies to Clark from Incheon, and that is Asiana Airlines. I always take this flight since it’s so convenient for me. Our residence in the Philippines is only 15 minutes away from the airport.
The Incheon-Clark flight will also benefit our fellowmen whose residence in in the northern part of Luzon. They could save two hours worth of travel by flying to Clark instead of Manila.


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